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How Virtual Assistants Can Use PLR to Attract More Clients

How Virtual Assistants Can Use PLR to Attract More Clients

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to respond to your great question.

PLR content can actually help you to get more clients. And, I explain how.

As someone who hires and works with a lot of Virtual Assistants in my business, I tell you that I hire oftentimes based upon the knowledge that person shows just as much as what they say they can do.

For instance, let compare two Virtual Assistants hypothetically these aren real people.

I go to Susie website and she got three pages including contact, services, and pricing. I look around a little and discover that Susie specializes in videos and multimedia. I think hmmm interesting and then leave.

Next, I find Tessa website. She got the same pages on her website as Susie contact, services, and pricing. It looks to me as if she also specializes in videos and multimedia. That not what I looking for, so I about to leave when I notice that she has a blog. On her blog, she got articles about how I can use video in my business and how to also use video to get more traffic and make more money. I interested. She obviously knows her stuff. I contact her to find out how she can help me to get more traffic with my existing videos and to brainstorm more videos that I can incorporate into my business on an ongoing basis.

Tessa got my business. Susie did not.

Why? Because Tessa did some