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Again Nintendo DS Review

Again Nintendo DS Review Again Nintendo DS Review

Again bills itself as an interactive crime novel but the emphasis is on the novel part more than the interactive part. Platformed on the Nintendo DS which has had a number of outstanding crime adventure games, Again starts with an interesting premise. As the player you take the role of Jonathan Weaver, a young FBI agent whose parents were murdered by a serial killer nineteen years earlier. The killer nicknamed Providence was never apprehended. But now it seems as if Providence is back. A murder in a local hotel seems to indicate the same MO as providence. Furthermore, Weaver finds a note addressed to him at the scene of the crime, toying with him.

As in most crime solving games you will be required to investigate the crime scene and interview witnesses and suspects. There little of the technical analysis that you seen in games like CSI. You not dusting for prints or using UV lights to check for blood or doing any sort of lab work. Makes sense since you not technically a CSI investigator so you find yourself interviewing those lab personnel who analyze evidence. But Weaver has one unique tool to use in his investigations is psychic. He has the ability to look into the past of a crime scene and see objects and events in the past. When this happens your DSI, which you hold open like a book, displays the past on the left side and the present on the right. Weaver basically examines those things which are different from the past to the present.

This is certainly the most fun and unique aspect to Again and gives it a bit of a leg up over similarly-themed games. It too bad that you don get to use the ability more and that the gameplay doesn focus on the psychic/supernatural element. Along with your partner Kate Hathawat, you will spend most of your time in prolonged conversations. Again is aptly named because you will use your stylus Again Again Again to go through the lines and lines of text that you have to sit through. And every time you read a line of text on the right, the picture on the left side of the DS screen changes to the person who spoke the line. The second time I played the game I literally spent an hour just reading text and not doing any actual investigation. If I wanted to read a book I would have bought a book!

Much of the dialog in Again is just inane filler. For example, Weaver will say to Hathaway, go speak to so and so Hathaway will respond with something like like a good idea and Weaver will reply, let go and on and on. The game designers seemed to feel a need for the characters to explain every move they make in the minutest detail. Pretty soon you just racing through the text hoping something of interest comes along. If this were a book you likely have put it down after a couple of chapters. Point: Spoken dialog doesn always translate well when written. We get all the pauses, etc are a chore to read through.

The graphics use photographs of live actors that are given a minimal amount of animation to change facial expressions or body movements. These can often be laughable, especially the police detective in charge of the case who constantly strikes one at how macho I am pose after another. There are a lot of characters in the game but one is just as uninteresting as the next.

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Affordable Coach Hamptons Handbags Affordable Coach Hamptons Handbags

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Accessories personalize your iPod

Accessories personalize your iPod Accessories personalize your iPod

From appliqu crystals to functional peripherals, more than 400 iPod accessories are on the market. NPD Group, a marketing-analysis firm, estimates consumers will spend $500 million in 2005 on iPod accessories, not including speakers and headphones.

Kristin Cecchettini, 24, is one of them.

Its been a life-changing experience for me, which sounds ridiculous, but its true, she says of the 40-GB iPod she got about 1 years ago. I got into all of the accessories as part of wanting to have it with me all the time.

Cecchettini started with functional accessories such as the iTrip $34.95 so she could listen to her iPod through her car radio. Then she moved to fashion. She now has two Kate Spade covers, a J. Crew case, several protective cases known as skins and an armband to wear while shes jogging. Shes spent about $450 on iPod accessories.

I was taking it so many places that you have to have a case because it gets really beat up, Cecchettini says. Now its just one more way to make a statement.

Hewlett-Packard has developed removable sticker tattoos to embellish your iPod. Cost: $15. Skins, made from a rubbery material, come in many colors. Genova started making covers for friends, then developed a line of covers priced from $80 to $130.

We have this gorgeously designed technology, but there are 20 million of them, she says. I change my shoes and bags. Why not change your iPod cover?

Delarew Designs has a line of handbags known as the DelaPod. The purses feature a pocket for your iPod, holes on the end for headphone and a clear plastic window that lets you work the device without taking it out of the bag. RedEnvelope has taken that idea one step further. It has a $70 bag with speakers that let you plug in your iPod and hit play.

Plenty of iPod accessories are merely functional, from Altec Lansings portable inMotion speakers to remote-control wireless headphones and car adapters. Speaker systems cost $30-$400; remote controls, car adapters and voice recorders cost $30-$50.

a year of security gains

a year of security gains a year of security gains

But in one short year, Logans security has arguably gone from worst . to first.

Over the past 12 months, Logan has led a national surge of security efforts. It has rushed to test everything from facial-recognition systems - that pick out terrorists faces in crowds - to pocket cop devices that let roving state troopers do instant background checks on anyone. Logan is one of a tiny handful of major US airports expected to meet a Dec. 31 federal deadline for fully scanning all checked bags.

Yet even Logans stand-out security is hardly foolproof. New York reporters recently sneaked box-cutters and other weapons through security here - and in 10 other airports. And just four of Logans 14 security checkpoints are staffed by better-trained federal workers. Indeed, Logans struggles symbolize that, in the era of global terror, even Americas best airport security may not be good enough.

Progress - and limitations

Overall, Were a good deal safer in aviation than we were a year ago, says Aaron Gellman, a transportation expert at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. Thats because America has essentially settled on a three-pronged approach to airline security.

First: Control passengers behavior by installing super-secure cockpit doors and putting thousands of armed air marshals on planes.

Second: Do better checks of carry-on bags by hiring federal workers.

Third: Scan all checked baggage - about 1 billion bags a year nationwide - usually with van-sized explosives-detection machines.

On the second point, the surge in staffing needs has left many airports strapped, and Logan, too, is struggling to hire the 1,100 federal workers it needs. At salaries of $25,000 to $35,000 its a tough sell in an expensive city. Its my biggest problem, says George Naccara, Logans federal security director.

Still, Logan and most other airports are likely to meet a Nov. 19 deadline for having federal workers in place. But its not yet clear whether these highly trained workers are more effective than their predecessors at ferreting out weapons or contraband.

On the third point, the massive baggage-scanning machines are problematic, too. These $1 million behemoths areso heavy that floors under them typically must be reinforced. Theyre so big that some airports are expanding into parking garages and onto tarmacs. And theyre so slow that Logan alone will need 40.

These complications have many airport officials begging for an extension of the Dec. 31 deadline to screen all checked bags. The US House of Representatives has approved an extension, which the Senate is still considering.

Its also not clear whether the machines are worth the effort. They reportedly have false positive rates of 20-30 percent, meaning later checks must be done by different machines - or by hand.

But despite the complications, Logan claims it will make the deadline. Out on the tarmac, its building eight sites - each about the size of a baseball diamond - for the machines, along with five new power substations to feed them.

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Affordable Designer Handbags on Sale Affordable Designer Handbags on Sale

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