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Afro Curly Hair and Choosing the Right Products Accessories

Afro Curly Hair and Choosing the Right Products Accessories Afro Curly Hair and Choosing the Right Products Accessories

Not only do brittle curls cause breakage, but so do certain styling accessories. For years, I used to routinely wear a flat metal clip for a ponytail or bun style and I often wondered why in that exact place, where I snapped the clip closed, this area of my hair was shorter than the rest. At first I thought my hair just grew that way, but one day, I lost my clips and was too cheap to buy more. So I needed to figure out another style for a while, and noticed my hair started to grow back in that area. Sometimes we can be using accessories that are hurting our hair and because weve always used them, we dont even think about it.

When I transitioned to being natural, there were a lot of styling practices that I carried over from my relaxed hair days. These practices were bad before and even worse now for my natural fro. For example, I didnt cover my hair at night. I thought I didnt have to, because I could sleep on it, and still comb through it the next day, but not so with natural hair. Now, if I dont moisturize, twist up and put a cap on my curly fro for the night, my hair will rub up against other hair and create a beehive of knots and tangles which will not be sorted out by the time I have to get to work the next day unless there is a scissor involved.

Effective natural hair products and accessories also reduce curl to curl friction. I know the phrase sounds bizarre, but researchers have found that when a hairs cuticle layers rub up against each other, there can be lifting of the cuticles causing damage. Remember we dont even want to see the cortex of your hair strand. Thats not healthy hair.

And curls know this interaction really well, because they just naturally intertwine. When hair isnt set and covered during the night, hair will rub against other hair and your pillow causing knots, damage and the beginnings of fractured hair.

Picking the right products and accessories then using them appropriately is definitely important for afro curly hair growth. While styling products work differently for each curl, I will test some products by integrating them into my current routine and will see what happens. I know that Id like to try some products like emu oil. My last relaxer involved a chemical burn near the area of my temples and hair doesnt live there anymore, but emu oil may be able to help that. So I think Ill try that one first and share the results.

agile wagon ready for all roads

agile wagon ready for all roads agile wagon ready for all roads

First things first. The all-new Audi Allroad is ready to take on all roads, and it does so confidently and in style.

But theres a reason they called it the Allroad, not the Offroad. Oh, it has stainless steel skid plates and 180.3 millimetres of clearance, but this is a timid creature if youre talking boulders and serious off-road terrain. It has no low-range gearing or hill descent control. Even Audi folks would shrug at the thought of getting too daring.

This is the second go-round for the Allroad. More than a decade ago, it was a little more rugged, had adjustable air suspension and was based on the A6. This time its based on the A4 and sports a smaller engine. No more 300-hp V-8 or even the 250-hp V-6.

But it is as quick and bold as the V-6. Each Allroad comes with a turbocharged 2.0-litre, inline four-cylinder engine that produces 211 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Thats good for a zero-to-60 run of around 6.6 seconds. Not bad for a multiple-surface vehicle.

It is mated to a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic and Audis superb Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

Replacing Audis A4 Avant wagon from last year, the 2013 Allroad comes with some new perks. First, the five-passenger Allroad is bigger - 63.5 millimetres taller, and a bit wider and longer, too. That contributes to more cargo space inside and improved handling.

Second, its clean, classy interior is perhaps the best in its class. More on that in a minute.

The Allroad is surprisingly fun to drive, even sporty. There is good feedback from the new electric-boosted steering, and road feel is decent, too. more body roll.

Acceleration is eager from the stoplight and in the passing lane. Go for the optional Drive Select system and you get improved steering, throttle and tranny response.

The ride is on the firmer side but not so much that a long ride has everyone grumbling for rest stops.

What will keep everyone - including the driver - really happy is on the inside. In a word, its luxurious.

The materials are top-of-the-line and the fit is exquisite.

Leather-trimmed upholstery is standard and the seats are supportive - especially in the lumbar region - and comfortable for the long ride.

The graphics in the nav system are among the best in the business. All the functions are easily accessed near the shift lever.

And the whole system is sensible and user friendly.

Visibility is good all around. And so is storage, with 1,444 litres with the rear seats folded down but still an adequate 481 litres with passengers seated in the second row.

OK, the Allroad is beginning to sound good to you. Well, now you have some decisions to make. It comes in three aptly-named trims, the Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige.

Premium gets 18-inch wheels, eight-way power seats leather, of course with four-way power lumbar, plus 10-speaker audio and a package of Bluetooth and iPod. bi-xenon headlamps and LED running lamps.

Move up to the Premium Plus and get a power liftgate, driver memory functions and three-zone climate.

The Prestige adds adaptive headlamps, keyless ignition, blind-spot warning and 14-speaker Bang Olufsen audio.

The navigation system, optional on the Plus and standard on the Prestige, includes rear-view camera, rear parking sensors and Audi /Connect Web services.

And a Sport package for the Premium Plus gets better bolstered seats, 12-way power seats and paddle shifters on a three-spoke wheel.

For safety, beyond the optional adaptive headlamps, blind-spot warnings and parking assistance, Allroad has ABS, stability and traction control and side bags with side-curtain air bags for front seat passengers. Rear seat air bags are optional.

ABC Grandstand Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC Grandstand Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC Grandstand Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Its that time of the year again when tennis shorts and skirts, sweatbands and shoes, racquets and balls get left in the cupboard, when ballgowns and tuxes, high heels and handbags, glitz and glamour make their appearance and when rules and regulations move aside for some downtime on the dancefloor.

The Hopman Cup XX ball is about to swing into action and this years theme is all about the high seas with 750 people expected to jump on board the Hopman Cup cruise liner. Tennis stars, coaches, media, corporate supporters and guests will rub shoulders poolside prior to the main event before entering the glitz and glamour of a ballroom designed to replicate the most exquisite of Captains dining rooms.

Therell be plenty of performers to keep guests entertained with a fantastic variety show planned including a surprise floorshow well tell you more about that tomorrow as well as tonnes of music so everyone can kick up their heels.

Coming up with a new theme every year has certainly kept organisers busy and if any of the previous Hopman Cup balls are anything to go by this one will be a beauty. Over the past 19 years of this New Years Eve spectacular guests have been treated to a Winter Wonderland, Tiara and Top Hats, Hopman Cup Disco, Country Theme featuring Aussie singer James Blundell, a space-themed Planet Hopman and Summer Holiday/Sweet Sixteen HC XVI which saw rock and roll legend Sir Cliff Richard take to the stage.

As usual tonights ball will feature a charity auction aimed at raising money for the Variety Club and also the Kids Tennis Foundation. Some of the spectacular items up for grabs are an original artwork by Martina Navratilova and Juraj Krailik, a guitar signed by U2, a tennis racquet signed by Serena Williams and golf gear signed by Tiger Woods.

One of the other highlights worth mentioning is the dress sense of Hopman Cup Tournament Director Paul McNamee who has wowed guests in the past with his own unique flair and style. Just what he plans for this year is anyones guess, even his wife and Hopman Cup Tournament Manager Lesley isnt sure. Its so much of a surprise even I dont know what he has planned, so it should be fun!.

For all the colour and news from tonights Hopman Cup ball be watching our ABC TV coverage tomorrow and check out the pics on this website later in the morning. Youll also find an updated story on the ball as well as some of the stars favourite moments from past years on our website once play gets underway tomorrow.

Adrian bags Masters gold

Adrian bags Masters gold Adrian bags Masters gold

JAKARTA: Adrian Ang ended Malaysias campaign in the bowling competition with a gold medal in the Masters event at the Jaya Ancol Bowl here on Monday.

The 23-year-old Adrian blazed the lanes to upstage the Philippines Frederick Ong 431-390 over a two-game battle in the step-ladder finals to deliver Malaysias fifth gold in bowling.

With the victory Monday, Adrian has won a medal in every bowling event in the SEA Games here. He was also a gold medallist in the doubles, trios and team events and took a bronze in the singles.

Sharon Koh almost made it a Masters double for Malaysia Monday but she found Singapores Cherie Tan too hot to handle and went down 372-497 in the step-ladder finals.

With the fine showing by the bowlers, Malaysia once again emerged as the overall bowling champions at the SEA Games with a haul of five golds, three silvers and six bronze medals.

Aaj Tak campaign bags silver at ABBY Awards

Aaj Tak campaign bags silver at ABBY Awards Aaj Tak campaign bags silver at ABBY Awards

Aaj Tak has bagged the silver trophy for the Best Media Campaign of the Year at the ABBY Awards 2003. Akhil Mishra bagged the best actor award for the Aaj Tak campaign and Pradeep Sarkar of Apocalypso Filmworks won the best director award for the Aaj Tak TVC. Diana Hayden was the hostess for the glittering ceremony held on the evening of March 16 in Mumbai. O retained its position as the Agency of the Year with a cumulative score of 28 points.

Commenting on the channels latest achievement-- G Krishnan-- CEO-- Aaj Tak-- said-- This is an example of the creativity and uniqueness in presentation that we maintain. We are thankful to our viewers-- advertisers and other associates who have supported us all along in our endeavours to make Aaj Tak the best news channel in the Indian sub-continent.

The communication objective of the TVC campaign was to showcase Aaj Taks positioning as an eye-opener and opinion creator through relevant and credible news. Talking about the ad concept-- Krishnan added-- The idea of using black and white-- and a humorous and old style juxtaposed with contemporary themes was to emphasise the changes that it makes in our lives. Read instructions.

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ABC Radio National Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC Radio National Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC Radio National Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Uxbal, a man maybe in his late 40s, runs rackets on the streets of Barcelona. He is the middle-man between African street-sellers and the Chinese-run basement factory which churns out the knock-off handbags and other goods they peddle.

He pays off the cops for his street peddlers, and the Chinese entrepreneur. He also has a little sideline at funerals: he has a gift of hearing the whispers of the newly dead whose souls still linger. He knows how to hear them and release them.

He has two kids whom he fathers himself, and a fragile, brittle estranged wife with a difficult affliction which makes her unstable. And, quite early, he is given a death sentence: he has cancer, has ignored symptoms and has only a month or two to live.

Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu made Amores Perros, and then 21 Grams and Babel. The success of Amores Perros, with its intersecting story-lines and narratives, led to bigger budgets and big-name actors, but the results in Babel, for example, did not always mesh together. Despite tremendous, significant moments, these films felt overcooked and overheated.

Inarritu is drawn to social pressure-cooker locations where cultures meld and clash. Biutiful, his first film with a single-strand narrative, is set in Barcelona, but this is not the Barcelona of Woody Allen. Its set in the backstreets of a neighbourhood called Santa Coloma, historically a neighbourhood marked by immigrants to the city, and by poverty. The camera is on him almost all the time, and it is his point of view we see in this quite long film. Its his gaze we follow to the damp stains of the ceiling, to his reveries with the dead, anxiously scrutinising his children at the end of a day when he has left them in unreliable care.

All performances are good: as his troubled ex-wife Marambra, we have Argentine actor and choreographer Maricel Alverez, who brings depth, dignity and longing to her role. The sound design, and the music become unrelenting, crude and over the top, as he pounds into us what he wants us to feel at each point. Such a pity. His instincts to explore each character are good ones: each has his story. But the bombast nearly swamps the fine performances he has here.