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Air bags are primed even if vehicle is off

Air bags are primed even if vehicle is off Air bags are primed even if vehicle is off

TOM: The answer to your first question is yes, Patrick. The air bag is designed to work even when you not driving.

RAY: If you at a traffic light with the engine running, the air bag is absolutely powered and ready to deploy if necessary. It ready anytime the engine is on or your ignition key is on even if the engine is not running.

TOM: In a situation where the engine is turned off, even if the key is removed the air bag will still have enough stored battery power for at least a few minutes to deploy. That covers you if you park the car and get hit while you collecting your Sleepy LaBeef CDs and getting ready to go into your girlfriend house.

RAY: In fact, when we do work on a steering wheel or steering column at the shop, we always advised to disconnect the battery and let the car sit for at least a half-hour to be sure that the stored power is depleted before we start monkeying around in the vicinity of the air bag.

TOM: The number of minutes of reserve power varies from car to car, so there no way for us to tell you exactly how many minutes your car air bag will remain ready after you turn the car off. But it probably closer to five or 10 minutes than to 60 or 90 minutes.

RAY: But just to be safe, even after we leave the battery disconnected for a half-hour, we still send my brother in first. Why should those of us who still have passable faces take that kind of risk?

Adhunik Group bags mining licence in Africa

Adhunik Group bags mining licence in Africa Adhunik Group bags mining licence in Africa

Kolkata, Aug 4 UNI Adhunik Group of Industries AGI today said it has received licences for mining of iron ore, coal and copper in five countries of Africa and Latin America.

The company has recently received mining rights in Ghana, Congo, Tanzania and Mozambique along with Brazil, company Managing Director Manoj Aggarwal told reporters here yesterday.

Mr Aggarwal said the Group will engage in exploration of iron ore in Brazil, while coal, copper and Mangenese will be explored in the four African nations.

Asked about the shortages of lump iron ore, he said like China, the technology to use small pieces of the iron should be developed in India and the government should help the middle-scale producers with the research and development to make this process cheaper.

Speaking on the companys future investment plans, Mr Aggarwal said he expects the Groups turnover to increase to Rs 2,300 crore from Rs 1,800 crore last fiscal.

The Group is also investing heavily in the sponge iron, coal and power sectors in the states of Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

The Group will set up a steel plant with an annual capacity of 15 lakh tonnes with an investment of Rs 4,500 crore, besides infusing Rs 4,000 crore set up 1,000 MW power plant in Kandra region of Jharkhand.

The Group will produce 30 MW power from the waste gases being produced at its existing sponge iron plant in Kandra, which will help in saving 11,000 tonnes of coal monthly.

The capacity of this facility will be doubled to four lakh tonnes a year by May 2009, he added.

The Group also plans to set up an industrial park, spread over 2,500 acre, near its beneficiation and pellet production plant with an annual production capacity of 1.60 crore tonnes in Noamundi in Jharkhand.

Mr Aggarwal said the government and agencies should work to eradicate the problems of procuring land and water by setting up land banks and water withdrawal committees.

against Nathan Hall

against Nathan Hall against Nathan Hall

Canada border from Abbotsford into Washington State on April 2 when they were spotted by border agents.

Both fled, and Hall allegedly fired gunshots at the agents. and has not yet been charged on this side of the border. It is not known if and when he will face extradition.

At the time of his arrest, he was wanted for a theft charge and three breach charges out of Kelowna. He is next slated to appear on those charges on Wednesday, April 17 in Kelowna.

Laviolette remains in custody in the federal detention centre in Seattle, Wash.

Henifin and Lambert in photo at left - who were allegedly supposed to pick up the drugs from Hall and Laviolette and transport the ecstasy to San Francisco - have both been released on bail.

An arraignment hearing, where the accused enter their pleas, is scheduled for Thursday, April 18 in Seattle.

Henifin has already entered a not guilty plea, after filing a waiver of arraignment, which was approved, saying she could not afford the costs to travel from Bellingham to the hearing in Seattle.

She has three young children, is unemployed, and still owes money on the residence she previously shared with Lambert, according to the waiver documents.

Affordable Designer Handbags and Super A School replica handbags along with Best Inspired Representa

Affordable Designer Handbags and Super A School replica handbags along with Best Inspired Representa Affordable Designer Handbags and Super A School replica handbags along with Best Inspired Representa

Almost for every woman, aside from the outfits, handbags are really another sorts of important accessories in her wardrobes. These days, handbags are not restricted on the basic function of holding everyday essentials. Actually, they are widely understood as perfect symbols expressing peoples fashion taste and personality. Compared on the ordinary bags, designer handbags via top luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and Cartier are greatly preferred. Among the wide selection, Louis Vuitton handbags are the most iconic ones.

Undoubtedly, Louis Vuitton is probably the most popular bag manufacturers in current fashion industry. Since the idea originally opened in 1854, the renowned fashion house has become putting great effort to style and manufacture luxury leather pieces. Louis Vuitton handbags are supposed to be about perfection and excellence. They are all crafted in the top grade materials with incredible design and dedicated craftsmanship. Therere designed to be lightweight, powerful, sturdy, and supple. Furthermore, theyre just perfect adornment on a woman shoulder refining the fashion fashion. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are greatly sought after by many individuals today. They are especially found on the arms of celebrities and wealthy people with predominant status. Some of the popular styles found with the LV logo add Speedy, the Neverfull, and that Keepall.

However, since they are generally sold at surprisingly high prices, not many people are able to afford them. After all, common those that have limited budget wouldnt like to waste their hard-earned money on sole luxury item. Buying replica handbags is really an easy solution to this concern. Most quality Louis Vuitton handbags which are 100% mirrored the original ones but sold at affordable prices were created to meet the mass marketplace.

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Therefore, if you want for making a stylish statement without burning a hole inside your pocket, replica handbags are a person ideal options. While before inserting an order, there are still a few things that you simply bear in mind to ensure the quality of these items.

However, getting a top quality replica handbag is not an easy thing since there are various kinds available in the market. People are in a dilemma to choose the right style. You needs to be noticed that the most expensive some may be not the best. Only the perfect one comes in perfection. Personally, you should choose based on your own style and personality. Never blindly comply with the trend.

Adore but not Affordable Louis Vuitton Multicolor Judy Handbags

Adore but not Affordable Louis Vuitton Multicolor Judy Handbags Adore but not Affordable Louis Vuitton Multicolor Judy Handbags

I always believe that the Louis Vuitton Multicolor Collection is major turning point of LV. Since then, the prestigious fashion house has been rejuvenating its iconic monogram pattern with more diversified and modern approaches. In brief, it is not just for grandmas now.

Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy 30 is without doubt the best seller in the collection which features a decent design and huge storage space. But it dose not make my blood moving. I think its practical rather than stunning. Actually Louis Vuitton is too comfortable with its classic designs and reluctant to make big change, even with the new patterns. Thats why I was blown away by the Louis Vuitton Multicolor Judy Handbags.

As LV Speedy, this line comes in 3 different sizes:PM, MM, and GM. I think the PM one is a great choice as an evening bag for the adorable look but personally, I prefer the GM one with huge space to hold every piece of daily stuff. All bags in 3 sizes have a chain should strap and a handle with which either you can carry or should. Currently, there is only white leather with multicolor pattern. Louis Vuitton Multicolor Judy Handbags are priced from $1,400-$2,180. Everybody has an expected price for everything. For a luxury handbags, who can expect anything else?