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Adventures of a Bipolar Mom

Adventures of a Bipolar Mom Adventures of a Bipolar Mom

I feel battered, beaten, and broken. I feel defeated. I feel overwhelmed with self hate and despair. I feel crippled emotionally, and numb mentally. I feel lost somewhere between reality and a dream. I feel like crawling into a hole and staying there for the next few months. I want to pack my bags and run as far away as possible. I wish I could escape all of this but there is no escape, I cannot run and hide, I cannot cry enough. All I can do is sit here, and try to accept defeat. I have been defeated.

Life isn easy for anyone. Well, I can say that. I sure for some, life is a breeze, but I will convince myself that is not normal. Everyone finds themselves running through a range of emotions from time to time, and certain circumstances make us all feel like we are going crazy from time time. My problem is, my emotional range is all over the charts, every day.

I applied for SSDI a year ago. I have been extremely compliant in their requests. I have had two doctors state that I am not capable of work at this time for a variety of reasons. The first reason, the stress of working induces a state of psychosis. I don know about you but I wouldn want to work next to someone who has some pretty serious bouts of psychosis. That would be scary.

Another main reason, which is probably the most important, is I have yet to find a good medication that helps me to remain stable for more than amonth at a time.

I guess I can go get a job and when I am stuck in the house, unable to leave for 3-4 weeks, I can just call in sick. I suppose when I am having severe bouts of anxiety being around people I can just in sick. I guess when I am so depressed I cannot get out of bed fora week straight can take a week of vacation. Not!!

I wish it were that easy, but it isn When you are struggling so frequently just to get dressed, or even fix a sandwich, how on earth canthey expect you to be able tomake itto work every dayand not end upfired?It not easy!

If I were an employer, and Ihad an employee who was unable to perform for weeks at a time, thatperson would no longer be my employee. Maybe thatis why I haven been able to hold a job for longer than 3 months. Based on my work history, according to social security, I haven had substantial gainful employmentsince2004. That is 7 years without adecent job lasting longer than 3 months. Yet they turn aroundand say I can be a maker or a room attendant. Wow.

All I can do is cry. I feel defeated, I feel broken. I feel like Ihave failed not only at life in general straight down to parenting butI have failed now at proving I have failed at everything else.

I am soashamed, I allowed social security to defeat me. I going to crawl in bed for a bit and cry some more.

Ads Function Modest Designs Today

Ads Function Modest Designs Today Ads Function Modest Designs Today

Louis Vuitton bags are products. There are numerous those who want to dress fashionably so are careful about every detail with their entire wardrobe. For these extremely fashion conscious people even handbags are designer purses.

Louis Vuitton accessories are a prestigious commodity that many would like to own even in case it is steeply priced. Modern women seek out stylish yet practical purses which would fit in a lot of the things. These bags have several compartments which often can accommodate the various small knick knacks that women are partial to carrying.

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ABC Article Directory

ABC Article Directory ABC Article Directory

Jeans are synonymous with fashion - whatever the year and whatever the season jeans are one of the very few items of clothing that never goes out of fashion. From skinny and boot cut through to hipsters and flares - jeans are always in demand. Autumn 2010 will be a delight for all jeans fans as various new and innovative ideas hit the stores to give leaner and sexier lines to those who want to flaunt their legs in denim.

Denim Leggings: A new range of jeans are taking to the shops this autumn in the shape of something called Denim Leggings. They are made from super-stretchy material that fit tighter than skinny jeans giving a long and lean look from hip to ankle. Colours will include acid blue, indigo, camel, black and charcoal and Denim Leggings look set to be the must-have in autumn fashion 2010.

Autumn is one of those seasons that people are free and able to experiment with fashions. The summer can be restrictive to cool and light clothing while the winter ensures that heavy, heat-retaining clothes are the only option but in autumn there are fewer constraints making it a fun time to try new things.

Cashmere clothes are similar to jeans in the way that they always hold a fresh appeal to the fashion world and therefore they always make for a great investment as they can be worn season after season. Wool clothes are usually worn as jumpers or cardigans and they are the ideal way to play around with colour to add a little pizzazz to an otherwise plain outfit. Pair up jeans with a soft cashmere jumper in golden yellow or leggings with an oversized olive green woollen jumper and your look will be as cool as it is fashionable.

Cashmere clothes: Wool clothes offer warmth and comfort without excess weight and cashmere in particular feels smooth and sexy to the touch. Cardigans in colours such as rich blue and deep purple are set to be huge hits in autumn fashion 2010 and chequered patterns are also set to be a popular choice.

Autumn Colours, Trends and Styles

?Purple looks set to be adorned on every supermodel gracing catwalks around the world this autumn as a range of regal tones will be used by designers the world over.

?Deep reds, warm olives, golden hues, rich blues and the classical neutral tones will be used while skin tight jeans with light cashmere clothes will make the ultimate autumn fashionista out of anyone!

?Forget the usual autumnal colours of oranges and browns and replace them with intense richness.

?Ditch suede and harsh materials and put on smooth cashmere clothing and jeans with a difference for the ultimate autumn fashion look.

Accessorising will be as popular as ever with funky bracelets, leather wrist bands, dangly silver earrings and over sized necklaces set to be popular ways to jazz up otherwise simple outfits of jeans and jumpers.

Add Replica Handbags To Your Wardrobe

Add Replica Handbags To Your Wardrobe Add Replica Handbags To Your Wardrobe

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