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Additional Treatments for ADHD

Additional Treatments for ADHD Additional Treatments for ADHD

Parenting Skills Training for ADHD

Parenting Skills Training provides parents with tools and techniques in order to manage their child behavior. For example, immediately rewarding good behavior with praise, tokens or points that can be exchanged for special privileges. Desirable and undesirable behavior is identified in advance by parents and/or teachers. Parents can try using when the child becomes too unruly, but also sharing enjoyable quality time each day.

Through this system, the child behavior can often be effectively modified. They can be taught how to ask politely for objects rather than grabbing them, or to complete a simple task from start to finish. The expected behavior is made clear to the child so the decision of whether to earn the reward or not is in their hands. The rewards should be something that the child truly wants, and with ADHD children they may need to be given more often than with other children. avoid allowing the child to get overstimulated, help the child divide large tasks into small steps, provide frequent and immediate rewards and punishment, set up a structure ahead of potentially problematic situations, and provide more supervision and encouragement during unrewarding or tedious situations.

The parents themselves can benefit from methods of stress management, including meditation, relaxation techniques and exercise.

Suggestions to help children with ADHD with organizing:

Have the same schedule every day, from the moment the child wakes up until they go to sleep. The routine includes homework time and playtime. Keep it written down somewhere prominent, like the refrigerator door or a noticeboard. Changes should be planned well in advance.

Use organizers for homework and other activities which need to be given thought. This will highlight the importance of writing assignments down, and gathering the necessary books.

Keep everyday items in the same place, so they are easily found, place for everything and everything in its place Include clothing, bags and school items.

When consistent rules are in place, the child with ADHD is more likely to understand and follow them, at which point small rewards can be given. This may work particularly well if the child has previously become used to criticism.

The better informed you are as a parent, the more effective advocate you can be for your child. Take advice on how ADHD affects your child life at school, and meet with teachers to discuss management techniques.

Either way, teachers need to be kept up to date when a child is being assessed, diagnosed, and treated for ADHD, including behavior modification therapies, medications or a combination of both.

If you are unsure whether ADHD is the problem, you can either ask the local school district to conduct an evaluation, or you may prefer to seek the services of an outside professional.

When requesting that that the school system evaluates your child, send a letter including the date, your and your child names, and the reason for requesting an evaluation, and keep a copy of the letter in your own files.

It is now the law that schools must conduct an evaluation for ADHD if one is requested. This is their legal obligation, but if the school refuses to evaluate your child, you can either get a private evaluation or enlist some help in negotiating with the school.

Help is often as close as a local parent group. Each state has a Parent Training and Information PTI center as well as a Protection and Advocacy P agency.

Following diagnosis, the child will qualify for special education services. This includes a joint assessment between the school and parents, of the child strengths and weaknesses. After the assessment, an Individualized Educational Program IEP will be drawn up, which will be regularly reviewed and approved.

The transition to a new school year can be difficult, bringing with it a new teacher and new schoolwork. Your child will need lots of support and encouragement at this time, so never forget you are your child best advocate.

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abm communication bags creative duties of Urban Country

abm communication bags creative duties of Urban Country abm communication bags creative duties of Urban Country

A shoes and leather accessories brand, Urban Country will launch its collection in India by the month end.

Urban Country, a premium leather shoes and accessories brand, has appointed abm communication to handle its creative duties. The multi-agency pitch took place in Delhi.

Brand Urban Country is a part of the $20 million Suri Shoes group, one of the largest shoe manufacturers and exporters in India. The brand will launch its maiden collection in Delhi later this month.

Rakesh Suri, managing director, Urban Country, says that the agency was chosen for its right kind of skill pool. Suri adds that it expected the agency to create awareness of the brand and communicate to the young customers 25-40 years in a different manner.

The footwear segment is a much cluttered market. Hence, we want to communicate about our brand in a different way and create a niche in the market. We are confident abm communication will help us in creating our brand identity and in providing creative inputs in areas such as in-store signage, design, management of website, social media and the press, Suri says.

Suri explains that having exported footwear to Europe for two decades, the company did not know much about the Indian market. Then, it launched its mens formal footwear brand Tredflex in Europe, which received a lot of positive feedback. Encouraged, Suri Shoes decided to try its hand in the Indian market with Urban Country, which will not only have collections from Tredflex but also a range of formal footwear for women, besides accessories.

We did a market survey and got a feedback that there was a gap in the market. There was a need for formal footwear catering to professional men and women, who wanted the right kind of styling, and comfort that was value for money. Our styling and design originates from Europe, which we want to bring to India, he says.

The brand plans to have 6-7 stores by the end of the current financial year, Suri adds.

Explaining the immediate challenge, Abhijit Basu, managing director, abm communication, says that there are a lot of international brands currently in the market and many old brands are also doing well. However, the focus on corporate footwear is not that exciting. Basu claims that technology, superior quality and attractive price point will be the brands advantage in breaking away from the clutter.

We will build the brand from scratch. The focus of the brand is on corporate lifestyle, especially leather footwear and accessories. So, it is a niche product. Currently, we will help with the brand look, feel, value and even outlet designing. We are partly handling the digital requirements and will take care of on ground and gradually above-the-line activities, Basu says.

Suri Shoes has been exporting shoe uppers since 1987. All pages of the Website are subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any material on the Website for any commercial purposes.

Activities reflect community life at The Reserve at Estero Naples Daily News

Activities reflect community life at The Reserve at Estero Naples Daily News Activities reflect community life at The Reserve at Estero Naples Daily News

Residents at the Reserve at Estero always have plenty of fun and interesting things to do, whether they are looking for physical activities, social events, creative hobbies or enrichment opportunities.

At the clubhouse - the heart of the community - there are water aerobics classes, led by resident Ann Simon, a retired physical education teacher and coach, as well as body sculpting, Zumba and Pilates. For those looking for an opportunity to get acquainted with their neighbors and have fun, there is a weekly game day in the library, Texas Hold Em nights, and a Friday evening social hour. The Book Club meets in the Clubhouse Card Room once a month.

The monthly community newsletter is always filled with things to do, said Kevin Brown, assistant vice president for Toll Brothers Florida West Division. It showcases all of the recreational and enrichment opportunities our residents enjoy each month. New activities are added regularly.

Residents often take the lead in organizing the activities, with a Social Network group that meets to discuss future events.

We meet regularly to brainstorm activities and events that will be of interest to the entire community, says Simon, who is also a member of the Social Network and editor of the monthly community newsletter. Everyone in the community is welcome to join in, and anyone may propose and help organize future activities and events.

The group chose to create the Social Network rather than a committee to provide a more flexible structure that was open to everyone, Simon explained.

As the Reserve at Estero has grown, the number and variety of events has grown as well. This season, the community held its second annual Art Show, featuring the works of artists and crafters who live at the Reserve at Estero, including a quilter, several artists working in acrylics, watercolors and charcoal, a stained glass artist, and a jewelry designer. A jewelry class proved so popular in its first year that it was repeated this fall. After reading The Orchid Thief, the Book Club was joined by other residents for a field trip to Corkscrew Swamp to continue learning about the native plants featured in the book. There is a monthly Ladies Luncheon, sampling the variety of Southwest Floridas restaurants.

There are still more activities on the calendar for the rest of the winter season, including line dancing, a cruise to Useppa Island, a fashion show with Patchingtons, and mens breakfasts.

Residents at the Reserve at Estero are also involved in many charitable activities. This past spring marked the third time a team joined the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure. In addition, residents have supported Project Hope, which creates tote bags for those newly diagnosed with cancer and includes information, pillows for support after surgery, and a crocheted or knitted shawl.

The communitys grand clubhouse offers a fitness center, community room, catering kitchen, aerobics room, game room, and billiards room. A resort-style swimming pool and spa with tropical landscaping, tennis courts, sports court, and a childrens playground with a wading pool provide outdoor recreational options.

Nine home designs are available at the Reserve at Estero, each with a choice of four exterior elevations. Eight designs offer a first-floor master suite.

To visit the Reserve at Estero from Interstate 75, take Exit 123, Corkscrew Road west to Three Oaks Parkway. Turn right and proceed north to Estero Parkway. Make a left, heading west. The Reserve at Estero will be on the right.



Most plane-crash victims - 79 percent - die at the scene, implying that improving the emergency medical response system further will not make a significant difference in the number of deaths, said researchers from Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University, mainly at Baltimore, Md. Johns Hopkins in 1867 had a group of his associates incorporated as the trustees of a university and a hospital, endowing each with $3.5 million. Daniel C. in Baltimore.

They examined injury patterns among 2,554 people who died in aviation accidents in either 1980 or 1990. Although the overall number of fatalities dropped by 34 percent in those 10 years, the Years, The

the seven decades of Eleanor Pargiter life. Br. Lit.: Ben 1109

See : Time kinds of injuries were similar, they reported recently in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine forensic medicine: see medical jurisprudence. forensic medicine

Science of applying medical knowledge to legal questions, recognized as a specialty since the early 19th century. and Pathology.

About 42 percent of people died of multiple injuries, 22 percent died from head injuries alone, 12 percent died from internal injuries, 4 percent died of burns and 3 percent drowned. Head injuries were the most common cause of death among children.

``The currently used lap belt lap beltA seat belt that fastens across the lap. is insufficient, said Dr. Guohua Li, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins Noun 1. Johns Hopkins - United States financier and philanthropist who left money to found the university and hospital that bear his name in Baltimore 1795-1873

HopkinsIn small planes, pilots who use shoulder harnesses are more likely to survive crashes than those with only lap belts, he pointed out.

Carl C. Clark, a crash-safety expert in Baltimore, said air bag systems on planes can be designed to be pilot-controlled, since pilots generally are aware that the plane will crash before it happens. And the bags can inflate more slowly than in motor vehicles - in two or three seconds rather than 30 milliseconds - to ``cushion people rather than shoving them out of the way.

Thirty years ago, Clark said, he conducted a test that indicated air bags in planes could improve safety. ``But airline safety has been largely left to the industry, which has been reluctant to pursue air bags, he said.