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After century of brown paper

After century of brown paper After century of brown paper

Still, the Philadelphia inventor probably would have remained a historical footnote, except that his patent is exactly 100 years old this year, and the American Paper Institute badly needs to celebrate something about the paper bag.

A quick look at the paper industry reveals why. Many sectors of the industry are suffering from overcapacity. One of the hardest hit has been kraft paper, observers say, which is used to make grocery bags, among other things. More important, Stillwells venerable bag is getting some serious competition from a high-technology upstart - the plastic grocery bag.

The paper industry, which has already lost out to plastic in such items as dry-cleaning bags, bread wrappers, and department-store sacks, is anxious to hold on to the $750 million grocery-bag market.

Up to this point, paper has dominated. Every year, American supermarkets buy about 25 billion paper bags - 110 for every man, woman, and child in the country. Their plastic counterparts command only some 3 or 4 percent of the market.

But the plastic bag is poised to make significant inroads into Americas supermarket as it already has in Canada, many observers say.

And the reasons provide an insight into the grocery business.

In a slower age, grocers packed their customers goods in a paper cone and tied the bottom with a string. Later, grocery clerks spent their evenings gluing paper together to form bags. Then, in 1852, a Moravian schoolteacher named Francis Wolle invented a bagmaking machine. But Stillwells square-bottomed design improved on that. It was ideally suited for the fast-paced supermarket that would spring up in the 1930s.

Since the bag stood upright, a store clerk could pack the bag more efficiently, using both hands. Today the bags still beat the plastic competition , says Mary Ellen Gowin, a consultant with the Kraft and Packaging Paper Division of the American Paper Institute, because of the square-bottom design. They dont require special racks at the checkout counter as do plastic bags, and they are more likely to stay upright in the trunk of a car.

But, technologically speaking, plastic has the edge.

The last major breakthrough for paper bags came in 1910, when an obscure chemist strengthened the paper by changing the solution in which it was cooked. But in the late 1970s, the availability of some plastic resins - and breakthroughs in producing others - quickly made the plastic grocery bag economically feasible.

For the shopper, the handles of plastic bags make them easy to carry, an especially important feature for urban shoppers who walk to the store. They also save time at the checkout counter where retailers are especially eager not to delay customers, because they eliminate double-bagging of paper bags. Studies by the Los Angeles-based St. Regis Corporation show that double-bagging occurs 20 percent of the time.

There are several advantages for the grocer, as well. Plastic bags are lighter and take up less space, says Charles Chrispell, general manager of the retail packaging business unit of St. Regis. It takes six trucks filled with paper bags to equal one truckful of plastic, he adds, saving up to 85 percent of expensive warehouse space.

Then too, bags are costly, he says, and represent the third-largest overhead expense for the grocer after labor and energy. But it remains to be seen whether plastic or paper costs more. Prices for both petrochemical and paper products have been depressed, observers say.

Adele bags apology from Karl

Adele bags apology from Karl Adele bags apology from Karl

The German fashion guru caused outrage by branding the singer a little too fat. Now The Sun reports he has tried to say sorry by sending her a gift in the form of Chanel bags.

The designer has apparently been filming for the new YouTube Chanel TV channel where he revealed he planned to make amends.

After hearing Adele collected bags he reportedly told his team to send her some, as its claimed he may want to work with her in the future, with the singer possibly fronting a campaign for Chanel Mademoiselle bags.

Meanwhile, Adele has gone back on her plans to take a five-year break following her huge success in the US, and revealed she will release more music this year.

The 23-year-old singer told a French radio station: There was a good two years between my first and second albums so it will be the same this time. If I didnt write my own songs Id have an album out next week.

Advertising Secrets I Learned From The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Man

Advertising Secrets I Learned From The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Man Advertising Secrets I Learned From The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Man

I was promptly met on my porch by a smiling face who presented me with a free box of laundry detergent. This seemingly nice young man told me he was in the neighborhood and wanted to give me this free gift. Being the skeptic I am, my first thought was, Oh yeah and what kind of sales pitch?

He proceeded to walk to his truck, then turned and asked if I had a minute. Yep, here it comes, I thought. I said I was a little busy but asked what he wanted. The smile came back to his face as he said, I want to make your life easier.

Secret #1 - Give your customers something absolutely free of charge. This makes them appreciative and brings about a feeling of good will. It can be free useful articles, a free ebook, a sample or trial anything free.

He began to pull box after box from the back of his SUV. As he approached my door, loaded for bear, he asked if I would allow him to vacuum and clean my carpets all free, of course. At first I was going to turn him down cold. I wasnt in the vacuum or carpet cleaner buying mood. But then I wondered if I might be able to learn something from this representative of one of the most successful vacuum cleaner companies in America. I decided to give in and allow the demonstration, hoping to glean some secrets I could use in my copywriting.

As he walked into the living room, he began to set up the vacuum. Small talk followed. He complimented me on the interior design of my house, asked what brand of vacuum I used, how I liked it, how old it was, if I had considered buying a new vacuum, if anyone in my family suffered from allergies and how much time I spent cleaning house.

Secret #2 - Get to know your customers. By collecting this information, the salesman was mentally tailoring his pitch to suit me. He was making notes to include the elements of his presentation that would appeal to me personally, and leave out those that would not.

Next, the Kirby man who Ill call Roger, began to ask me questions that I would obviously have to say yes to. This is reminiscent of the Dale Carnegie style. Roger asked, Would you like to be able to spend less time cleaning with better results? He asked, Would you like to know that the allergens AND the dirt are taken out of your upholstery and carpeting? And finally, he asked, Would you like for your new carpet to last twice as long? Needless-to-say, the answer to all three was yes.

Secret #3 - Get them in the habit of saying yes. Dale Carnegie made a point of this in his book How To Win Friends and Influence People. If you get someone in the habit of saying yes, they are going to be more likely to agree with you when it comes to other questions, like, are you ready to buy a new vacuum!

Roger asked me to get my old vacuum from the closet. I did. He asked me to bring him a box of salt. Yes, I saw it coming but I did it anyway. He began to pour the salt onto my carpet. Then as expected he ground it in with his foot. He took my old vacuum and asked me to let him know when I thought it had sucked up all the salt. On came the vacuum and the challenge began!

After about 15 passes, I instructed Roger to stop. He did. Then he reached behind him and rolled over the Kirby G6 - Limited Edition. He opened the latch where the bag goes and placed a black, thin pad over it. Next, he flipped on the onboard transmission, put the vacuum into drive and began the first part of his demonstration.

Just six passes later, he stopped the Kirby, opened the bag latch and pulled out the black pad. It was covered with salt! It was also covered with dirt, sand, lint and hair. It was extremely gross, not to mention embarrassing!

Secret #4 - Prove your point. Just telling someone that your product or service works means nothing. You have to prove that you can and will do what you say. If you cant offer an online demonstration; use testimonials, offer references that tell about before and after results. Or give a free trial period so the customer can check it out themselves.

I know youre busy, maam, but I just wanted to show you that. Ill finish vacuuming now and then clean your living room, said Roger. I knew Roger and I werent finished yet, but I went back to my computer like a good little prospect and let him do his work.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, Roger asked where he would find our trash can. I walked around the corner to see what needed to be thrown away and was immediately horrified! He had used those little pads while vacuuming the entire room! There were disks all over my living room just covered with hair, lint, fibers, dust, sand and who knows what else. The fear of creepy-crawly things in my house started to rise up within me. All this junk was in my carpet? How disgusting! My house wasnt as clean as I thought it was. Im sorry for the mess, maam, but we are only allowed to use these demonstration pads to vacuum with. Ill throw them away if youll show me to your garbage can.

Secret #5 - Play on emotion. By leaving all those little demonstration pads around the room, Roger was subtly telling me that my house wasnt very clean. He was reminding me of the initial conversation we had about allergens and getting my house cleaner in less time. It was working, too. I began to think about all the mess deep down inside my carpet, and drapes, and rugs, and upholstery.

Can I try to get these stains out for you, was the cry from the living room. Sure, go ahead, I replied. Roger continued to work, as did I. A few minutes later he asked if I would come see if the stains were still noticeable. They werent! Id tried to get the stains out before but had no luck. Good, Roger smiled, Ill clean the rest for you now.

I continued banging on my keyboard until I heard the whirring of the motor stop. Roger peaked around the corner and told me it would take an hour or so for the carpet to dry enough to walk on. Do you mind if I get my gear together in here? I agreed.

As he was putting up hoses and attachments, he began to explain the extreme versatility of the Kirby G6 - Limited Edition. The package he had with him that day came with a base vacuum which offered an onboard transmission so the motor wouldnt wear out. It also allowed the vacuum to be easier to push. It offered the ability to blow as well as pull suction. This, as Roger explained, was useful for blowing up pool toys or inflatable balls - and for deflating air mattresses, etc. so they would lie completely flat for storage. The carpet cleaner attachment would Well, you get the idea.

Secret #6 - Focus on benefits, not features. Weve all heard the phrase before, however most dont apply it. I wouldnt care anything in the world about a vacuum with onboard transmission because I dont have a clue what it is or what it does for me. Once explained, however, I love the idea of a vacuum that drives itself.

Lastly, after the full tour of how easy the vacuum was to operate, how much cleaner my house would be with less effort, and how versatile the vacuum/carpet cleaner was we got to the price.

Needless-to-say, with Kirbys reputation, I was expecting to pay and arm and a leg. However, Roger simply said, All this can be yours for just $3.00 per day. That didnt sound so bad. For how many days, my cynical self asked. Roger laughed and pulled out his pricing sheet. To answer the question that youve had since the beginning of the article Yes, I bought the vacuum.

Secret #7 - Save the price for last. Get them to love your product or service and then - if possible - break the price out into as small an increment as you can. This saves the prospective customer from suffering sticker shock and makes the item appear more affordable.

Was it worth it? Yes and yes. It was worth my time to find out how one of the most successful vacuum cleaner companies in America does its sales magic; and it was worth the price of the vacuum, too. who offers targeted copywriting, copy editing ezine article services. Click here to learn to write your own powerful copy.

Abbotsford Police seize two bags of doda in field

Abbotsford Police seize two bags of doda in field Abbotsford Police seize two bags of doda in field

Abbotsford Police found two bags containing what was suspected to be more than 30 pounds of doda on Thursday morning in a field.

Const. border patrol arrested a man and a woman on their side of the border, and the two have been detained for an immigration-related investigation, MacDonald said.

Doda is a derivative of opium that is made from ground poppy pods and stems and is primarily used by the South Asian population. The fine powder is mostly commonly consumed in tea or hot water.

The last big bust in Abbotsford that involved doda occurred in September 2011, when a police investigation was launched after concerns about the drug being sold in the city.

Two men were arrested and faced charges of drug trafficking.

The biggest bust of its kind in Canada took place in August 2010, when two men - one of them from Abbotsford - were arrested in a seven-acre poppy field in Chiliwack, where 60,000 plants were being grown.

Tehal Singh Bath, 32, of Abbotsford and Mandeep Singh Dhaliwal, 30, of Mission both pleaded guilty earlier this year to production and possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking.

Academy Awards Event

Academy Awards Event Academy Awards Event 2013

The 85th Academy Awards are less than a week away. All of Hollywoods elite performing artists get prepared for the red carpet event. Tuxedos, hair, makeup, designer gowns, jewels and the accompanying stars escort, will be closely scrutinized. And then there are the fabulous after event parties!

There are no losers among the winners and nominees. Otago Daily Times, in a report on Feb. 19, announces that the marketing gift bag items, given to all nominees, are valued at $45,000.00.

Everybody wins on Oscar night. Whether its a gold statue or a very expensive parting gift. Distinctive Assets is the marketing company assigned to developing and distributing the Oscar event, gift bags to all of the nominees. The theme for this years event is, Everyone Wins at the Oscars Nominees Gift Bag, valued at over $45,000, the company said.

The swag bags, include trips to Australia, Hawaii and Mexico, personal training sessions, condoms, a bottle of tequila, hand-illustrated tennis shoes, appointments for cosmetic fillers and portion-controlled dinnerware for those watching their figure, Distinctive Assets said in a statement.

The portion control dinnerware fork, signals the user to slow down, when eating too fast, also if youve had enough food in one sitting!

Otago Daily Times reports, The Distinctive Assets gift bag is not endorsed by the Academy but it has been creating consolation gift bags for 11 years now. The bags are delivered to the losing nominees, to their homes directly, or through their agents or publicists.

The 85th Academy Awards broadcast commences on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013, on the ABC network. Check your local listings for start times and red carpet preview broadcasts.

Aer Lingus is worst luggage offender

Aer Lingus is worst luggage offender Aer Lingus is worst luggage offender

It is Aer Lingus which has emerged as the worst offender when it comes to losing suitcases: last year it mislaid a whopping 72,000 pieces of luggage.

Thats over four times more than Ryanair despite the fact that Aer Lingus had 25 per cent fewer passengers than the no-frills airline.

Figures seen by the Sunday Independent reveal that Aer Lingus, who catered for eight million passengers in 2005, lost or mislaid nine bags for every 1,000 passengers.

This compares with Ryanair which lost or misplaced just 16,750 bags for all of its 33.5 million passengers.

Aer Lingus has never publicly released figures relating to the amount of bags that go missing on a yearly basis.

Its statistics are regularly missing from the Association of European Airlines consumer reports that highlight the problems and successes associated with travelling on all domestic and international flights.

But the airline is not the worst culprit in the international airline industry - in the UK and Irish market British Airways was the only other airline with a worse record, losing nearly 18 bags for every 1,000 passengers last year.

Aer Lingus, however, has defended its record, saying the number of missing bags is heavily influenced by the fact that the airline caters for a large number of onward international connection flights.

This, it claims, is one of the main reasons for bags going missing. But the Consumers Association of Ireland has branded the airlines record as entirely unacceptable.

Dermott Jewell, who is head of the association, said that while all airlines are guilty of losing baggage, if figures indicate that large airlines can cope with losing the minimum amount of luggage, every other smaller airline should be following suit.

The point has to be made that Ryanairs figures show that it is possible to control and manage the system. If you have it down to a level that Ryanair has, you can work to that level. Anything else is entirely unacceptable.

He said airlines losing baggage is the bane of customers lives. The bottom line is were paying a fee to a professional business to carry out a service theyre not carrying out efficiently.

Too often were hearing a variety of excuses from airlines and impediments put in the way of consumers. If an airline is losing that much luggage it shouldnt be in the business.

And while some bags make their way back to passengers, albeit sometimes badly damaged after a global detour, its the inconvenience that puts people out the most.

Mr Jewell said that even if customers are covered by insurance it is the time spent waiting for bags to be found that is of primary concern for travellers.

Its all the time lost searching for bags and the cost incurred by consumers thats never repaid which is the biggest problem. And with more and more people travelling on airlines it seems that the problem of losing bags has become almost acceptable.