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After the heartache Gold Coast News

After the heartache Gold Coast News After the heartache Gold Coast News

Julie was killed by a drink-driver, she says of her then 20-year-old sister. Like me she was very anti-drink and drugs so for her to die like that was a very unjust thing in my world . it was just an ugly time in our lives.

Bullen was living with her sister at the time of her death, along with Julie boyfriend, her own boyfriend and her best friend. In a tragic set of circumstances, Bullen boyfriend and best friend also lost siblings during that period. Death was all around her. More was to come.

Dad rang and I told him I was hoping to go stay with him for a bit and he said really relieved to hear that Kid because the cancer back. That why I calling decades earlier Alain Thompson had walked out on his family when his youngest child was a baby. Now 21, that baby was packing her bags and flying to Sydney to be by his side as he neared the end of his life. Bullen cherishes that she got to know her father as a man over his final three months, rather than merely as the parental figure she visited during the occasional school holiday. When the time came for her to return to Perth, she did so with his ashes on her lap, later interring them alongside her sister, his daughter.

It had been Julie who wanted her dad when we were growing up, recalls Bullen. I never felt like I missed out but I remember my mum comforting Julie in bed at night . burying them together kind of completed it for me. It was you got your dad struggled upon her return to Perth. Nothing had changed in her absence. She was sick of her studies. In the lead-up to his death her father had urged her to see the world before she settled down. She took his advice and headed across the Nullarbor in search of adventure. At Movie World she not only found that but also love. Unfortunately, tragedy yet again came looking for her.

He was one of the gorgeous guys from the Police Academy Stunt Show. We had been together two years and even though we hadn got engaged everyone knew we were going to get married. He was a stunt man and he was just clowning around at a friend party one night and he fell 11 storeys off a building in Surfers Paradise. That knocked me over again. I was pretty messy there for a while.

She talks of the grief that consumed her in the months that followed. She recalls the non-emotional manner in which she approached her slow attempted suicide. She speaks candidly about how close she came to being up in the Gold Coast Hospital psychiatric ward.

I had to be evaluated and basically lied my way out of it. She smiles cheekily. I always been a little bit handy with acting.

She then mentions the day she woke up on her bedroom floor.

I was on the carpet and had obviously had a crying fit and fallen asleep. I woke up and started feeling really bad for Mum and then for my sister Frida and my best friend Tamsyn. Everyone really. I started feeling bad for my animals and then I went my God, I care realisation was devastating and I knew I wasn going to kill myself. I felt too bad. It wasn that I wanted to live but I just felt bad for everyone. That when I thought right, if I going to stay here I going to do what I want to do and nothing is going to stop me never wanted to fall in love again. I never wanted to be involved with or attached to anybody on that level, not even my family. I didn want anyone else dying. I didn want any more heartache. I thought I going to stay in this world, if I going to live here, I don want that again I didn want kids anymore. my gosh, what if you had a child and it died? wanted to go wherever I could and get away from anyone I felt attached to . I learnt to let go of plans and let go of trying to make things happen the way they should. I think that was probably one of the best things that happened to me, just letting go, just saying I going to be here let just enjoy it resume is proof of her approach to life during that period. From 1996 to 1999 she worked on more than 30 productions in countries as diverse as the US, Namibia and Indonesia. While the bulk of that work was as a stunt woman, her passion remained animals. She took whatever chances she could to learn more about training them.

Then, on a Gold Coast production set in 2000, she met a man who could teach her a hell of a lot about training animals. Little did she know he was also a man who would inspire her to reassess her no-strings-attached lifestyle. When I started to see Craig, I thought could have kids with this guy It was a strange feeling. I hadn had that feeling for a long time.

Air bags presented as potential ski race safety measure

Air bags presented as potential ski race safety measure Air bags presented as potential ski race safety measure

A high-tech air bag meant to improve safety in ski racing was presented by the International Ski Federation and the manufacturer on Thursday, two years before its planned introduction at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

The D-air system inflates air bags under the race suit in case of a crash, helping to protect the skiers back, chest, shoulders and collar bones.

Several World Cup skiers, including former overall champion Aksel Lund Svindal, Norways Kjetil Jansrud and Italys Werner Heel, have been assisting in the development of the system.

Theyve been wearing a special back protector containing a computer chip that collects various data about speed and movement of the body during racing.

Its just a normal back protector, Svindal said. We have been using them every downhill this year except in America. Now they have a lot of data they can start working with.

According to Alessandro Bellati, the Dainese engineer who is co-ordinating the project, the data is needed to determine the exact moment that the air bags should inflate in case of a crash.

They will open within 40 milliseconds and reach maximum pressure within 100 milliseconds, Bellati said. But we still need a lot of data to tune the system. We are still in the first phase.

Svindal wore the initial prototype of the air bag equipment during a practice session and said he was hardly affected by it.

Its comfortable to ski with, the Norwegian said. You dont really feel it. Even the small gas tanks, they have hidden them well in the back protector. They might still have to work a bit on the shape so it will fit even better.

The manufacturer planned to use gather data this year, before fine-tuning the system in 2013 and introducing it the year after.

The FIS is aiming to integrate the system with other safety measures. The air bags wont protect legs or knees - the most harmed parts of a skiers body in a crash because of the attached skis.

We are interested in how to get the most out of this system, Hujara said. If you can define the exact moment that a racer loses control over himself or his material, you could use that also to find a system that immediately releases his skis before he lands in the safety nets.

Alpine Canada unveiled plans for its new-look coaching staff Friday as it prepares for next season and the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, with latest addition Massimo Carca. Come, Que. Its the 32-year-olds first major championship and makes him the first Australian to claim the green jacket. The gallery captures all the action, emotion and backdrop of golfs first major of the season.

Actresses Lobby to Ban Single

Actresses Lobby to Ban Single Actresses Lobby to Ban Single

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger isnt the only celebrity walking the halls in Sacramento. On Tuesday, June 1st, actresses Rosario Dawson, Amy Smart, and Rachelle Lefevre joined Environment Californias legislative director Dan Jacobson at the California state capitol, to lobby members of the Assembly for their support on AB 1998, a high profile bill that would ban plastic bags.

Earlier in the morning, the four joined Assmeblywoman Brownley, representatives from the California Grocers Association and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Heal the Bay, and Californians Against Waste for a press conference highlighting the historic wide-spread and diverse support for this legislation.

Bringing great attention to what is at stake, actress Amy Smart noted, Californias economy is pumped up by the $53 billion that is generated each year as a result of these clean beaches. Rosario Dawson spoke on the reality that nothing we use for 5 minutes should pollute our oceans for 500 years. Rachelle Lefevre noted the coalition is serious, saying, if Sacramento cant or wont get it done, we will work with mayors and others around the state to solve this problem.

Their message was heard: the following day, the California state Assembly passed AB 1998 with 41 votes. AB 1998 Brownley would ban grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores from giving away free plastic bags at the point of checkout.

Environment California applauds the California State Assembly and Speaker Perez for passing AB 1998 today. With oil spewing into our oceans, and the Pacific Garbage Patch growing bigger every year, this bill take real action to protect our oceans, said Gina Goodhill, Oceans Advocate with Environment California.

Aal yours

Aal yours Aal yours

The blood red aal dye is among the last of the worlds dyes still processed and extracted totally It is a centuries-old dye of the tribal populations of Naganar in Chattisgarh, Bastar and Tokapar, and the Orissa tribals of Koraput.

Today, some 40 families of Koraput weave the special textured cloth and also create the dye, whose ravishing redness and is legendary.

Madhusudan Panika and his son Nabeen are part of the small community which creates this heritage dye and fabric. Madhusudan Panika is a National Award winner. Says Panika, adopt a special, age-old process to powder the tree roots. A hole is dug in the ground and filled with roots. A huge plank or iron rod is placed at an angle. A protruding stick attached to the plank, does the work of powdering the roots with men stamping on the plank.

heat water in huge mud vats, he says, add the powder to it. Meanwhile the yarn is soaked in plain water, dried and dipped in warm castor oil, after which it is covered with wet cow dung. Says Panika: process makes the yarn and fabric soft. The treated yarn is put in the dye solution for 24 hours. According to the father and son, apart from the trademark red, dye also gives out a rich brown colour when iron filings or powder is added to the dye when soaked for the first time.

Then the looms get to work bringing out impeccably crafted and textured fabric in bright red, deep brown or colours woven with temple or borders and spattered with fascinating motifs.

tell stories too, says Nabeen. leaf and bird speak of our closeness to nature and the pots and the hammer or denote tribal lifestyle. The temple or borders which were in earlier times painted on the walls of our huts every Thursday, are now greatly admired borders on saris, dupattas and dress material.

A rich and varied collection of aal tribal weaves are on display at the Exhibition of Textiles, at the Palace, T.23A, 7th Avenue, Besant Nagar, Adyar, till June 30 Tel: 45587000.

Other textiles showcased are Orissa ikat saris, Bengal cottons, Tussars, Chanderis, Maheshwaris, Bandhini, Kalamkari yardage, made-ups and designer handbags.

Air Bag Numbers Balloon As Rules Tighten

Air Bag Numbers Balloon As Rules Tighten Air Bag Numbers Balloon As Rules Tighten

What made the difference between a potentially tragic accident and one in which the Ford Motor Company executive could walk away, shaken but unhurt? A little bag of air that had popped out of the steering wheel of his Tempo sedan, cushioning the impact.

``Everything happened so quickly, I didnt even recall the air bag going off, Radloff says.

As the bumper of Radloffs Tempo made contact with the pickup truck, a pair of electronic sensors sent signals to an on-board computer that quickly determined that his car was having a serious accident. The computer ignited a small explosive charge of sodium azide, creating a blast of nitrogen gas. The gas inflated a small nylon bag, which popped out of the steering wheel, cushioning Radloff, and keeping his chest from smashing into the wheel.

All that happened in barely a 30th of a second - three times faster than the blink of an eye.

Primitive air-bag technology first appeared in the late 1960s, but it took more than a decade before federal safety officials felt confident enough to order the use of the devices in passenger cars. Yet another decade has passed, a decade in which auto industry lobbyists and a sympathetic Reagan administration repeatedly delayed the introduction of the devices.

Cost was a major concern, since air bags were initially expected to add at least $1,000 to the cost of a car. Reliability was another factor. Would air bags always work when they were supposed to, and would they accidentally trigger when they shouldnt, critics worried.

Even crash survivor Radloff admits he was a skeptic before his accident. ``My assessment was that they were an additional expensive ordered by the government. Now Im a firm proponent of air bags.

So are a growing number of other former critics.

During a recent demonstration of his companys newest air-bag technology, General Motors President Robert Stempel hailed the benefits of the devices. He also noted that ``the 1990 model year will be the first one when air bags will be used by American consumers in large numbers.

United States and import manufacturers expect to sell about 2.9-million air-bag-equipped passenger cars during the 1990 model-year, up from 700,000 in 1989, and 400,000 in 1988.

THERE are a number of reasons why air bags are coming into greater use. They are proving highly reliable, with not one recorded instance of a bag malfunctioning. And while prices are still high, ``more than $500, says Mr. Stempel, thats well below the projections of a decade ago.

Since the 1987 model-year, federal regulation has required automakers to begin phasing in so-called passive restraints, which can include either air bags or passive belts, which automatically envelop front seat occupants before the car is shifted into gear. Come the 1990 model-year, every car sold in the US will have to have some form of passive restraints.

The Chrysler Corp. is taking the most aggressive stand on bags, using them in every one of its American-made vehicles, as well as one import line. Ford will equip about 1-million vehicles - half its 1990 passenger-car fleet - with air bags. GM will lag behind, offering them in about 500,000 vehicles, or about one in six passenger cars.

``By having automatic occupant protection, be it air bags or automatic belts, we could save 9,000 lives a year, says Barry Felrice, an official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Thats more than a third of the 24,000 deaths that occur each year in passenger-car accidents.

Experts caution that bags are not a safety panacea, nor a substitute for seatbelts. While 41.5 percent of all fatalities occur during the frontal accidents, for which they are designed, they will not inflate during side, rear, or rollover accidents.

Abu Dhabi bags big Barclays profit as Q fears grow

Abu Dhabi bags big Barclays profit as Q fears grow Abu Dhabi bags big Barclays profit as Q3 fears grow

The shares were sold before Fridays opening at near 295 pence per share, a person familiar with the matter said.

Barclays shares closed on Friday down 2.2 percent at 297.25 pence, one of the weakest UK blue-chip stocks. The stock fell as low as 292.85p, its lowest since for five weeks.

Abu Dhabi still have upside exposure in the stock, but theyre taking some money off the table, said Manoj Ladwa, senior trader at ETX Capital.

Shares were also hurt by an expectation that investment banks will suffer a drop in income of at least 10 to 20 percent in the third quarter from the second quarter, after a slow July and August.

Sentiment is poor, Q3 investment bank earnings will be weak and, realistically, the best possible outcome for Barclays Capital is modest outperformance, said Ian Gordon, analyst at Exane BNP Paribas.

BarCaps revenue could dip to less than 3 billion pounds in the third quarter from 3.3 billion in the previous three months. But it has pocketed much of its profit and with the latest deal its PCP3 investment vehicle is sitting on a total profit of about 3 billion pounds on its Barclays bet.

PCP3 has been hedging the position this year and it said the latest transaction marked the completion of a strategy that locks in a significant gain . while retaining further upside.

Acupuncture Can Help Restore Sense Of Smell

Acupuncture Can Help Restore Sense Of Smell Acupuncture Can Help Restore Sense Of Smell

Each of our senses is equally important to help us exist and get through our daily lives. Just imagine if one of your basic senses is not functioning, how do you think will this affect your life? One may seem insignificant but talking about senses, it is a different story.

Take for instance losing your sense of smell. Our sense of smell helps us determine the flavor of a dish even before actually tasting it. The smell of its aroma would give us the initial idea of how it tastes like. Thus, losing your sense of smell would greatly affect your appetite as dysfunctions in the olfactory system could adversely affect your food preferences.

Also, it is our sense of smell that helps us identify a lot of things through smell detection; it could be dangerous without it. Why? Because you can no longer smell danger coming your way such as trash, airborne pollutants, cigarette smoke, leaking gas, and spoiled food, among others.

Now, while acupuncture has been proven effective to treat a wide range of ailments, especially on womens reproductive health, recent studies have shown that Traditional Chinese Acupuncture TCA is also a valuable alternative treatment for post-viral olfactory dysfunction PVOD.

Olfactory dysfunction, otherwise known as Dysosmia, happens when a persons olfactory stimuli processing is impaired and the dysfunction can be varied. Some patients suffering from Dysosmia can either have a deactivated olfactory bulb or may interpret odors differently otherwise known as hallucination of smells. On the other hand, the complete loss of the sense of smell is known as Anosmia.

But how can these olfactory deficiencies happen? What can cause olfactory dysfunction and how can we avoid or treat it?

Most often, viruses such as a common cold can affect a persons sense of smell and may cause adverse effects to a patients health and lifestyle.

As earlier mentioned, the loss of sense of smell can have an adverse impact towards a patients food intake and preferences, which could lead to malnutrition and depression.

A recent study, however, showed that acupuncture can be an alternative treatment for PVOD. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art of healing that stimulates the acupuncture points located in the bodys meridian pathways to help the body heal naturally and restore the normal energy flow of the body known as Qi.

The study involved 15 patients with PVOD, eight of whom underwent 10 weekly 30-minute sessions of TCA, while the rest were treated with vitamin B complex. The TCA sessions applied subjective olfactometry using Sniffin Sticks test set. Those who were treated with acupuncture showed improvements in their olfactory functions compared to those who just got vitamin B complex supplements.

Although the researchers said further studies are still needed to affirm the claim, the high response rate of those treated with acupuncture opens the possibility that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for post-viral dysosmia.

To find more information about acupuncture and to visit our acupuncture infertility New York clinic visit our website. Start your healing journey today through the art of traditional Chinese medicine.