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How Reducing Stress Can Help You Avoid HN Swine Flu

How Reducing Stress Can Help You Avoid H1N1 Swine Flu

So many of us are stressed about the swine flu or the h1n1 flu right now. And even more of us are stressed about whatever is going on in our lives. It doesn matter. Stress and swine flu are a bad mix. Read on to find out why and what you can do about it.

You probably heard that stress weakens your immune system. And encountering a flu virus with such an impairment is making you a sitting duck. Don sit still for that. You can lower your stress and increase your immune system ability to fight incoming germs.

And even if you do get the swine flu, a strengthened immune system will have many benefits. Especially if you get it. Because it will help you fight off the virus and incapacitate it sooner rather than later. Not only that, but a stronger immune system may prevent opportunistic secondary infections that could take what otherwise might just be a nuisance and make it potentially deadly.

Of course there are many things you can do to strengthen your resistance to illness. You can make sure you well rested. You can eat well and exercise. You can lead a happy life.

But you know what? Some of these are difficult to do when you are too stressed. You may find you not sleeping well when you worry about things. And your support system can get tired of your worrywart ways and might start to avoid you or become much less supportive.

So dealing with the stress in your life can really be a key part of bolstering your immune system, and in turn, for avoiding the H1N1 swine flu. After all, that way it will be better at fighting off the swine flu or any other kind of flu for that matter.

So what can you do about your stress? Pick some of your favorite stress management strategies and use them on a daily basis. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Start by doing some deep breathing. Get some exercise on a regular basis. Listen to soothing music. Talk to your friends and family, and get regular hugs. And stop worrying about the swine flu.

And then pick up some information on stress management strategies, select a few things you willing to do on a regular basis, and then do them.

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