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Abaca Fiber Bags Vs Plastic Bags

Abaca Fiber Bags Vs Plastic Bags Abaca Fiber Bags Vs Plastic Bags

Abaca Musa Texilis is widely grown in the Philippines because of its indigenous fiber that lately categorized with its high commercial value. According to scientists, abaca contains degradable fibers that are more safe than plastics. This fact was released not to exactly compare the value of plastic in markets than the value of abaca for industrial purposes.

The study found a new idea to replace plastic bags which are commonly used in supermarkets to contain shopping goods. However this was brought to another level that handicrafts made of abaca are more durable and flexible than any other materials.

The abaca industry is expected to continue making a stronghold in both the domestic and international markets. Below is a summary of the opportunities, prospects and developments in the abaca industry. Strong demand for abaca as a result of the expanding market for specialty papers for food packaging as in tea bags and meat casings, filter papers, non-wovens and disposables.

Growing demand to conserve forest resources and to protect the environment from problems posed by non-biodegradable materials, particularly plastics, contributed to the growing demand for natural fibers like abaca.

Due to the environmental degradation, Japan, which is one of the major abaca consumers, is now replacing PVC with natural fibers or materials free from chlorine. Development of new uses for abaca such as textile materials for the production of pinukpok or as blending material, with silk, pina or polyester, in the production of high-end fabrics. Growing demand for handmade paper as art media, photo frames, albums, stationery, flowers, all purpose cards and decoratives.

An example above is a cheap toilet paper container made of abaca which is environmental friendly than plastic toilet paper holder. They function in the same way but they differ much on the price and quality. You can find more abaca handicrafts that can be used at home to replace expensive plastic ones.

Today, if you are going to compare the consumption of plastic bags for shopping purposes, you would know how much you would spend for plastic thinking that such containers from grocery stores are free which actually are not. You paid them already when you buy one grocery item.

If any country would support the use of abaca fiber bags instead of plastic bags, there would be a great reduce in plastic pollution. Domestic mining industry is also familiar to the Sam Walsh. Prior . The lipids are encapsulated inside a hydrophobic membrane that makes it difficult . Dark clouds of short sales and foreclosures hanging overhead can . Hence, high quality crockery is important to the success of . With an increased number of cars, comes an increased need to keep them somewhere safe when not in use .

Actress Cotillard to sing with Franz Ferdinand

Actress Cotillard to sing with Franz Ferdinand Actress Cotillard to sing with Franz Ferdinand

She was recently starring alongside Johnny Depp in Public Enemies, and more recently seen singing alongside Daniel Day-Lewis in Rob Marshalls musical Nine.

She also acts as the current face for the French brand.

The ad is for Lady Dior handbags and shows Cotillard as a working girl by day and a lounge singer by night.

John is the memory chip, the part of the band who never forgets, the mortar between the bricks that kept the band together. Thats what fellow Dubliner and late, great banjo maestro Barney McKenna once said John Sheahan. Sheahan was perhaps the most unlikely member of The Dubliners. His quiet nature and classical music training set him apart from his fellow group members. Now at the age of 73 he has reached a major turning point in his life. All of his friends that he once shared the band with in the early days, Luke, Ronnie, Ciarán and Barney are now sadly dead and he has finally decided to close the book on the life of The Dubliners after fifty years of recording and touring. He has all of the memories neatly packed away into different compartments and is ready to tell his side of The Dubliners story in this revealing new film by five time IFTA winning director Maurice Sweeney.

Like a blood-splattered pieces on a chess board, the kings, queens, knights and noblemen of Westeros sail ever closer to the increasingly dark storms brewing on the horizon of their quest for control of the throne. Smart of mouth, sharp of mind dwarf Tyrion Lannister takes on new responsibilities, Jon Snow no, not that one silly is taken to the imposing Fist of the First Men, and Jaime Lannister strikes a deal with his captors. Meanwhile, Targaryen heir Daenerys meets with the slavers as she moves to build a fearsome army.

Its been far too long but Kevin McAleer, the master of the dry one-liner and the surreal observation, is finally back on our screens. The man from Tyrone returns with a new four-part series in which he attempts to discover the heart and soul of Ulster Scots. On a road-trip through North Antrim, Donegal, Monaghan and County Down, he tries to determine who the Ulster Scots are and what their culture is like. This is an emotional and overdue journey for Kevin. Raised in Ulster, he has spent over fifty years being largely oblivious to the world of Ulster Scots. In attempting to find out more about a tribe he has heard much of but knows nothing about, he meets a variety of people who tell him how much their Scottish ancestry means to them.

Advice on packing bags for the return to school

Advice on packing bags for the return to school Advice on packing bags for the return to school

Dr. Siobhan Guiry pictured from the New Ross Chiropractic Clinic located at Haughton House appeared on a live segment of Ireland AM to help parents as they prepare for their childrens return to school

She focussed on the purchase of the school bag and how children should wear both straps and pack their bags correctly by placing the heaviest items closest to their backs to ensure a safer and a more back and child friendly experience.

Although recognising the schoolbags are a necessity, Siobhan advised parents and pupils to lighten the load by carrying only items that are required for the day and to use lockers to store books.

Siobhan, who is the President of the Chiropractic Association of Ireland, also outlined proper techniques to remove, lift and put on backpacks carefully. During her segment she explained that carrying schoolbags improperly can cause a number of problems, including scoliosis. It can also make breathing harder and children carrying bags weighing more than ten per cent of their body weight have been found to have poorer lung function.

Aer Lingus gets passenger boost from Gathering

Aer Lingus gets passenger boost from Gathering Aer Lingus gets passenger boost from Gathering

The airline has reported a big influx of tourists - traffic growth for March increased by 4.3pc, with a big hike in long-haul fliers. Some 844,000 passengers flew in March.

Short-haul numbers were up 3.4pc but the strongest growth was in long-haul, particularly on US routes.

As part of The Gathering, some 8,000 people from around the world were invited to take part in the Peoples Parade on St Patricks Day, which would have contributed to the rise in tourism numbers.

A big influx of visitors is also expected in the coming months as new routes from America open up.

Tourism Ireland chief Niall Gibbons said 2013 is looking like it will be a record year for visitors from North America.

Last year was the second best year ever for tourism from North America, he said.

There are new routes that have yet to be started. A new route from Philadelphia into Shannon with US Airways will begin in May. United Airlines from Chicago to Shannon will begin in June.

Another route with American Airlines from JFK to Dubiln will begin in May also, he said.

He said both Delta and Aer Lingus have announced additional frequency or capacity on their existing Boston, Chicago and Orlando routes.

There is no question that The Gathering has played a role. I have no doubt that the reason that some of these routes came about was because of The Gathering and the increased demand. It is great to see such capacity, he said.

Africas version of North Korea

Africas version of North Korea Africas version of North Korea

The needs are acute in Eritrea, a narrow shard of sand and rock along the Red Sea thats presided over by one of Africas most secretive regimes. As its quixotic experiment in economic self-reliance falters, the Ohio-sized country of 5 million has slipped into its deepest political isolation in its 16 years of independence.

The United States and others accuse President Isaias Afwerki of funneling arms and money to Islamist insurgents in Somalia and have threatened to slap him with sanctions. Analysts say Isaias is bent on wresting influence from Ethiopia - Eritreas large southern neighbor and adversary in a 30-year liberation struggle - and is backing several rebel groups across the chaotic Horn of Africa.

In a rare interview, Isaias dismissed the allegations as fabrications by Western interests - including his favorite bogeyman, the CIA - that traditionally have sided with Ethiopia. The pariah label has reinforced his belligerent attitude toward a world that long ignored Eritreas cries for independence, and one in which he now seems to have just one remaining friend, the wealthy Persian Gulf emirate of Qatar.

Why would you want to have allies? the 63-year-old president told McClatchy. Its a sign of weakness.

A gruff, imposingly tall former guerrilla with a college professors wardrobe and a Ron Burgundy moustache, Isaias helped lead the liberation war and has never let go of power. A decade after a devastating border flare-up with Ethiopia that remains unresolved, hes never held elections, banned opposition groups and independent media, and reportedly banished thousands of people to remote desert prisons where they languish without trial in harsh and life-threatening conditions, according to a State Department human rights report last year.

Isaias rejected the report - We have no shortage, he said - but humanitarian groups say the government blocks them from accessing the areas that are thought to be the most affected. In the capital, Asmara, more and more children in frayed clothes and splotchy skin are begging on the streets, hinting at desperation in the countryside.

Afghanistan Shooting Suspect to Be Charged withCounts of Murder

Afghanistan Shooting Suspect to Be Charged withCounts of Murder Afghanistan Shooting Suspect to Be Charged with 17 Counts of Murder

Sargent Robert -- is expected to be charged today in ABCs Martha Raddatz joins us with the latest -- officials now say hell face seventeen counts of murder. Thats right seventeen counts thats one more than we were originally told meaning that. One of the wounded may have died or there was some discount in the beginning he will also face six charges of attempted murder. The military trial will be held at his home base of Fort Lewis Washington. We also learned overnight that -- talked to his wife. For the first time since the murder accusations they spoke for about ten minutes but were told not to discuss the case. Because the call was being monitored they instead spoke about quote family matters and weve learned of the new incident in which bales was apparently involved. A sheriffs department report from Washington State says that in 2008. -- -- was accused of grabbing a woman and then punching and kicking her boyfriend. It described -- at -- time as extremely intoxicated beyond all right Martha thanks to you know youll be seeing on the story.