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Advice for new laptop

Advice for new laptop Advice for new laptop

Thank you very much for the wonderful site. I will be purchasing a new laptop in the coming month, and would very much like some help. I live in Hawaii, in a house with no air conditioning, and the temperature will always be at least 85 degrees in the room where the computer will be living. The only way to keep my current laptop which is only two years old, and maintained correctly running is to place four small ziploc bags full of ice on top of the keyboard, and even that doesnt work all of the time. Am I completely out of luck here, or is there someone out there that makes a computer that can run in heat? I have tried several of the cooling platforms that you put under the laptop, and I am of the opinion that those are the biggest scam out there.

To answer the questions in the sticky post:

Pretty much, I just need a laptop that will function. I dont do anything special on my computer, but I need it to work. Also, if anyone has any suggestions regarding a different method of cooling my current computer, I am open to ideas. Thank you all very much for any replies or advice, I really appreciate it!

Action taken to clear illegal campsite on Mousehold Heath

Action taken to clear illegal campsite on Mousehold Heath Action taken to clear illegal campsite on Mousehold Heath

As reported, the city council had warned on Wednesday, February 22, that legal action would be taken if the campsite was not cleared.

Around a dozen protesters had put up five tents in Heathgate, off Gurney Road, and an anonymous spokesman told the Evening News the demonstration was to highlight homelessness issues in Norwich and could spread on to Mousehold Heath itself.

However, it was said that the campsite was in violation of Mousehold Heath Bylaws of the Norwich City Council Act 1984 and that the campers were trespassing.

A Norwich County Court notice has now been posted at the site and the campers appear to have left, leaving behind a mass of rubbish and camping equipment in a popular dog-walking area.

The notice is a claim form for possession of property from the city council for the land at Heathgate, described as St James Hollow, listing a court date for 11am on Thursday, March 15.

Listing court and solicitors costs of £244.50, the notice appears to have worked in getting the campers to leave and it remains to be seen whether the court date will go ahead.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said: Weve made an application for the warrant and are now waiting for the bailiff to contact us with suggested dates to clear the area, if necessary. In the event the site needs clearing, our contractor would do this within the existing arrangement we have with them.

Age Doesnt Matter When Using The Wii Fit

Age Doesnt Matter When Using The Wii Fit Age Doesnt Matter When Using The Wii Fit

Being a Wii Fit user I thought that Id share my thoughts on the convenience this device gives you in order to get your 30 minutes of exercise a day. You may think that this video game is for the young, but trust me, youll get a good workout.

The Yoga section of the Wii Fit is great for stretching and getting ready for the more aerobic exercises. You can do just the yoga section if you choose. There are many different poses to choose from and the more you do it, the more poses open up for you.

Hula Hooping? I havent done that since I was a child, but with the Wii Fit you can do this and other aerobic exercises in the comfort of your own home. I love the fact that I dont have to go to the gym in order to get a full 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. If youre a runner, well they have a task that you will like too.

I love knowing that along with building my heart muscle I can build my other muscles too with the Strength section of the Wii Fit. Im not one for lifting weights, maybe because I never had to, so my theory now is, why start?! With the Strength section you can use hand or legs weights if you choose but you certainly dont have to in order to get a good workout.

Walking without tripping over your own feet is a balance issue. Thankfully, the Wii Fit has a Balance section that helps you be in control of your bodys balance. They make it fun with a giant bubble that you roll in down a creek and doing the tightrope walk between two buildings is a real balancing act.

A wonderful aspect of the Wii Fit is that you can gauge your fitness level by doing the body test. Your weight, BMI and real body age are calculated for you and are stored on a chart. Real body age, if youre not familiar with the term, is the age your body feels not your chronological age. You have to perform to tests during the initial body test and this is what determines the real age.

As an added bonus, after you choose which exercises are your favorites, you can store them in a Favorites file. How convenient to be able to go back to these exercises without going through the whole menu. Wii did it right when they came up with this game. I can hardly wait to try out the new Wii Fit Plus with activities for seniors.

Air bag recalls rattle car owners in U

Air bag recalls rattle car owners in U Air bag recalls rattle car owners in U


Just the Toyota scope alone is impressive. Even worse, Toyota says it may have to inspect 510,000 vehicles in order to pinpoint those that have the mistakes.

Vehicles involved include certain Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia, and Tundra, and Lexus SC 430 models manufactured from 2001 to 2003.

Even before Thursdays announcement, Toyota and Honda had announced the recall of 1.5 million vehicles this year over faulty air bags. Last year, there were 22 recalls involving air bags spread across 18 brands. In Thursdays recall, Toyota blames a manufacturing defect for the problem. The system could have defective propellant wafer that could cause the inflator to rupture and the front passenger air bag to deploy abnormally in the event of a crash.

Air bag systems are enormously complex. The bags have to correctly deduce whether a vehicle has been struck in an accident, inflate and then deflate bags in milliseconds -- skipping those where seat detectors deduce a passenger is too small and may be injured by the bag itself.

Computers make the instant decisions, and they can be faulty. You are relying on millions of lines of codes to make decisions within milliseconds, Washington-based car safety expert Sean Kane told USA TODAY in February.