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Ailurophilia Gone Bad

Ailurophilia Gone Bad Ailurophilia Gone Bad

Ailurophilia can be defined as the love of cats. It is obvious that large numbers of cats end up loved to death. There are hundreds, or even thousands of cases like this that occur every year. The examples in this article are almost enough to make anyone wonder exactly how many dead cats will fit into a freezer1.

Cat collectors also known as hoarders are a common problem in the USA. The Tampa Bay Catman lived on a floating raft with a collection of twenty to thirty cats for many years. He is gone now, but often it was possible to smell the raft approaching long before Catman and his floating collection came into view.

Collectors usually suffer from good intentions gone horribly wrong. They start out with the kind idea of providing a home for any strays they come upon, but as the numbers mount they simply become overwhelmed by the logistics of litter trays, parasites and disease. Collectors often cannot bear to give up a single cat, even after death2. Another, less benign motive for such collections is that of breeding kittens for profit, without much regard for their living conditions.

Many cats in close quarters can quickly become an unmanageable problem for the collector. The cats may begin excessively spraying to mark their territories, for example. Often the collector is later institutionalised.

Omaha, NebraskaOften a large cat collection has an overpowering odour and the smell gives it away. Police were giving chase to a suspect when they encountered a very strong smell emanating from a nearby residence. Investigation revealed 270 cats in the home; 58 of these were dead in the freezer along with a possum, a dove, a squirrel, a pigeon and several rabbits.

The woman who owned the home was licensed to operate a cattery4. She was later charged with animal cruelty and child neglect because her 17-year-old son was living in the filth among the diseased cats.

Cooper City, FloridaA Florida cat collectors activities were revealed by the tell-tale smell. In this case, the collector had credentials as a former volunteer for animal rescue, and was once an animal control officer.

Police entered the womans house after neighbours complained of an overpowering odour. She was charged with 92 counts of animal neglect after 31 kittens and 36 cats were discovered in her freezer. Another 24 cats and one dog were found alive. During her career as an animal control officer she once wrestled and captured an alligator trapped in a storm sewer. She also adopted a 12-foot escaped python after the owner refused to take it back. Neighbours believed that she had a kind heart and took in strays, but simply could not cope with the numbers.

Boston, MassachusettsCat hoarders are not necessarily stupid. One in Boston went to some lengths to keep the smell confined, but a barking dog was the giveaway. Police entered the apartment and found 60 dead cats in the freezer. They also found syringes and medical supplies as well as animal body parts on the floor and a thick accumulation of faeces. The apartment had plastic covers on the windows to contain the smell as well as a lot of fans and a fragrance machine.

The woman who rented the apartment, Heidi, did not live there. She later claimed to be a cat breeder and accused police of throwing cats from the freezer to the floor to increase the on floor body count. Five malnourished cats and a very thin Great Dane were found on the premises and removed. She also said that the full body protection suits worn by city workers was merely a sick show staged by the City. Heidi has previously been involved in numerous employment related lawsuits against Harvard University and against former landlords.

Prescott, ArizonaIn addition to dead cats, a man in Arizona also had his wife in the freezerwrapped in a survival blanket and packed in dry ice5. He stated that he intended to revive his wife when the technology became available. He explained that he intended to experiment on the cats first. His wife died of natural causes six years before she was discovered in the freezer by a daughter. Although the wife had been autopsied, the man planned to engage micro-surgeons to reattach the organs. He was able to obtain the release of the body because he was a director of a local cryogenic organisation6. He was clearly worried, when released from custody, that his neighbours might think that his behaviour was odd.

Piedmont, CaliforniaWhile an estimated 46% of cat hoarders are thought to be single women, sometimes a couple is involved. In this case, 394 dead cats were found in a freezer in Piedmont. For the 150 cats found alive, only one litter box had been provided, despite expert recommendation of one litter box for every two cats. The live cats had upper respiratory infections and suffered from diarrhoea and leukaemia. Only six could be saved. When questioned about the cats in the freezer the response was, We just loved our animals, thats all. Id rather not say anything, if you dont mind. Psychological tests run on the couple indicated that they were competent.

East Orange, New JerseyA woman in New Jersey was discovered to have 200 maggot-infested dead cats in rubbish bags in her back yard. The bags of dead cats were discovered after neighbours complained of the stench. She had used a spade to dig a large hole in which she apparently intended to bury the bags. She operated, ironically, one of the few no kill cat shelters in the New York metropolitan area which she called Kitty-Kind. 48 living cats were discovered and 38 of these were in one room. She was charged with a variety of health code violations and then allowed to keep the remaining live cats after promising to separate the sick ones from the healthy ones.

Genoa, New YorkThe reader may wish to evaluate the following reports credibility. It indicates, at least, that cat hoarding is becoming a widely-recognised activity, acknowledged by the public as often being an advanced indicator of mental illness and dementia.

A man gunned down by police on Sunday after a 16-hour stake-out thought aliens had killed some of his pets and kept the remains of about 50 cats in the freezer. Margaret Sullivan, director of the Cayuga County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said on Tuesday that investigators searching Rolf Rhans home found about 50 dead cats and kittens, a rabbit and a chicken in plastic bags in the freezer. Rahn was shot and killed on Sunday after refusing to drop a gun he was pointing at a police negotiator. Its mind-blowing, just awful, Sullivan said. I cant see all these cats dying of natural causes. Sullivan said three live cats, thin but healthy, were also found in Rahns house. The SPCA will try to find homes for them, she said. The dead animals were in plastic freezer bags labelled with the name of the animal and the time and cause of death. said the notes attached to the frozen animals were mostly illegible. Some said the animals had died because of a demon, and others mentioned injections of drugs and alcohol. One note said the injection was to keep them from lying on the floor. Rahn was gunned down by police on Sunday when he emerged from his home after a 16-hour stake-out and pointed his pistol at Investigator David Gould. Police say Rahn apparently fired a single shot during the exchange but hit no-one. The dead man was accused of shooting Kevin St John, a 30-year-old plumber, at about 3pm on Saturday. Rahn apparently thought St John was an android. St John is recovering in an Elmiria hospital. - Subgenius Digest Be Alert for Signs of Animal AbuseThis has been a brief glimpse into the contents of the freezer of the cat collector next door. It is immediately obvious that large numbers of cats end up loved to death. There are hundreds, or even thousands of cases like this occurring each year. It is possible that a classic cat collector may be your neighbour and you may not recognise the signs. Strangely, there seem to be few cases of this behaviour reported in countries outside the US. She then kept the dried bodies in her kitchen cabinets.3This estimate, assuming a population of 300 million, results in an estimate that 0.00067% one in 150,000 of the US population annually engages in cat hoarding to a degree that it becomes public.4A cattery in this sense is an establishment where cats are kept for breeding purposes.5A block of dry ice has a temperature of -78.5°C -109.3°F. In contrast, cryogenic liquids such as nitrogen have temperatures of -196°C -321°F.6Freezing a whole body cryogenically can cost over £55,000. Discount prices for only the head are widely offered. This 75-year-old Arizona man may not have had the financial resources for a proper cryogenic solution and was attempting a do-it-yourself approach.

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About Affordable Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bags

About Affordable Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bags About Affordable Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Shopping for a backpacking sleeping bag has become an outdoor enthusiasts dream as manufacturers go head-to-head developing new technologies and materials to make lighter and more durable products. When comparison shopping for a new sleeping bag, you want to find one that is lightweight and will keep you warm on the chilliest night. While many down-filled backpacking sleeping bags built for cold weather still cost a pretty penny, manufacturers such as Marmot and The North Face are producing synthetic filled bags that are light in your pack and on your pocketbook. Highly compressible while retaining maximum warmth, these bags are a budget-conscious backpackers dream come true.

As with any other sleeping bag you want to pick a comfort temperature rating that suits the environment to which you are traveling. Most seasonal backpackers will find a three-season sleeping bag temperature rated +15 to +32 ideal for their needs. Bags are rated by the lowest outside temperature the bag will keep your body warm; if you plan to venture into areas that are much warmer or colder, then plan accordingly.

Backpacking sleeping bags provide warmth for your body by holding in warm air and blocking out the cold, so avoid purchasing a bag that leaves too much extra space around your body. The less space there is to heat, the more quickly you will warm up after zipping up. Get a first-hand feel and fit for each sleeping bag you are considering by visiting your local outdoor retailer.

Lightweight synthetic filled sleeping bags are a great bargain and cost anywhere from $80 to $180, depending on the manufacturer. When purchasing a sleeping bag, weigh the quality and price to find a product that will suit your needs and budget.

Hanging up your sleeping bag or storing it inside an oversized cotton sack will prolong its life and your investment. Sleeping bags that are stored in a compressed form will eventually loose loft and insulating warmth.

ADHD Vacation Packing Tips

ADHD Vacation Packing Tips ADHD Vacation Packing Tips

Here are some ideas that hopefully go beyond the packing tips that you can find everywhere else and will help make your trip run smoothly, especially helpful if you or your family have ADHD.

1 Use your mobile phones features. This is my Number One tip. This compact gadget has a world of incredibly useful tools at your fingertips.

* The alarm feature not only can wake you up in the morning, it can provide reminders throughout the day. For example, set it to remind you or family members to take medications, to phone for an airport taxi, or even to remind you that the Country Bear Jamboree begins at 11:00!

* Load your frequent flier numbers, airline flight numbers, reservation numbers and hotel phone/addresses in your contacts list in the event that you misplace your paper copies.

* Take advantage of the currency converter if youre traveling abroad.

* Use the calculator to figure out tips or gas mileage. You can also add up receipts so youll know how much youre spending.

* Use the camera to snap a photo of your hotel room number, in case you forget it. Pictures can also help you remember landmarks and intersections that include street signs, in case you get turned around in an unfamiliar place. You can snap a photo of a restaurant youd like to return to later in the day or even the menu by the restaurant door!. If you have a rental car, take a picture of it. Theres nothing quite like being in the Disney World parking lot and forgetting what car you came in! Ditto for the parking area signs - take a picture of the sign that has your section number or letter or name are we Goofy? as well as the number of your cars parking space. Use your phones camera to record the license plate number, too.

* Use the voice mail service to send yourself reminder messages. For example, Remember to confirm return trip home on Delta Airlines or, Dont forget gift for Aunt Sue, the dog sitter, and the neighbor on the corner that brought dinner when Tom was sick. You can also link your voice mail to your laptop, so that when you check your emails, your voicemails appear in your Inbox. Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant YAPTA is a free-of-charge website that helps you check airfares for various airlines. It will automatically send you a note if/when the fares drop. The best news is that it continues checking the fares even after you buy your ticket, and you may be eligible for a refund. Again, you contact the airline and negotiate the refund on your own.

3 Create a pre-vacation to-do list that includes the following tasks:

* Stop the newspaper and mail or arrange for someone to collect them for you.

* Arrange for someone to put out your trash and recycling containers, and to bring them back in after collection.

* Arrange for someone to take good care of your pets feed and exercise.

* Clean out your fridge, and try not to leave too much in your freezer in case of a power outage while youre away.

* Mow the grass and leave your yard, or entrance, so that your home will not appear to be abandoned for the time youll be away.

* Set motion-detector lights or light timers.

* Turn down the heat or air-conditioning.

* Copy your itinerary and contact information and leave it with someone you trust.

You may think of other items to add to your list that are particular to your familys needs, or to your work, or to other special circumstances.

Here are a few out-of-the-ordinary items that I pack:

* Pillboxes for holding rings and earrings, stamps, paperclips, safety pins, even pills!

* Mesh laundry bags for hand-washing small items.

* Extra-large plastic bags, like those from linen and bath stores, to use as laundry bags.

* Small plastic bags, like those from the grocery store, to put shoes in to separate them from clothing.

Again, you probably have some of your own out-of-the-ordinary items that youll include on your packing list.

So, start two check-lists: 1 the pre-vacation to-do list and 2 the things-to-pack list. Post them where you and your family members can conveniently add to the lists as you move towards your departure date. Before your trip, youll need to review your things-to-pack list and pare it down to absolute essentials.

Actress Jaime King Carries Jill Milan Octagon Clutch to th Annual Critics Choice Awards

Actress Jaime King Carries Jill Milan Octagon Clutch to th Annual Critics Choice Awards Actress Jaime King Carries Jill Milan Octagon Clutch to 18th Annual Critics Choice Awards

Luxury fashion brand Jill Milan, a provider of designer Italian handbags, today announced actress carried the newest evening bag from Jill Milan to The 18th Annual Critics Choice Awards, conducted January 10 in Santa Monica. Ms. King, who as a model appeared in such fashion magazines as Vogue, Mademoiselle and Harper Bazaar, and as an actress appeared in films including Pearl Harbor and Sin City and presently stars in television series Hart of Dixie, carried the new Octagon Clutch to the event in the first public appearance of the new bag.

Jaime looked fabulous on the red carpet, and I think our new clutch contributed to a very striking look for her, said , co-founder and CEO of Jill Milan. This is an entirely new design and we expect to hear a lot of excitement as we introduce it later this year.

Jill Milan has been the choice of a number of celebrities for recent red-carpet appearances. Actress carried the Holland Park Clutch and the Art Deco Clutch to two events leading up to January 13s Golden Globe Awards. Actress carried Jill Milans Holland Park clutch for Berlin and London premieres of her latest film Django Unchained. carried Jill Milans Art Deco, 450 Sutter and Holland Park clutches for premieres of her new film Les Miserables, and last summer she carried Jill Milan to New York and London premieres of her film The Dark Knight Rises. Singer carried the Jill Milan Holland Park Clutch to the CMT Artists of the Year awards in December and in November attended the American Music Awards carrying the 450 Sutter Clutch. Actress carried the 450 Sutter to the premiere of her movie , and , who will appear in the upcoming film The Great Gatsby, carried the Jill Milan Art Deco Clutch to the New York premiere of her film Rise of the Guardians.

Jill Milan handbags have caught the attention of fashion media in recent months. W Magazine featured the Holland Park Clutch in its September issue and the 450 Sutter Clutch in its September trends supplement. W also highlighted the Art Deco Clutch in its April issues Most Wanted feature. The Zoe Report recently recognized the for its ability to go from the office to cocktail hour. Wedding media publisher The Knot featured the Art Deco Clutch as part of a striking ensemble in its Winter 2012 Weddings Magazine.

Jill Milan is a provider of luxury Italian handbags and fashion accessories. Made of exquisite materials, they are crafted in Italy by artisans who have created handbags and accessories for some of Europes best known fashion houses. All Jill Milan products are free of animal-derived materials and the company contributes to animal-welfare organizations. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

ABCs Lost Bids Goodbye

ABCs Lost Bids Goodbye ABCs Lost Bids Goodbye

With time the show has progressed to such popularity that day by day people are becoming even more anxious and restless to know the happenings of the show and how the fate of the islanders would shape and would they ever be free of this confusion like will Juliet be able to survive the bomb?

The creators of the ABC Lost have always tried to keep their viewers glued to the show by constantly introducing new concepts on the show. Like when they werent so keen on continuing the ABC Lost till its sixth season, they planned on introducing aliens on the show to make the show interesting. They even started with the concept of flash forward, which however has become a routine on the show.

As we await the finale of the Lost on ABC, we get even more anxious thinking about what will happen next and how would the show come to an end as to what would the characters of the show be unlike on ABC Lost. There are several queries and doubts that are still under cover and the fans are expecting all their curiosity would come to an end of sixth season. Which brings us to the fact that Charlie Pace is dead since the past two seasons, will he be also back? If that be true, then it will be a real delight for the fans but the creators will have to look for the most plausible reason for the Charlies survival because Lost on ABC is already plagued with allegations of being illogically irrational.

The Lost on ABC is not only popular in America, but its viewership goes beyond a single continent and has been adapted in several languages and indeed ABC Lost set a benchmark for itself and can never be replaced in the Television history.

Actor to hold lifestyle fair in Thrissur

Actor to hold lifestyle fair in Thrissur Actor to hold lifestyle fair in Thrissur

Actor Rima Kallingal will hold Circus, a home and lifestyle exhibition, at the Lulu International Convention Centre here on March 3 and 4 under the banner of Sisters. Director Ashiq Abu, actors Asif Ali and Mythili will inaugurate the exhibition.

Ms. Kallingal teams up with her friends Swetha Vijay and Neetha Manoj for the venture.

is my childhood friend and Neetha my bosom buddy. We call ourselves sisters. We have similar dreams. The exhibition is a part of developing a new brand of apparel, says Ms. Kallingal.

She says that a few talented designers have been roped in for the venture.

The raw materials for the exhibits have been picked up from different parts of the country.

has been good in the past two years. I landed a few good roles. I have also enjoyed working with some very nice people. I love to experiment in life. I want to do something new in the world of fashion and lifestyle, she says. The exhibition will showcase unstitched and ready-to-wear designer salwars, sarees, blouses, dupattas, chappals, trendy handbags, silver and African-beaded jewellery, cosmetics and collectibles.

Absolutely Fascinating History of Bags

Absolutely Fascinating History of Bags Absolutely Fascinating History of Bags

Bags have been essential to our daily life ever since people have had something precious to carry around with them, but the items that the bags have contained have changed over time.

People carried bags because they could not effectively hold everything they needed to transport in their hands. Bags allowed them to carry a lot of things at once.

A combination of fashion and historywith absolutely fascinating content and beautiful pictures,which will fill you with a wonderfullyenjoyable feeling of real temptation.

In the early 16th century, the bags became much more practical with the use of materials such as leather with a drawstring to fasten. Also during this period, large bags made of cloth were used by travellers who would have them fitted diagonally across their bodies.

The 17th century brought more variety and both men and women carried very fashionable small bags in complex shapes. The use of embroidery increased the beauty of the bags with its unique artwork.

In the 18th century the fashion conscious ladies began to acquire many types of bags. Women had a different bag for every occasion; the bags were used for rouge, face powder, a scent bottle and smelling salts.

The term handbag first appeared in the early 1900s and it referred in general to the hand carried luggage bags that were used by men. This started the inspiration for new types of handbags which became popular with women. The handbags had complicated fasteners, internal compartments and locks. With this new fashion came the creation by jewellers of unique compartments for opera glasses and fans.

The 1920s exploded with a revolution in fashion with changing hemlines and lighter fabric clothing. There was no longer the need for the bags to match the ladies outfit perfectly and the ladies of style would carry a doll dressed exactly like them, complete with a bag that matched.

The 1940s brought new austerity in the clothing and handbags because of the war effort. Metal and leather was understandably in short supply, so the handbag manufacturers turned to the use of plastic and wood.

A woman without her handbag feels as lost as a wanderer in the desert. And she wants it large. If she cannot get it in leather, now growing scarce, she will take it in fabric, fur, or even plastic. The handbag is the movable base of her supplies, the depot of her expected needs. These eventual needs may reach out to a degree far beyond any mans power of imagination. A womans handbag is a mysterious dungeon. Its the key to her real self; the prosaic answer to many poetic conceptions.

A magician does not want to explain his tricks. There is an aura of taboo about a closed handbag. Every woman has an uneasy look if somebody glances into its sacred privacy. A decent man should always tactfully stare at the ceiling whenever his companion opens her bag. He will, of course, have to concentrate on that ceiling pretty often.

The typical handbag of a typical woman contains a certain number of fundamental things, plus her own individual touch. It is that individual touch that fills the bag. Some item is pretty sure to roll out the moment the bag is opened.

Every womans handbag is a lost and found department in itself. It is strange, but things actually disappear there, as by magic. They finally reappear on the surface after three or four investigations and complete pell-mell of the contents. Every bus driver is fatalistically resigned to having a lady barring the passage while searching for a nickel in the depths of her handbag.

And every man knows about the two-minute drama ever repeated: Heavens, I must have lost my watch, or my twenty-dollar bill, my keys, that important letter! It usually has a happy ending. Nothing gives a man more self-satisfaction than such an experience. The whole myth of the superiority of men is built on the fact that a man never carries a handbag. Men keep women in eternal dependence by buying them beautiful handbags. What female heart would not melt at the sight of a luscious alligator bag, or soft suede or brocade?

A man carries everything in his numerous comfortably deep pockets. It is estimated that a man wearing a suit with a vest and an overcoat has twenty pockets. No wonder he can never lose anything!

Women have also adapted pockets to their suits and coats. But the most genuine are just fit to put hands into. The others are good enough for a chiffon handkerchief to peep out of or they are faked. No womans suit pocket is meant to hold her belongings. Every bulge would endanger the slim line and the smart effect. So women continue to carry handbags. As long as women do not wear mens suits with pockets, they will remain women. And men will continue to feel superior. The first thing Adam purchased for Eve was a handbag. It was his sweet revenge for the apple.

Money is the thing you will miss most frequently in a womans handbag. Nowadays it is hardly worth while for pickpockets to steal it, except for the fact that an astonishing number of women carry their precious belonging in handbags. They do it for fear they may be stolen from closets or drawers. That is why we read so often of handbags lost in taxicabs, containing jewels worth thousands of dollars. It is a strange time when women wear junk jewellery around their necks and carry their precious jewellery in the zippered department of their handbags.

Some psychologists think the way a woman carries her bag is characteristic. Bagology is quite a science. There is the strap type, the shoulder-strap type and the woman who tucks her bag under her arm. There are a great number of women who hold their bags both by the straps and pressed under the arm.

Seen from the psychologists angle, the way a woman carriers her purse demonstrates the entire scale of characteristics, from light-mindedness and generosity to caution and greediness. One analyst warns men against women who keep their bag rolled around the wrist and the hand firmly clasped around the lock.

In the good old times, when the definition of a lady covered very definite limitations, it was ladylike to carry as little as possible. In sentimental English novels of the last century, whenever a lady opened her bag it was to give money to the poor. Or to take out a small prayer book, an embroidered handkerchief or a tiny bottle of smelting salts, as it was considered very ladylike to faint once in a while. Todays ladies have a far more varied program.

The first time I saw Mrs. Roosevelt I was deeply impressed by the sight of her bag. There stood the First Lady, very tall, very straight, very distinguished in her grey tailored suit. In one hand she carried roses that had been presented to her; in the other, her bag. What a bag! It was of dark leather and of tremendous dimension, practically bursting with invisible contents. It clearly spoke of the activities of the First Lady. One glance and you knew the Presidents wife had a full-time job.

Air bag recalls involve

Air bag recalls involve Air bag recalls involve 1

this year. For all of 2012, there were 22.

This isnt Takatas biggest recall. The supplier had to replace millions of seat belts in 1995 to replace defective buckles.

There were other recent hints of similar trouble involving Takata air bags. In December 2011, Honda launched the fourth expansion of a recall of overly powerful drivers-side air bags that could potentially spew shrapnel and kill or maim. Two deaths and 19 injuries were caused by the problem.

The only mystery is why it took so long for the recall to expand to the passenger side and to vehicles from other makers, says Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety.

This time, with the passenger-side air bags, no injuries have resulted, Takata and automakers say. in which cars involved in crashes had air bags that didnt deploy correctly, plus two in Japan.

Although most of the vehicles in the recall are about a decade old, the problem didnt crop up until 2011, when Takata says in its filing that it was first made aware of the problem.

BMW says it is still assessing which models are to be included in the recall. Other makers say models covered by the recall include:

?¢ Toyota. Vehicles involved include certain Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia and Tundra and Lexus SC 430 in the 2001 to 2003 model years.

?¢ Honda. Certain Civics, CR-Vs and Odysseys from 2001 to 2003.

?¢ Nissan. Besides Maxima, Pathfinder and Sentra, other models include the Infiniti I35 and QX4 from 2001 to 2003.