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Accused drug courier know bags contained meth

Accused drug courier know bags contained meth Accused drug courier know bags contained meth

Testifying in the West Australian Supreme Court today, Sjoerd Rogier Segaar, 42, admitted driving a rented campervan from Sydney to Perth in April last year with the two black sports bags, found by police with the drugs inside.

He said it was ``possible the drugs had been in the bags the whole time he was driving - put there by another man - but he didnt pack them and didnt know there was anything ``illegal inside.

Less than 24 hours later, Mr Segaar was arrested after a series of coordinated police raids across Perth and Sydney netted a total of 239kg of the drug, also known as ``ice.

Segaar is on trial in Perth after pleading not guilty to possessing a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug.

Giving evidence on Wednesday, Mr Segaar claimed he had missed a chance to prove his innocence because police had not checked the bags for fingerprint or DNA evidence when they swapping the drugs for powder in an undercover carpark in the Perth beachside suburb of Scarborough.

He said he had left the van, which was full of camping gear, unattended for more than a week before returning to it to fetch the black bags and a boogie board.

His movements had been secretly filmed by police, who had been observing Mr Segaar for some time.

Segaar argued if he had known there were about $3.5 million worth of drugs in the bags, he would not have left them in the van unattended for so long.

But prosecutor Ron Davies suggested he had deliberately removed the van from where he was staying, also in Scarborough, and left it in the public car park in a bid to make sure he wasnt followed or observed by police.

Mr Davies said Mr Segaar had been tipped off the police were looking for him by a travel agent in Scarborough, whom he visited twice to inquire about holidays in WAs southwest region and in the southeast Pacific.