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Abbotsford MLA joins independents for reform plan

Abbotsford MLA joins independents for reform plan Abbotsford MLA joins independents for reform plan

Van Dongen said this is one reason he decided to sit as an independent in 2012.

Van Dongen held a press conference on Wednesday with two other independents, Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson and Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington. voters have had enough of bags of cash, instant party memberships, and corporate and union donations influencing their provincial affairs.

Van Dongen said the main point is that MLAs should have more room for independent thought and vote, without being tied to party lines. He told The News that backbenchers are often forced to behave like trained seals, and should have more freedom to act on behalf of constituents.

The group is calling for reforms to party financing and a meaningful role for backbench MLAs. Liberal members supporting Premier Christy Clarks leadership bid turned out to be a cat, and NDP leader Adrian Dix won his leadership contest with the help of bulk memberships delivered at the voting deadline along with bags of cash to cover the $10 NDP membership fee.

Simpson said he will ask the government to consider at least the switch to fall voting in the spring session, which starts Feb. 12 with a throne speech.

Van Dongen said the provincial issues outlined in the reform agenda are ones that resonate with voters in Abbotsford. With the election upcoming, he thinks people across the province will look favourably at independent candidates and the need for change.

Air bags may not deploy on some minivans

Air bags may not deploy on some minivans Air bags may not deploy on some minivans

A United States agency has upgraded its investigation into 2.8 million DaimlerChrysler AG minivans whose air bags may not deploy in crashes. At least 164 people have issued complaints about the clockspring assembly, the system providing electricity for the driver side air bag.

The investigation involves 1996 through 2000 models of the Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan, Plymouth Voyager and Grand Voyager and Chrysler Town and Country.

The complainants say the air bag readiness indicator lamp came one but the horn or cruise control did not work. According to a preliminary report by the National Hightway Traffic Safety Administration, the air bags would probably not work either.

Newly elected Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will face several challenges on Monday, one of which will be to face off against the prime minister in question period as MPs return to Ottawa after a two-week stretch in their ridings.

Agents raid gun stores in Las Cruces

Agents raid gun stores in Las Cruces Agents raid gun stores in Las Cruces

He also allegedly assisted a straw purchaser -- someone who purchases firearms under false pretenses -- in completing ATF firearms paperwork. On Aug. In the process, they allegedly assisted the undercover buyers in providing untrue information on ATF firearms transaction records. Attorney Kenneth Gonzales blasted the Reese familys alleged crimes.Those who sell firearms knowing that they will be illegally smuggled into Mexico to arm Mexican cartels share responsibility for the violence that has been devastating Mexico, Gonzales said. This case serves to put firearms dealers on notice that they will be held accountable for any failure to comply with federal firearms laws designed to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and to assure the safety of citizens both here and abroad.The picture seems to be a vast departure from a profile of Reese and his then 11-year-old store in a 2005 edition of Desert Exposure. In the article, the former teacher touted the importance of being prepared in case of a societal meltdown and being alert, especially in his line of work.Ive had a couple of situations when the hairs on the back of my head stood on end, Reese told the Silver City magazine. A couple of individuals walked in -- bam! Instant alert. You can pretty much read your clientele. Some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but it doesnt stop illegal guns. It stops only the honest citizen who tries to go through the governments gun check. Its the murder capital of the world, for crying out loud!If convicted, Rick Reese, who is charged in five counts of the indictment, could face 60 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines. Terri Reese, who is charged in seven counts of the indictment, could face 80 years in prison and $2 million in fines. Ryin Reese, who is charged in 18 counts of the indictment, could face 160 years in prison and $4 million in fines. All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Deming Headlight reporter Matt Robinson contributed to this article. Ashley Meeks is a reporter for the Las Cruces Sun-News, a member of the Texas-New Mexico Newspapers Partnership.

Aging and Hair Products

Aging and Hair Products Aging and Hair Products

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Air bag defects inflate auto safety recalls

Air bag defects inflate auto safety recalls Air bag defects inflate auto safety recalls

Westchester Bedford Cortlandt Eastchester Greenburgh Harrison Lewisboro Mamaroneck Mount Kisco Putnam Carmel Kent Patterson Philipstown Putnam Valley Southeast

Westchester Mount Pleasant Mount Vernon New Castle New Rochelle North Castle North Salem Ossining Peekskill Pelham Rockland Clarkstown Haverstraw Orangetown Ramapo Stony Point

Westchester Port Chester / Rye Brook Pound Ridge Rye Scarsdale Somers White Plains Yonkers Yorktown Express Blogs Northern Westchester Yorktown and Cortlandt region White Plains region Sound Shore Bronxville and Scarsdale region Rockland

Air bags may save lives in car crashes, but increasingly, theyre becoming safety problems themselves -- at least when it comes to an increasing frequency of recalls.

Already this year, Honda and Toyota have launched air bag-related recalls covering 1.5 million vehicles. That follows a record year for recalls involving air bags -- 22 spread across 18 brands in 2012.

The problems dont appear to be that air bags are any worse than theyve ever been. Rather, there are more of them being packed into cars. Theyre in new places and are more sophisticated. Together, those factors add up to more recalls, and more vehicles affected -- since 2011, air bag recalls have involved nearly 7.75 million vehicles, more than the previous eight years combined.

Its a complex system, and that complexity implies more components, says Honda spokesman Chris Martin.

Theres no debate about air bags effectiveness. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found that air bags saved 2,788 lives in one sample year. At issue is whether theyll inflate when theyre supposed to, or whether theyll cause injuries on their own.

That was the fear with Hondas recall last month. It recalled 748,481 vehicles -- 2009 to 2013 model year Pilot SUVs and 2011 to 2013 Odyssey minivans -- for missing rivets on an air bag cover. The driver could be hurt if the air bag deploys when all six rivets arent in place.

Toyotas recall of 887,709 vehicles -- 2003 and 2004 Toyota Corollas, Matrixes and Pontiac Vibes -- centered on a circuit board that can short out due to interference from other electric components. If that happens, the automaker warns in its filing to regulators, an air bag could accidentally deploy.

While both problems were caught by engineers before they could injure passengers, thats not always the case. In recalling 744,822 Jeeps last November, Chrysler Group noted 126 inadvertent air bag deployments caused 59 minor injuries in 2002 to 2003 Libertys and 89 deployments caused 22 minor injuries in 2002 to 2004 Grand Cherokees. The problem involved faulty circuit boards.

Air bags inflating without a crash is one problem, when detectors that are supposed to sense a crash trigger the air bags, says Sean Kane of Safety Research Strategies. Sometimes, bags inflate prematurely, then deflate before a person is cushioned.

At the same time, automakers are making complex air bag systems. Theyre:

?¢ Adding more. Automakers continue to pack them in. The 2013 Dodge Dart has 10. Toyotas newest RAV4 crossover has eight.

?¢ Finding new places. General Motors has the first front-center air bags in the 2013 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia to keep the driver and front-seat passenger from colliding in a crash. Toyota has the first rear air bag to protect back-seat passengers in a rear-end crash in the tiny Scion iQ.

?¢ Incorporating new technology. Fords Lincoln unit is putting inflating seat belts in the rear of its 2013 MKZ sedan and MKT SUV. They put an air bag in a shoulder belt to better distribute forces.

Advantages of the clear bags and foil bags

Advantages of the clear bags and foil bags Advantages of the clear bags and foil bags

Plastic though being cheap and easily available is one of the substitutes of paper. Paper at its own place has many reward able uses but plastic is also not lagging behind. In each and every field you go you will require a plastic product. They have their applications in several industries like agriculture, apparel, bakery, dry cleaning, hardware, electronics, fish food, hosiery, hotels, house wares, shipping and the list is on and on. Thus on one hand you can say plastic is the basic necessity of any industries.

Plastic bags are non biodegradable, thus they do not decompose when thrown as waste causing pollution. More over they are also not reusable, once being used bags have to be thrown away. Due to such disadvantages the use of such bags is decreasing nowadays. Plastic though available in different sizes and colors, transparent and clear bags are still in demand. The brand name can be printed easily and can be highlighted on such clear bags and are thus preferred by the shopkeepers. Another nice thing about such bags is that they are highly durable. Care has not to be taken when one is using such bags for packaging. When we are talking about packaging how can foil bags be left behind? When worrying about the kind of material to use for packing food material, the foil bag is usually the hottest deal. This bag has been used for a longer period of time and has been proved effective in conserving the product. They are quite plain and are usually liked by people who dont go for different materials. Just to add something spicy to such bags aroma can be added that looks great and unique. There are numerous kinds of patterns on the bags which make them trendy.

Foil bags are also used to pack coffee beans, nuts, loose- tea leaves and ground mixes among others. This is one of the eye catching ways to demonstrate product. Similarly clear bags are also used for wrapping up the things. Crystal clear bags come with self-adhesive peel-off sealing strips and are very useful even in household purposes. The market for online whole sale selling of such bags is also in fashion now. Clear bags are great for wrapping photos and matted art images because they are acid free. Clear bags are packed for easy dispensing from boxes. No handling problems arise when you are using such bags.

Africa major exports market for India

Africa major exports market for India Africa major exports market for India

New Delhi, Sept 2: Indias exports realisation soured by 132 per cent, with the ASEAN region taking a lead recording a growth of 257 per cent between the fiscal 2000-01 and 2006-07, an industry body Assocham said.

According to an analysis on regionwise exports by Assocham, Africas share also rose by 198 per cent, while that of WANA West Asia and North Africa and Latin America increased by 197 per cent and 193 per cent respectively.

Exports grew by 183 per cent and 158 per cent respectively in South and North Asia region, while a 117 per cent hike was seen in exports in the European Union along with a 84 per cent increase in North America.

An early signing of the Free Trade Agreement FTA with ASEAN could accelerate the export growth by nearly 500 per cent, while the African share could go over 350 per cent by 2010 with a little more focus, Assocham President Venugopal N Dhoot said.

The top five products that recorded a whooping exports growth for the ASEAN region include precious and semi-precious stones, mineral fuels, mineral oils and waxes besides residues and waste from the food industries, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances and electrical machineries.

The analysis says that highest exports to ASEAN were because semi and precious stones exports alone rose by 400 per cent from 2000-01 to 2006-07, along with a similar rise in organic chemicals.

Exports of mineral fuels and mineral waxes and mineral oils also rose significantly 2,462.94 million dollars from 4.43 million dollars.

The rise of African regions share to Indias focussed export programme. If the programme is further accelerated, this region can yield export realisations to the tune of 350 per cent from about 198 per cent in 2006, said Mr Dhoot.

The top five products exported to Africa include pharmaceuticals, cotton, nuclear reactors, boilers, mechanical appliances, vehicles and railway wagons along with rolling stock.

Indias exports to WANA and Latin America rose due to the large demand for Indian organic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, apparel and clothing, vehicles, rolling stocks and cotton, said Mr Dhoot.

Indian products were found to be much more competitive in these two regions without an intensive focus for export acceleration.

In Latin America, particularly, the growth for pharmaceutical products exports rose to 220.94 million dollars in 2006 from 17.38 million dollars in 2000, while vehicles and rolling stocks registered a growth of 291.3 million dollars from 83.24 million dollars.

South and North Asian share grew by 183 per cent and 158 per cent, which is significant because China is very close to this region and its export monopoly continues.

Despite that, India has made a significant dent in these two regions, where the top five products include exported comprised fish and other aquatics, ores and slags, organic chemicals, cotton and stones and semi-precious stones, said Mr Dhoot.

The analysis said that India will continue to give a tough competition to China and other countries in the region for increased exports in South and North Asia.

Indias export growth in the European Union was to the extent of 157 per cent only with the major exported products including apparel and clothing, leather, leather products, handbags, electrical machinery, equipment and knitted products.

India did not do too well for still higher export realisation in the EU is because of the SPS measures, which in case of all European countries are very stringent and proved to be biased against Indian products for export purposes, said Mr Dhoot.

The exports to North America rose by a meagre 84 per cent, as it has proved to be a traditional export market for Indian exports and their growth will remain gradually in it for many years, says the analysis..