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About Bags Under The Eyes

About Bags Under The Eyes About Bags Under The Eyes

As the muscles around the eyes weaken, fat that had been helping to support the eye slips forward below the eyelids, causing a puffy, swollen appearance. Additionally, fluid may pool in the under-eye area. Hot weather, hormonal changes, sleeping flat on your back and too much salt in your diet can contribute to fluid retention and eyelid puffiness. Other contributing factors are fatigue, heredity and allergies that cause sinus congestion.

PreventionYou cannot stop the aging process, but you can take steps to help prevent under eye bags. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night and drink plenty of water, suggests Beauty Cosmetic Guide. Stop smoking, which contributes to wrinkles. Stay away from allergens that trigger congestion and other allergic symptoms. Sleep on two pillows to keep you head elevated to prevent fluid pooling under your eyes. Cut salt in your diet and reduce consumption of alcohol and caffeine, which contribute to water retention. Practice relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

TreatmentHome remedies can reduce the appearance of bags. Place used, cooled herbal or green tea bags over your eyes, or use cucumber or potato slices, advises Beauty Cosmetic Guide. Place two teaspoons in the freezer and place them under your eyelids in the mornings. Cool compresses made from washcloths dampened in cool water or cotton balls soaked in cool milk also help to reduce puffiness when placed on your eyelids. Hemorrhoid cream dabbed under your eyes reduces swelling. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.

Adidas Martial Arts Uniforms

Adidas Martial Arts Uniforms Adidas Martial Arts Uniforms

Adidas martial arts uniforms have been in production for many years and have now become the official uniform manufacturer for the Olympics. They have designed and made their own special lines of Tae Kwon Do uniforms, Karate gis, Judo wear, and martial arts shoes. With the years of experience behind the Adidas name, these uniforms are known for their quality and durable wear time.

Because most self defense uniforms must endure the hardships of training, punches, falls and perspiration, Adidas martial arts uniforms are made with a heavy poly/cotton fabric. They include reinforced lapels, aeration holes for easier air flow and enhanced stitches to maintain structure. Reinforcements at the major seams aid against rips and tears in areas which receive stress and strain.

Athletes, both professionals and regular consumers, have trusted and respected the Adidas name for quality products and low relative costs. Because of this, Adidas uniforms are found in many martial arts stores. They also carry a number of protective gear, like the Adidas instep guard for Karate and Muay Thai athletes, as well as accessories for athletes in general. These include bags, shoes, and gloves and carry the same assurance of quality as their uniform counterparts.

You can find Adidas uniforms for martial artists easily on the Internet, where online stores have set up virtual catalogues for easy shopping. Make sure you consult the online sizing chart regarding how to measure yourself and which size uniform to choose. Adidas uniforms can be purchased to fit most body types and are as comfortable as they are durable.

Adding glitter and glam to common attire

Adding glitter and glam to common attire Adding glitter and glam to common attire

It also contains invaluable step-by-step guides to do embroidery and illustrates the different beading techniques and motifs that can be used not just on clothing but also cushion covers, curtains, table runners, shoes and handbags. Rositas book was launched by Rahoma Foundation charity organisation chairman Datuk Faridah Omar Shah at the 3C Complex in Bandar Sunway recently. Also present at the launch was Karyaneka purchasing and product development division manager Abdullah Mohamed Noor. Karyaneka is a subsidiary of Kraftangan Malaysia under the Culture, Arts Heritage Ministry. Ive been writing since 2001 and this is my sixth book so far, said Rosita, who is also the Fashion Trade Institute of Malaysia FTIM Designing Centre director principal. Extra glitter: Beads in the form of rosebuds and dewdrops decorate the collar of this baju kurung.

Her centre is also based in 3C Complex where she conducts embroidery classes for the public. The title of her other books include Dressmaking Variation, Thread and Beads Sequin Embroidery, Western and Traditional Wedding Dressmaking, Children Dressmaking and Sewing Techniques for Lady Wear. Rosita said Beads Sequins Embroidery was special to her because it was the first book that she produced herself. All my previous books were produced by others, she said. She also takes pride in the fact that the book is presented in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, making it her first dual-language book. Im targeting the overseas market as I am hoping to introduce our culture, tradition, and the skilled workmanship of our people to the international audience, she explained. Rosita said she learnt the art of beading from her mother at the age of six or seven. The shimmering and glittery beads and sequins have always fascinated me and I like the way they light up costumes, she said. I hope my book will open doors and opportunities for women to earn some income from home through beading embroidery. My aim is to share whatever knowledge I have so that it wont be just a business confined to fashion designers, she said. Meanwhile, Faridah, who has been Rositas mentor in the project, said she would help to market the book on the international market, and 10% of sales would go to the Rahoma Foundation. Likewise, Abdullah said he would be placing and selling the book to visitors at Karyaneka as the agency was in charge of marketing and promoting handicraft products in Malaysia. Another book to her name: Faridah centre launching the Beads Sequins Embroidery book by Rosita right. With them is Abdullah.

Rosita said she took two months to finish writing the book and targeted to have it out by Ramadan since women would start beading during this time. I think there is a lack of creative handicraft books in Malaysia. This book contains 70 samples and more than 30 embroidery techniques which I hope would be of use to people. At least, people who cant afford to attend embroidery classes can still learn from a cheaper alternative, she continued. The book retails at RM35.90 each and is sold at MPH and other major bookstores. For details on Rositas bead sequin embroidery class, call 03-5638 2949. Related Story:

ABG Shipyard bags Rs

ABG Shipyard bags Rs ABG Shipyard bags Rs 485

Private sector shipbuilder ABG Shipyard today said it has bagged a Rs 485-crore order to build a cadet training vessel for the Navy.

The order from the Defence Ministry to build the 110-meter vessel capable of carrying a light helicopter and achieving a top speed of 20 knots, is a repeat order, the company said in a statement issued here.

vessel will be used to provide basic training to Naval cadets and trainees in activities such as disaster relief, search and rescue operations, the company said in a statement.

Shipbuilders are shifting their focus to catering to the requirements of the Navy, as the demand for commercial liners is dipping due to a supply glut.

The market lapped up the development and ABG stocks jumped nearly 5 per cent to Rs 386 on the BSE. The company has a market capitalisation of Rs 1,964.74 crore as of today.

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Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes

Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes

When it comes to Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes that are durable, well crafted and priced right, you only need to view the brands latest offerings that are available for sale.

There are several great models that include the Adidas Barricade IV for Women, Barricade V for Juniors, and the Mens Barricade 5 shoes.

When thinking about the points of price, durability, quality and craftsmanship, I would say that Barricade tennis shoes by Adidas offer a great value for the price. Because of these great points, the brand is known as the choice of champions.

I like the fact that they feature eva insoles, leather uppers and climacool materials.

There are several Online shops that offer deals that are usually much better than what you would pay at your local shopping mall. So when you are ready to buy, it is highly recommended that you take a few minutes and do a search on the web first.

Doing a search on the Internet allows you the chance to easily and quickly compare prices, thus you can be sure in getting the best available deal for your hard earned money.

One of the benefits of Online shopping is that you can locate those hard to find or even rare models of Barricade tennis shoes from Adidas that are not available in your area.

If you are thinking about buying them at your towns sporting goods dealer or a department store, you should expect to pay around $59 or more, depending upon the particular model. For Online shoppers, values can be found on the net for up to 50% off of retail.

Adidas is known worldwide as the brand with the 3 stripes. The company is publicly held and has its origins in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924. Adidas is most famous for their shoes, and they also manufacture sportswear, toiletries and sports equipment. Their products can be purchases at their company owned boutique shops and in better department stores located all over the globe.