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abdomen and neck pain

abdomen and neck pain abdomen and neck pain

Last night I suddenly felt nauseated, while sitting down, splashed some water on my face, then walked to unlock the door and lost consciousness after that.

Here is a list of symptoms I have had lately but never got to visit a doctor about />I have always had a lump in the left side of my neck but last night it was painful and I felt as I might get the flu.

Very painful periods last few months, last week I had pain for a week before I got my period and then it only lasted two days. Usually its 4-6 days Last month it was also a week early.

For few weeks I have had sudden pain that only lasts for few minutes in my upper right abdomen, just under the rib and pain in my left side around the waist. The second lasted longer and they dont come together.

Phosphorous urine only noticed today

Thirst which makes me drinks a lot of water and urinates a lot.

Dizziness past few weeks but never fainted before

Dry skin, especially hand and feet.

Also I had two CT scans 2 and 3 years ago, I was told that my left adrenal gland is larger than my right but didnt grow, also my left kidney actually looks like two kidneys but there was no change there. There were also I think they call them cysts, the bags in the womb? but doctor said not to worry after second CT. I donated blood few weeks ago and my blood count was 12.6.

Im still feeling really tired and weak today. I dont know if this is the right forum to write this on or I should have mentioned something more but I have final exams and dont have time to go to the hospital. I just need help and would really appreciate it. Thank you./list

There are a few things you may want to look into. It may be that you are anemic causing your dizziness and fainting. Your hemoglobin was OK before the blood donation but may be low enough after the donation to cause symptoms.

You may also consider being tested for pyelonephritis/urine infection. This can cause the pain that you are describing.

If you are sexually active and STDs are a possibility I would recommend you be tested. There is a condition known as Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome that can cause right upper abdominal pain and lower abdominal pain.

About Bags

About Bags About Bags

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About Bagshese are hand made beach bags that turn into towels with the pull of the strings on the side. Put together into one convenient towel and you still have arms free to carry all your things to the beach. It versatile,fun,unique and practical. As a beach bag, it generous size will hold about anything you need for your beach blast. We have fabric choices for everyone including your little princess, prince and men, woman alike with your choice of towel color. The towels are made of terry cloth and the size is 30/56. The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. Put together into one convenient towel and you still have arms free to carry all your things to the beach. It versatile,fun,unique and practical. As a beach bag, it generous size will hold about anything you need for your beach blast. We have fabric choices for everyone including your little princess, prince and men, woman alike with your choice of towel color. The towels are made of terry cloth and the size is 30/56. The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. We hope you get to enjoy our bags as many others are starting to.

Adrienne Vittadini Sunglasses Eyewear

Adrienne Vittadini Sunglasses Eyewear Adrienne Vittadini Sunglasses Eyewear

Adrienne Vittadini is a prominent American fashion designer who manages a multi-million dollar fashion business and is known for her clothing, handbags, swimsuits, shoes, eyewear, and perfumes. Adrienne Vittadini Sunglasses are considered as the most advanced and fashionable sunglasses on the market, which everyone wants to own. These sunglasses come with patented technologyand have a wide range of eyewear models to the highest standards and quality. Adrienne Vittadini Sunglasses come in the finest designs, including bold and flashy or sophisticated and trendy styles. These sunglasses are generally seen in the celebrity press, on the catwalk, at the movies, in the hottest clubs, etc and help you to see clearly, and look great at the same time. Adrienne Vittadini Sunglasses provides a sophisticated, yet casual approach to fashion. However, a luxury like this often seems to be out of reach, mainly on account of heightened prices. But this search can come to an end, with the help of online portals that sell the most popular sunglasses brand categories, including Adrienne Vittadini Sunglasses and eye wears.

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Adidas Gymnastics Leotards Review

Adidas Gymnastics Leotards Review Adidas Gymnastics Leotards Review

When it comes to Adidas Gymnastics Leotards that are cool, hip and stylish, you only need to view the brands latest offerings that are available for sale.

There are other brands that are licensed to make Adidas sportswear, with the most popular ones being gk elite sportswear and elite sportswear leotards.

When thinking about the points of price, durability, quality and craftsmanship, I would say that gymnastics leotards by Adidas offer a great value for the price. So why not own leotards that are the choice of champions?

The models that are in high demand are Shawn Johnson Leotards, Nastia Liukin Leotards, compression shirts and cheer apparel.

You can find web shops that have deals that are almost always better than those found at your neighborhood shopping mall. When it is time for you to buy, I suggest that you take a few minutes and do a search on the net first.

Using the net gives you the chance to compare prices quickly and easily, so you can be confident in knowing that you are getting the best bargain for your dollars.

One of the best parts of net shopping is that you will be able to locate those rare or hard to find models of Adidas Gymnastics Leotards that you cant seem to find anywhere else.

If you are considering purchasing them at your local sporting goods shop or department store, expect to pay between $79.00 to $125.00 and up, depending upon the model. Keep in mind that bargains can be found on the net for up to 70% off of retail.

Adidas is known worldwide as the brand with the 3 stripes. The company is publicly held and has its origins in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924. Adidas is most famous for their shoes, and they also manufacture sportswear, toiletries and sports equipment. Their products can be purchases at their company owned boutique shops and in better department stores located all over the globe.

Advice on taking desktop on airplane

Advice on taking desktop on airplane Advice on taking desktop on airplane

With checked baggage you are at the mercy of the baggage handlers. With carry-on you can be as delicate as you like. Several years ago it was no problem to carry just about anything that you wanted to onto a plane if it wasnt a weapon and some airlines would even find you a place to stash oversize or unusual baggage. However, things are much more strict now. Again, I would suggest calling the airline that you are going to fly on and asking them. At a minimum visit their webpage and determine the maximum carry-on size and weight as well as permitted/prohibited items.

The best way to transport a PC is exactly the same way it was shipped to you in the first place -- in the original shipping box with the original packaging.

With checked baggage you are at the mercy of the baggage handlers. With carry-on you can be as delicate as you like. Several years ago it was no problem to carry just about anything that you wanted to onto a plane if it wasnt a weapon and some airlines would even find you a place to stash oversize or unusual baggage. However, things are much more strict now. Again, I would suggest calling the airline that you are going to fly on and asking them. At a minimum visit their webpage and determine the maximum carry-on size and weight as well as permitted/prohibited items.

The best way to transport a PC is exactly the same way it was shipped to you in the first place -- in the original shipping box with the original packaging.

I have checked their website and the dimensions of the PC do not exceed the maximum allowed dimensions of checked baggage for the airline I am traveling on. So the question remains whether I can rely on my PC being in a hard-side suit-case which is marked fragile at the mercy of the baggage handlers. I am considering taking out all the parts of my PC GPU,HDD,CPU Fan,etc and placing them in several bubble wrap sheets and anti-static bags as Masterchiefxx17 suggested and assemble everything once I have reached my destination.

You need to worry about g-force shock if/when they drop your suitcase. Thats why people are telling you to disassemble any cards or anything else that can suffer from g-forces. Even a big heat sink/fan assembly, if its mounted on the motherboard, can effect a LOT of torque if it suffers g-forces. If its only supported on the mother board and has any lever arm remember your physics? remove it and pack it separately.

I took a desktop mini-tower and a telescope to Greece this way by disassembling and it did just fine.

Oh, and the hard drive in the carryon is a GREAT idea.

Actually, I have to go to Canada in June. Reason why I am opening this thread early is that I have my mid-terms around the corner in December. Then my finals in March/April and finally my GCSEs in May. So I need that time to find a solution to this problem which I will only got now. I have decided to get a hard-side suit-case, remove my computer parts and pack them separately in anti-static bags and bubble wrap and pack my PC Case separately, make sure they are rigid and assemble it once I have reached my destination. If I do this, will my PC make it in one piece?

Adding a connecting flight to an existing ticket

Adding a connecting flight to an existing ticket Adding a connecting flight to an existing ticket

Heres the situation: Im flying to London for a school program study abroad out of Boston on a group flight, which my institution kindly paid for. I have the e-ticket for that flight in hand. I live across the country in Seattle, so I need to fly to Logan to catch the group flight. I would like to avoid doubling up on baggage fees having to collect my bags at Logan, only to recheck them, so I would like to purchase my flight from Seattle to Logan as a connection, so the bags are just transferred to the next plane. My question is 1 is this even possible to do, and 2 would you have any advice about how to do it the Logan-Heathrow flight is Virgin Atlantic? Thanks for any help you can offer!

Changing the routing of the ticket will require re-issuing of the ticket, and theres no way thats going to happen without a change fee unless its a refundable ticket. Given its an international flight, the change fee is probably at least US$250. For a group booking, changes like this will normally need to be made by the same person that made the original booking.

Baggage interlining. Most airlines will interline bags between flights, even if they are on different tickets. This means that on the out-bound flight your bags will be tagged all the way through to your final destination, and you will not need to collect them at Boston. On the return flight its a little different - they can tag the bags all the way to your final destination, but you will still need to collect them in Boston, clear customs, and then re-check the bags which normally just means dropping them on a belt as they are already tagged

Baggage fees. This depends very much on the airlines involved, but generally if youre on different tickets on different airlines then youre definitely going to have to pay baggage fees for the first leg. Even if the bags are interlined theres a very good chance that the second airline will charge you for them as well, as when you check-in youll need to let them know that your bags have been interlined and show them the baggage tag.

Delays/missed flights. If your domestic and international flights are on the same ticket, then the airlines are required to get you to your destination - so if your first flight is delayed for some reason and you miss the international flight, they will need to put you on a later flight for the connection. If youre on 2 different tickets, they have no responsibility to do this, so if youre late getting into Boston and miss your outgoing flight, then its your responsibility and cost! to change flights. So if youre doing it on two separate tickets, make sure that you have a sufficient lay-over to handle at least some delays eg, Id consider 4 hours to be a minimum if on separate ticket

Virgin Atlantic have US Airways as their partners. Check with US Airways if they can check in your baggage all the way through, if you fly with them from Seattle. On the VA site they also state that Continental is their partner, Im not sure if it is still the case though. If it is - check the same with United/Continental.

Generally, they shouldnt charge you baggage fees if youre flying on a transatlantic route I had my bags checked in for free all the way through when I was connecting with AA to LAX from SJC for an international flight with a different company that AA was partnered with. But call the companies and verify that it is the case for US Air and Conti as well.

An alternative option I did in Almaty, Kazakhstan - I arrived on one airline and left on another. However with no visa for Kazakhstan I was transiting I couldnt get to my bags. I explained to an airport attendant, who helpfully went out, fetched my bag, retagged it for the new airport in Kyrgyzstan and sent it back into the system.

Of course, ideally you dont want to have to risk that - I only realised it could be a problem as I was flying into the airport. But it shows how much is possible!

African economies capture world attention

African economies capture world attention African economies capture world attention

Young men and women chat along the glittering corridors of the sprawling shopping complex. With state-of-the-art mobile communication gadgets in hand, they go in and out of the malls 65 shops, filling shopping bags with expensive items. There is a large and well-equipped childrens playground at the back. Fully air-conditioned, the mall has 20,000 square metres of retail space, a theatre, restaurants, bars and parking for 900 cars. Welcome to the Accra Mall in Ghana, one of West Africas best - and comparable to any mall in the world.

In Ghana, as in many other African countries, young people are living out the continents economic growth. They are educated and relatively well-off, as seen in their cars, dress and homes. Ghanas economy grew by an impressive 14.4 per cent in 2011, while many African economies are expected to be among the worlds fastest-growing in 2012, according to the World Bank. Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and others will lead the charge.

Undoubtedly Africa is still bedevilled by poverty, with half of its people living on less than $2 a day. However, its economic growth over the past decade has been striking.

A hopeful continent

There is a new story emerging out of Africa: a story of growth, progress, potential and profitability, reports Ernst Young, a US-based business consulting company. Johnnie Carson, the US secretary of state for African affairs, adds: Africa represents the next global economic frontier. Investors had better be aware, advises Mr. Carson, who recently led a US trade delegation to Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria. Chinas trade with Africa reached $160 billion in 2011, making the continent one of its largest trading partners.

Ten years earlier, in 2000, The Economist saw no reason for hope. It pronounced Africa the hopeless continent, noting problems that included a bloody civil war in Sierra Leone, famine in Ethiopia and political conflict in Zimbabwe. But last December, the London magazine reconsidered: Since The Economist regrettably labelled Africa the hopeless continent a decade ago, a profound change has taken hold. Today the sun shines bright … the continents impressive growth looks likely to continue.

Promising indicators

Africas overall economic indicators have been remarkable. Over the past decade, Africas trade with the rest of the world has increased by more than 200 per cent, annual inflation has averaged only 8 per cent and foreign debt has decreased by 25 per cent. Foreign direct investment FDI grew by 27 per cent in 2011 alone.

Even though projections for overall growth in 2012 have been revised downward due to the political crisis in North Africa, Africas economy will still grow by 4.2 per cent, according to a UN report in June. Sub-Saharan African economies will grow at more than 5 per cent, notes the International Monetary Fund IMF. In addition, there are currently more than 600 million mobile-phone users on the continent, while increasing literacy and improving skills have resulted in a 3 per cent growth in productivity.

Most foreign investors are still cautious about Africa, particularly because of security and infrastructure problems. But there is a steady increase in intra-African investment, which in 2011 accounted for about 17 per cent of total FDI, according to Ernst Young. African entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits. The worlds richest black person used to be the US talk show icon Oprah Winfrey, worth $3 billion. Today, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, referred to by Forbes magazine as a commodities titan, has amassed more than $10 billion.

Investors dreamland

Several factors make Africa an investors dreamland. McKinsey Global Institute, a think tank, writes, The rate of return on foreign investment is higher in Africa than in any other developing region.

Africas economic growth is driven by a number of factors, including an end to many armed conflicts, abundant natural resources and economic reforms that have promoted a better business climate.

More political stability is lubricating the continents economic engine. The UN Economic Commission for Africa ECA in 2005 linked democracy to economic growth. Good governance is central to improving economic performance and promoting economic progress in Africa, argued Abdoulie Janneh, the ECA executive secretary at the time.

Another important factor is accelerating urbanization. While it may strain social services in the cities, it has also led to an increase in urban consumers. More than 40 per cent of Africas population now lives in cities, and by 2030 Africas top 18 cities will have a combined spending power of $1.3 trillion, McKinsey projects. The Wall Street Journal reports that Africas middle class, currently numbering 60 million, will reach 100 million by 2015.

Still a long way to go

Africas current economic indicators may appear upbeat, but analysts say it is not yet time to celebrate. Ill be cautioning against excessive exuberance, says Donald Kaberuka, president of the Africa Development Bank AfDB. A sustained slowdown in advanced countries will dampen demand for Africas exports, adds Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF. Europe accounts for more than half of Africas external trade, and tourism could also suffer as fewer Europeans come to Africa, denting economies - like those in Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt - that rely heavily on tourism.

The South African central bank also warned in May that the crisis in Europe, which consumes 25 per cent of South Africas exports, poses huge risks. And adverse effects on Africas largest economy will have devastating consequences for neighbouring economies.

Another flashpoint is the resurgence of political crises. Due to the Arab Spring, economic growth in North Africa nose-dived to just 0.5 per cent in 2011. Recent coups in Mali and Guinea-Bissau could have wider economic repercussions. Mali was scoring very well, now we are back to square one, says Mthuli Ncube, the AfDBs chief economist. Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and other countries are militarily engaged in Somalia, which may slow their economies. And Nigeria is grappling with Boko Haram, a terrorist sect in the north of that country.

Africa also faces other headwinds. The 2011 Africa Economic Report of the ECA and African Union warned of Africas jobless recovery, noting that investors are concentrating on the extractive sector, particularly oil, gold and diamonds, which produces few jobs.

Another report, the African Economic Outlook 2012 produced by the AfDB, ECA, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and UN Development Programme reinforces concern about unemployment, adding that about 60 per cent of Africas unemployed are aged 15 to 24 and about half are women. In May, UNDP raised an alarm over food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa, a quarter of whose 856 million people are undernourished.

Talk of a rising African middle class is hasty, the AfDB argues. Defined loosely as those who live on $2 or more a day, most middle-class Africans have daily expenditures of no more than $4, notes the bank. Potential economic shocks could easily throw many families into poverty, below the $2 threshold. High income inequality also clouds the picture. In 2008, for example, just 100,000 of Africas 1 billion people had a total net worth of $800 billion, equivalent to 60 per cent of the continents gross domestic product.

Despite such hurdles, Africas economies do not seem set to slow down. Ernst Young insists that this story has to be told more confidently and consistently. But equally important is the need to ensure that the continents economic growth also creates jobs and helps rescue millions from poverty.

Acclimatised Pakistan ready for India

Acclimatised Pakistan ready for India Acclimatised Pakistan ready for India

When the Pakistan team arrived at their service apartments in Townsville on Friday afternoon, having made the trip from Brisbane, there were five Indian cricketers sitting in the lobby. Had these been senior teams from the two countries, whose players are familiar with each other, there may have been an exchange of greetings. Not between the Under-19 cricketers. As the Pakistanis stood there in their green blazers, with their suitcases and kit bags, waiting to check in, they merely exchanged glances with the Indians. The quarterfinalists sizing each other up ahead of Mondays contest at Tony Ireland Stadium.

These sides have met before, at the Under-19 Asia Cup this year, in two tense contests. During the league phase of that tournament, Pakistan won a match they could have won more easily, by one run. In the final, India had to settle for a tie after dominating most of the chase. Both games were high-scoring contests in Kuala Lumpur; the conditions in Queensland are not as conducive to run-making.

Pakistan came to Australia earlier than most teams, in late July for three one-dayers on the Gold Coast. They won that series against Australia 2-1, a commendable result considering it was their first time here. Their performance in those matches led Australias coach Stuart Law to remark that one could see Pakistan had been playing together for quite a while.

This Pakistan Under-19 squad has been together since January, when they toured South Africa. They then played the Asia Cup and had a camp at the National Cricket Academy before coming to Australia. The captain Babar Azam and coach Sabih Azhar spoke of how the team had been constantly reminded of the different conditions awaiting them, which is why their quick adjustment during the three matches against Australia had been a huge boost for the players.

We are playing as a unit and we have created a friendly team atmosphere, said Azhar. Now they have developed the winning habit.

That winning habit has been on display during the warm-up matches of the World Cup and during the group games. Pakistan won everything, beating New Zealand, Afghanistan and Scotland to finish top of Group B.

The adjustment, however, hasnt been easy. After a long flight to Australia, Azam said most of the players slept for ages to rest and recuperate. When they awoke, they found unfamiliarity all around them. For starters, the adaptors for their mobile phones wouldnt fit into the plug points. They sought out each other and the officials for help and eventually queued up outside an electric supplies shop to buy them.

Theres more. The players are staying in service apartments in Australia, not in hotels, so they were told by the team management that they would have to cook their meals and clean up after themselves. Cooking, I never do at home, said Azam, speaking for most teenage boys on the subcontinent. Weve come here and we had to do it, so its been hard. Sometimes we eat out; sometimes we cook here. First five days we went to McDonalds all the time. We are washing clothes in the machine, washing crockery as well.

After a long flight to Australia, Babar Azam said most of the players slept for ages to rest and recuperate. When they awoke, they found unfamiliarity all around them. For starters, the adaptors for their mobile phones wouldnt fit into the plug points. They sought out each other and the officials for help and eventually queued up outside an electric supplies shop to buy them. Theres more. The players are staying in service apartments in Australia, not in hotels, so they were told by the team management that they would have to cook their meals and clean up after themselves.

Imam-ul-Haq, a top-order batsman and a nephew of Inzamam-ul-Haq, recounted how they set off fire alarms three or four times in their rooms. The first one was his Babars fault, he was just cooking an omelette I think, Imam said. It was the first day, we were very hungry, Usman Qadir, Babar and I. Suddenly the fire alarm went off; we thought wed cause a panic. Usman said, Dont panic, dont panic. We just held a towel near the fire alarm and opened the window. We were relieved and thought we will never cook food again.

But they have cooked; well, some have while the others have eaten. According to Imam, the fast bowlers Mir Hamza and Saad Ali, and vice-captain Umar Waheed are the chefs in the squad. We just want to eat and they cook for us. When we visit their rooms, we clean their rooms after eating and we wash their crockery. So we help them, says Imam. We really enjoyed it because all of us were in one room and we cooked together. Its a wonderful experience because weve been together for five or six months and we had never had this kind of experience.

How well an individual makes these adjustments affects how comfortable he feels in a foreign country and Imam knows it. If youre playing cricket and going out of the country, we have to face these difficulties and responsibilities, he said. If we have a problem in cooking, we cant give that an excuse to our coach.

Their acclimatization issues lasted for about five days and Azam said helping each other get used to how life functions in Australia had helped the team bond. Its like family work, he said. First five days were very difficult, to adjust to all this and play in the World Cup, but our support staff have really helped us. Now all the players have adjusted very well.

Pakistan have been performing like an extremely well-adjusted team. They beat Afghanistan by 109 runs, Scotland by nine wickets and New Zealand by five wickets. Between Pakistans first and second victories, on August 12, India lost to West Indies in Townsville, and from then Azams team has been talking about this quarterfinal clash. They did not really doubt they would top their group and therefore play India, who were likely to finish second in theirs.

They are looking forward to it. That gives me confidence, says Azhar. They are talking about Indian players, talking about strategies.

Both Azhar and Azam believe the exposure their players got during the Asia Cup to the pressures of an India-Pakistan contest will help them handle Mondays quarterfinal better. The boys know the Indian players, said Azam. If we hadnt played against India in the Asia Cup and now suddenly had to face them in the quarterfinal, there would have been more pressure. Not so much now.

Mondays quarterfinal at the Tony Ireland Stadium will be the first time Pakistan are playing in Townsville. Like how they did when they first arrived in Australia, theyll hope to settle in quickly.

Assistant Editor After a major in Economics and nine months in a financial research firm, George realised that equity, capital and the like were not for him. He decided that he wanted to be one of those lucky few who did what they love at work. Alas, his prodigious talent was never spotted and he had to reconcile himself to the fact that he would never earn his money playing cricket for his country, state or even district. He jumped at the opportunity to work for ESPNcricinfo and is now confident of mastering the art of office cricket

Adopted child from Russia sent back

Adopted child from Russia sent back Adopted child from Russia sent back

Have you heard the phrase it takes a villiage to raise a child? Maybe it takes a bunch of people to fail one as well. I would need more info to comment on this situation but have what is available in the news. The mother will be scrutinized internationally, the Russians want to stop adoptions to the US Until a firm agreement is in place. The mother was only the latest to fail this child. She only told the child he was going on an excursion to Moscow. What she did was criminal. Poor kids!

I have friends who adopted from the Ukraine. They were lucky, the children they adopted were fine. The children were under 2 years of age and were still in a very formative stage. BUT, they met others who adopted from the same orphanage who experienced horror stories.

The children put up for adoption are often the ones with problems. The orphanages are underfunded and when these children are in them, the children are lucky to receive basic care much less needed specialized care. There are barely funds to feed and clothe the children and heat the orphanage in the winter and pay the staff of which there are too few to give the children any individual attention. The children were placed in a room with a lot of windows and the staff opened the windows to give them exposure to as much fresh air as possible for a few hours. When the children were taken home, they had literally never left the orphanage building, had never seen the outside world or been exposed to the germs in the air. Initially, they were sickly. They met other Americans who were adopting and kept in touch them. One couple adopted a son with severe disabilities they were not told about. The best care here in the states has not been able to help this child much and the couple have been deeply troubled that nothing has worked.

Granted, sending back the child to Russia by themselves is an awful, AWFUL thing to do. But, you must go into adopting in a well-researched manner. And, there are no guarantees that you will adopt trouble-free children. Lets face it, there is no guarantee of trouble free kids if they are your own!!

Who is to blame? All involved.

The child was sent back with supervision its quite common for American children these days to travel alone on airplanes! and there were people there waiting to receive him, knowing he was coming, etc. I dont think there was a real problem, other than that the child probably didnt have a good start in life in Russia and couldnt adapt to the massive changes that would be needed to come to the United States. When an adult emigrates, they have trouble enough, cant imagine if I were a child going through all that change.

While I dont like or in any way condone what was done with this child, I have to say he could have met much worse fates. Its common sense that kids who are put up for adoption are going to have emotional problems of some sort, because there had to be something that caused them to be given up in the first place. Unfortunately, too many foster homes simply want the government income or a built-in babysitter for the kids they already have. I wish people would be a little more responsible BEFORE bringing a child into this world.

This woman was more than just a foster mother, she was his adoptive mother - she BOUGHT him. I find it disgusting that she would return him, as if he were merely a defective product instead of a human being. If she had given birth to him, it would have impossible to return him.

I dont like the business of buying adopting and selling orphanages children. Parents tend to view themselves as consumers and expect the child to fulfill their perceived needs. In order for the business to survive, orphanages need to move their product and reduce inventory in order to make room for their new and improved products. Most likely, they will do and say anything in order to make this happen. Its my guess they would prefer to sell off the undesirables. Chances are this kid was an undesirable - maybe a little hard to handle. Then again, maybe he wasnt able to adjust to his new home or develop love and respect for his new family.

I especially dont like overseas adoptions. orphaned children placed on the international market - never to be seen again.

I was at a dinner event years ago. A woman was chatting with her friend about the beautiful new baby she adopted from China, as if the child were the latest fashion in handbags. She even said to her friend You just HAVE to get one - as if it were a guarantee to boost some sort of status. I nearly choked on my food.

The day will come when the child will want to know about his/her parents. Doesnt just about everyone want to know about their roots and how they came to be in this world? IMO, knowing your story, your blood, and your roots is a way to strengthen your character and cope with the obstacles you face in life. What do adoptive parents really know about their childs personal roots and history? Why would a child feel any sort of connection or be able to draw strength from an adoptive ancestor?

Isnt family history and genetics important when medical conditions arise? The medical history of adoptive parents does not apply to their children. IF my mother would have given me up for adoption, it would have made it that much more difficult to diagnose me with familial amyloidosis - if not impossible. Even if I would have been successful in finding her, it wouldnt have helped because I was diagnosed five years after she died. Her gravestone carries no information on how she lived - the same goes for my grandmother who also suffered from the disease. I wouldnt have had any firsthand knowledge and experience with systemic amyloidosis. My doctors would not have even considered the diagnosis. I would be even more alone than I already am.

I dont think that this one case should negate international adopting. I personally know a young Christian family the son from the mothers first marriage was in my grade who adopted two adorable little girls from China, who may not have had a decent home otherwise. There are several countries where there simply are not enough willing, decent adults to care for the children. China is a prime example. Giving them a home when none are available in their own country so long as its a good, honest, loving home is not wrong in any way. If the parents and child wish to, they can help the child remain true to her original culture for example: the family I mentioned above now visits China every few years so their daughters can see their homeland. I understand that not every adoptive family is able to afford this, though. Plus, were so full of stubborn pride that, aside from the occasional adoption of an American child, we meaning the government wouldnt allow it to become a habitual occurence.

Oh! I do have to add one more possible viewpoint: after re-reading that hed threatened to kill his adoptive mother and tried to burn down his adoptive grandmothers house, it occured to me that he could emphasis on could; not is, could be sociopathic. There are such children, unfortunately. Either this boy was very messed up in the head before he was adopted, horribly abused after adoption, or he was a sociopath. In the case that he is a sociopath and ONLY in that case, because abuse is not his fault, nor is lashing out out of pain, then and only then would it be his fault. Just thought that was worth mentioning.

Abortion and Older Women

Abortion and Older Women Abortion and Older Women

From the findings of the Family Planning Association, or FPA, it appears that a large number of women who are in their mid-forties or over, dont use contraception, believing that they are not likely to become pregnant because of their age. This is one of the main reasons why a significant number of people in this age group are unexpectedly becoming pregnant.

There is a widespread belief that for women over forty, it is less safe to give birth for both the mother and the child, which is why fewer people in this age group plan on becoming pregnant.

While it is true that women start losing their fertility from the late thirties onwards, becoming pregnant at this age is still a real possibility. Women have become pregnant into their 50s; and even some who have become pregnant in their 60s. Although women between ages 30 and 34 have the highest rate of fertility, pregnancies still occur well beyond those years. According to the findings of the FPA, it seems that women are looking at the highest age for fertility too literally, and overlooking the possibility of becoming pregnant beyond this period in their lives.

The increasing rate of pregnancy among women over forty is accompanied by an increasing abortion rate. Quite surprisingly, the rate of abortion among women between ages 40 and 45 is the same as those under age 16. This trend goes against the common belief that the rate is higher for the age group under 16. The rate of abortion among these two groups currently accounts for approximately 50% of all pregnant women.

There are varied reasons why women choose abortion. One reason that is likely to influence women over forty is anxiety about birth abnormalities. These are more likely among children of an older mother, and women who discover signs of birth abnormalities are apt to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy.

The time in which to have a child is important in a womans life. It is not difficult to understand the many reasons why young people place a great deal of thought into deciding when the time is right to have a child. They may not have completed their education or begun a career, or they may think they are too immature to raise young children.

For women over forty, timing can be an equally important issue. They are likely to already have a family, and may not wish to be raising a child into their fifties.

It is not only young people who are in need of better reproductive health education. Unwanted pregnancies may eventually become higher among middle aged women than the much younger group. There is a slight fall in the rate of teenage pregnancies, but pregnancies among women in their 40s and above is on the rise.

ageing eye creams

ageing eye creams ageing eye creams

Designed to get busy whilst you do nothing more than snooze Estee Lauders Advance Night Repair Eye Cream is something of an anti-aging power house. Packed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help skin lock moisture and anti-irritants to help with redness and skin irritation, the cream works with skin to optimise the natural repair process.

Coming complete with a handy applicator, any sleeping beauty can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or at the very least expect super soft skin when finally they rise from dreaming of youthful radiance. Available from Estee Lauder Counters, Priced at 49 for 15ml.

Zap those lines with Dermalogicas Multivitamin Power Firm. A perfect all rounder containing a heady concoction of vitamins A, C and E. Multivitamin Power Firm targets lines and wrinkles improving skin elasticity and smoothness whilst an added seaweed extract firms and tightens. Working just as well for prevention as well as cure, organic silicone gives skin a barrier against the elements. Feather light and butter soft, this ones a keeper. Available from selected salons, priced at 43.60 for 15ml.

Affordable high end handbags available online

Affordable high end handbags available online Affordable high end handbags available online

Luxury handbags are a symbol of style and status so many women feel designer bags are the most appropriate because they fit to their personalities. Not every woman carries a luxury bag for containing credit cards, money or cosmetics. For some women who have fashion culture and taste, the luxury handbags act as a fashion accessory. Women love carrying handbags that look trendy.

Anyway, for those women who want high end handbags that reflect taste, class and quality simultaneously, the elite handbags come across as the best choice. The stylish women also pay attention to match the color of the handbag with their dress and personality.

All high end handbags differ in styles, colors, shapes and materials used. You must also base your purchase decisions on the market research. You need to give your full attention in order to choose the best one for the occasion. For instance, you might make a mistake if you buy a batch of leather luxury handbags, when people informed about the latest fashion trends, are buying only luxury bags made out of canvas, velvet or other materials. The exotic bags are preferred by women.

The high end bags are a delight for the owners. Those handbags put together both class and durability. The company sells luxury bags, customized and affordable. The luxury handbags sold from the site contain the authentic signature. For learning more about the products the company sells, a person can log on to its site. It also sells customized bags for the customers who are quite finicky about their requirements.

You do not need to walk or drive to the shop in search of designer bags. You just have to go through the internet and log on to the website and then you will explore all the pages until you find what you are looking for. Even they have a variety of luxury handbags of different patterns and styles. I am convinced that you can choose the right one for you or for your beloved one. You can also get a unique design according to your preferences.

The company makes use of only the best quality materials to manufacture and produce the elite handbags. These high end handbags have a buttery soft, attractive but durable finish that is very hard to find.

You are also offered a ten percent discount coupon if you are a new customer. You can also choose for free consultation if you want to dress elegant for an event and you need viable alternatives and ideas.

If you are a woman who enjoys having new handbag every week, you can anytime opt for designer handbags. You will get them in a variety of colors and styles and they do not cost too much. This way you will fulfill your wish of having a wardrobe full of high end bags.

So, a luxury bag and exotic accessories are required if you want to be admired in your full dress while you attend a ceremony.

Advantages of Bean Bags

Advantages of Bean Bags Advantages of Bean Bags

Bean bags are very comfortable furniture that can be used at any household. These are generally bags sealed with PVC pellets or dried beans inside. Now, that shows where the name bean bags come from. They are not only comfortable but are also highly useful. Bean bags can be kept at one corner of the house and yet be very useful. So, for people living in small apartments, these are very convenient as there is not much space occupied by it. These are the best for a lazy Sunday afternoon, when one can just lie down and read a book or relax and watch television.

Bean bags can make different types of furniture for the house. These are available in different designs and sizes. One could choose one among these. This is highly cosy. It will be a comfortable sitting place for all people. There are single person chairs and also long chairs, where two or three people can comfortably sit. Such large chairs can be used in parties. They can also be used comfortably for having breakfast, lunch or dinner with family. These are also best for having coffee with friends and having a small chat. These are not just furniture inside the living room of the house but, they can also be used outdoors. Placing them on the garden or the balcony can also be a wonderful idea, where one could relax. These when slightly bigger in size can be comfortable extra sleeping furniture.

Bean bags are gaining popularity these days due to their availability in a number of colours and designs. They are available in all colours from elegant black, brown and ash to bright colours like red, pink and orange and also mild colours like sandal, cream and white. So, the perfect colour to suit the theme of the room or the place can be chosen.

Bean bags can be fur bean bags, denim ones and vinyl or nylon bean bags. The full fur bean bags are the most commonly used ones and they are found in a number of colours and designs like with animal prints and animal hides. Denim bean bags are made of denim material. These last a longer time than other categories of bean bags due to the material that is used in their making. These bean bags have an elegant and classic look. Last but not the least, there are nylon or vinyl bags, which are the best for children. There are number of shapes and colours in which this is available so as to suit children specially.

They are also used highly for gaming purposes as they are completely safe. These are also a creative article for kids to play with. They are not prone to injuries. So, they are highly recommended for kids and are in fact the best piece of furniture for a kids room.

Adjusting to new clinic

Adjusting to new clinic Adjusting to new clinic

Your first sentence was good; you are slowly getting use to it. It will take time to get use to new routines of doing things and realizing the people dont care less, the clinic is just a bit bigger perhaps or less organized, external things?

When Im having trouble in a new situation or feeling lonely or in need of support I often think of two stories/examples Ive read in the far distant past.

While the baby is learning it it isnt comfortable for them or their caretakers and the baby cant see or know what is happening like his parents can, is just part of the process. In some situations I figure I just have to be that baby and work with or endure whats going on with me at the moment and try to know I will come out okay, stronger for having had the experience and successfully maneuvered through it even if I cant see it yet because Im in it and not far enough along to be able to put it into words.

The other example is of a child learning to walk. It takes a lot of falling down to learn to walk. Parents or their babies dont decide after the baby falls a couple times, Okay, thats enough, you cant walk and your falling down is hurting me. They have to keep trying to walk, even though they keep falling down. When something bothers me continuously or I keep falling down I am encouraged to try harder if I know it is something good for me or that I want by the example of learning to walk or ride a bicycle, etc.. Maybe you can look at it taking a bit longer for them to get back in touch with you in that way? Youve fallen down while learning to walk, youre really okay and in a moment theyll come along and pick you up again and put you on your feet near the coffee table where you can hold on and bounce up and down with those new knees and get ready to try again :-

Air bags may harm tall

Air bags may harm tall Air bags may harm tall

researchers say in a study calling for new safety standards to be introduced.

Craig Newgard, an emergency medicine and public health professor at Oregon Health and Science University, studied data from over 65,000 crashes that took place over 11 years and found that air bags were harmful to people smaller than four foot11 and taller than six foot three.

CBC While air bags are modestly protective for mid-stature occupants, they appear to increase the risk of injury for large and small stature adults, Newgard said in the study published in the May issue of the Academic Emergency Medicine Journal.

Newgard said the many smart air bags use body weight to determine how the bags will deploy. He proposed that engineers should consider factoring in a height component. Until then, people not ofmedium height should not sit in the front passenger seat in a vehicle that has been equipped with an air bag, he said.

Drivers in Canada can have their vehicles equipped with an on-off switch for their air bags, however Transport Canada says the safety devices should only be disabled in specific cases, including for infants in rear-facing car seats and people with unusual medical conditions.

The federal agency also notes that deactivating air bags should be considered for drivers who because of medical reasons cannot position themselves at a distance so their sternum is at least 25 centimetres back from the air bag cover.

Children under the age 12, because they have a tendency to lean forward, along with drivers who cannot sit with their sternums at a 25-cm distance away from their air bag should also consider installing an on-off switch.

Newly elected Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will face several challenges on Monday, one of which will be to face off against the prime minister in question period as MPs return to Ottawa after a two-week stretch in their ridings.

About Toiletry Bags

About Toiletry Bags About Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags are an important item to have whether you traveling a lot of the time, or just leaving home for a night or two on a mini vacation. A toiletry bag allows you to carry things you need in a convenient place instead of having to search for them through your briefcase or a purse. Items placed in their own special bag makes them much easier to find, and saves you time.

A toiletry bag does not just include toiletry items like a razor or toothpaste. You may want to include items such as mouthwash, a small sewing kit, or some moist towelettes for a quick refresher after work. This is a great thing to carry with you when you are at work or going to school. When your items are in their own toiletry bag, they are much easier to find as opposed to being jumbled in a much larger bag, and it will save you the time of finding what you want. Another benefit to keeping items in their own toiletry bag is that they stay clean, such as your toothbrush.

While many may think that toiletry bags are the same as a cosmetic bag, there are some differences. A toiletry bag is designed to be a case that you carry to hold items that are used for keeping your body clean. This would include things such as shaving cream, deodorant or a face wash. Typically a toiletry bag is made out of leather, cloth or a vinyl. Makeup bags are designed to carry makeup, and tend to come with trays or tiers to hold the various make-ups in place.

Remember that when you are flying that air pressure can cause things to explode within your bag. If you have them in a leather toiletry bag, that can help to limit the mess in your bag and prevent your clothing from being wrecked. You can also do a few more things to help prevent a mess within the toiletry bag:

Squeeze the extra air out of your toiletry bag

Make sure all lids are on securely

Wrap your items in plastic bags to minimize any spillage

Even if you dont travel, you may find that using a toiletry bag in your own home and bathroom can make your life easier. It allows you to keep things in one place, which keeps your home neat and tidy. If you live with other people, you may prefer to keep your bathroom items in your own room, and it is easy to take them back and forth if they are in a toiletry bag. You may even choose to use more than one toiletry bag for different requirements.

If you do not already have a toiletry bag, you may want to consider purchasing one. You can purchase these in many places such as department stores, discount stores, the dollar stores and drug stores. You may also find something in your home already that would work well. These do not have to be fancy to do the job.

With time and an increasing awareness of fashion and design, everything has undergone change. Luggage is no exception. A supermodel walking a Milan ramp towing a handcrafted luggage case is not a rare sight anymore. That this is happening just goes on to show how big an emphasis modern culture places on blending utility and beauty in a single commodity, and how much innovation that drive has fueled. And the smaller the case the more ingenuity it begets. A small carry bag needs to be a fashion article itself if it is to carry off a pedigreed Chihuahua. And its not just women whore toting designer luggage accessories. The portability afforded by Mens travel toiletry bags is the central feature that makes them so tempting a design niche. There has been a revolution of sorts lately in the Mens Travel Toiletry Bags market, and now, if youre a guy, you can find yourself looking at as diverse and colorful a range of toiletry bags as your girlfriend. Where earlier mens toiletry travel bags used to be shapeless sacks to throw in razors and smelly socks, they now come in classy yet masculine designs with various components and pockets to store everything a man might need on a trip. And if you look at male models cat-walking down ramps, you might buy a mens toiletry travel bag just to look good too.

Mens travel toiletry bags serve a range of purposes. You might have found yourself at the boarding desk of a flight suddenly being denied your cumbersome backpack because it was too heavy. If you carry as slimmer and portable mens toiletry travel bag, however, youre probably not going to have to part with your toiletries while boarding a flight. You can put in everything, from toothbrushes and dental floss to documents, files and maybe even a spare T shirt to keep you looking and smelling fresh on the long flight.

These bags can also be used on a more regular basis. Stash one in your office desk and use its content to freshen up after lunch. Or throw one across your back seat and have everything you need while you drive to work. And, of course, they are most useful when you head off to the gym for your daily workout. Take for example a bag you bring to your gym. In this bag you can keep your shaving supplies, along with your toothbrush, a comb for your hairy and anything else you might need. A lot of Mens travel toiletry bags come fitted with straps for easy hanging on a any bathroom door which keeps your items at your fingertips. These kinds of bags usually have some transparent pockets for items like razors so that you dont cut your fingers fumbling around inside it. Fitted with a lot of pockets on the inside, a good mens travel toiletry bag can be crammed full of a thousand little knick knacks and still not run out of space. Durability is an important concern while selecting a leather travel toiletry bag. Luckily, these bags are sturdily built to last. They are also cleaning friendly in case something breaks and spills inside.

So, before your next trip, go out and buy yourself a mens toiletry travel bag. Make your trip pleasant and convenient and look good doing it.

The toiletry bag is a godsend for frequent travelers since it allows them to put all toiletry items in a single place from where they can be conveniently retrieved. Small items for daily use, which would otherwise tumble around, spill over or get lost in a bigger piece of luggage, fit in snugly in a toiletry bag which can be carried on its own on smaller trips. An added modification that makes such a bag an even more convenient piece of luggage is a strap or a handle that lets one hang the bag from a hook or knob on the bathroom door. The hanging toiletry bag places all toiletries within easy reach in the bathroom. It might even, arguably, prevent slipping accidents that happen when one is reaching out for that elusive bar of soap or that far off bottle of lotion across the wet bathroom floor.

Hanging toiletry bags now come in a variety of improved designs. Plenty of compartments, zippers, flaps and pockets ensure that you never run out of space to put in everything you want. A mens hanging toiletry bag is also great in a situation where space is a bigger concern than reach. When you find yourself in a bathroom with barely space enough to stand in, a hanging toiletry bag will seem the brightest idea you ever got. For example, freshening up inside an aircraft bathroom can be a horrendous experience in juggling if you have a lot of bottles and cans with no place to put them. But if you possess a hanging toiletry bag, youre in luck. Just hang it from a hook on the door and pick out whatever you need one at a time while the rest stay inside your bag. Isnt that great?

Hanging toiletry bags for men are usually equipped with a number of removable pouches which can be detached. These can be put to various great uses. Some bags also have separate carrying handles and hanging hooks. This ensures that even if the hanging hook snaps, you can still carry your bag around. The abdomen of the hanging toiletry bag also has string loops that snap tight around cylindrical bottles and prevent them from rolling around inside and oozing liquids. You also usually get travel sized bottles to fit these loops when you buy your hanging toiletry bag.

Finally, Hanging Toiletry Bags come in a variety of designs and colors and manufactured out of an equally wide range of materials. The hanging equipment comes with a lot of innovative modifications as well. Some of the bigger luggage makers have even started manufacturing integrated items of luggage so that your largest case has pre-designed space for your smaller bags, including toiletry bags and cases. You can take your pick of one that combines the utility you demand and the look you desire at a price you can afford. Handy, convenient, portable and great to look at, a hanging toiletry bag is as good a travel investment as you can make.

If you travel frequently, whether it is for business or leisure, there are a few essentials that you always must have. One of the most important essentials are a mens leather toiletry bag. There are different kinds you can buy, but the most popular ones are leather toiletry bags. These make great gifts for the traveling man and come in very handy.

Men do not carry around an extra handbag like women do, so having a toiletry bag helps them keep their toiletries in one place. Toiletry bags for men can be placed into bigger luggage or in carry-on bags so that men can have their toiletries handy. Toiletry bags are small and can be taken with you on the airplane for freshening up on long flights or they can be tucked into your suitcase for that long vacation trip you have planned.

If you travel regularly, whether it is for business or leisure, there are a few basics that you always must have. One item that makes traveling more comfortable, easy and efficient is a mens hanging toiletry bag. There are different kinds that you can buy, but the most admired ones are made of durable leather with a waterproof lining. These toiletry bags make great gifts for the traveling man and come in very handy for any person.

Toiletry bags for men can be placed into bigger luggage or in carry-on bags so that men can have toiletries for long flights. Toiletry bags are small and can be taken with you on the airplane for freshening up on long flights or they can be tucked into your suitcase.

Hanging toiletry bags are neat and functional. Many of the case feature interior zippered compartments and are made to hang from a useful hook included in the bag. The middle compartment opens like a flap. Versatile hanging toiletry bags are indispensable for all your travel essentials.

A hanging toiletry bag for men is a great item for staying organized and clean. You do not have to dig around in your big luggage to find that traveling sized shampoo bottle. You can have all your toiletries in one place and let your luggage remain organized. Another benefit is that a toiletry bag helps keep the rest of your items in your luggage clean. If a shampoo bottle opens or toothpaste cap is undone, you do not have to worry about your clothes getting dirty.

ACTNOW Fact Sheet

ACTNOW Fact Sheet ACTNOW Fact Sheet 5

One of the key features of autism is a range of problems with interpersonal relationships, such as reduced responsiveness to or disinterest in people, an appearance of aloofness and a limited or impaired ability to relate to others.

The DSM IV criteria for social skill impairment in autism is:

Marked impairment in the use of multiple non-verbal behaviours such as eye- to-eye gaze, facial expression, body postures, and gestures to regulate social interaction;

have difficulty interpreting the feelings of others. They find it difficult to read facial expressions such as detecting when others are sad or angry. Even if they are able to determine that a person is unhappy, the child with autism will usually not attempt to offer comfort. They may also not seek comfort themselves when upset or hurt or if they do so it is on their own terms. For example, a child with autism may want mum to kiss a hurt better, but if she tries to comfort him with a cuddle this may be rejected.

All children with autism have impaired social skills, however, the nature of these impairments can vary and may modify as the child grows older. For example, there may be an increase in interest in other people and the development of some social skills often learned as rules in a mechanical or inflexible manner. In the past it was thought that children with autism were not attached to their caregivers, however, it has now been demonstrated that most children with autism do show selective attachments to their primary caregivers.

Adamjee College bags top positions in inter exams

Adamjee College bags top positions in inter exams Adamjee College bags top positions in inter exams

The top three positions were clinched by the students of Adamjee Government Science College. At least 17,359 male candidates registered and 17,195 students appeared in the exams. Meanwhile, 8, 841 candidates were declared passed. The overall pass percentage was 51.42.

The gazette also shows that 6,271 female students registered of which 6, 211 candidates appeared. Meanwhile, 3,330 students passed their exams and overall pass percentage was 53.61 per cent.

According to the controller of examinations, BIEK, 17 unfair means cases were reported during and after the exams. At least 756 male and 279 female candidates received A-One grade, 1, 763 male and 810 female students got A grade and 2, 068 male and 1, 030 female candidates had B grade in the exams.

Furthermore, 2,554 male and 976 female students passed their exams with C grade, 1,591 male and 234 female candidates had D grade and 109 male and one female student passed the exams with E grade.

Syed Hasan Murtaza clinched overall first position with 998 marks out of a total of 1100 marks with 90.72 per cent. Muhammad Asad Rizvi, bagged second position with 996 marks and 90.54 per cent while Syed Muhammad Askar secured third position with 994 marks and 90.36 per cent.

We all are close friends and we make a commitment with each other to take position as usually female candidates topped in the annual exams. It was our dream to shine in the annual exams, Syed Hasan Murtaza said. He expressed his desire to be a CA professional.

Muhammad Asad Rizvi gives credit to his parents and teachers and said that his father, who is a teacher by profession, was behind his struggle. According to him, the lawlessness directly affected the students and their preparation.

Syed Muhammad Askar said that he was interested in taking admission in NED in mechanicals. The toppers said that it was a misconception that teachers do not take classes in the colleges.

Chairman BIEK said that heads of colleges should send the examinations forms of only those students who have over 75 per cent attendance. Replying a question, he said that Chinese technology rules the world over and that is why the Sindh government is willing to induct Chinese language as option course in the syllabus.

The position holders -The News photos

Science GENERAL results declared

The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi BIEK on Monday declared the results of the Science General Group Annual Examinations-2011.

According to the gazette issued by Controller of Examinations Muhammad Imran Khan Chishti, 878 male candidates were registered and 868 appeared in the exams while 279 passed. The overall passing percentage is 32.14.

The gazette shows that 785 female students registered, 779 appeared while 282 students were declared passed. The overall passing percentage is 36.2. According to the BIEK, only one case of unfair means was reported during and after the exams.

Furthermore, only one male and nine female students received A-One grade, 15 male and 38 female candidates got A grade and 47 male and 107 female students got B grade. A hundred-and-thirty-one male and 116 female candidates had C grade, 74 male and 11 female students passed their exams with D grade whereas 11 male and one female candidate got E grade in the exams, Chishti said.

Zainab Parveen from BAMM, PECHS Government College for Women, clinched overall first position and scored 945 marks out of total 1,100 with 85.90 per cent. Faryal Sharf another student of BAMM, PECHS Government College for Women bagged second position with 941 marks and 85.54 per cent. Zainab Ahmed, student of DA Degree College for Women, Phase VIII, DHA got third position with 938 marks and 85.27 per cent.

Zainab Parveen believes that violence and class system are the main problem of the society. She claims that she did not take tuitions for her exams preparation. According to her, changes in the textbooks would definitely help in increasing the teaching standards.

Antique Roadshow Collectibles

Antique Roadshow Collectibles Antique Roadshow Collectibles

You may, nevertheless, be happy to have some help making your initial choice. So be aware, first, that there are different collecting styles. Some people like to collect items that are inherently useful, like eggcups or handbags. Others collect for shape or color or beauty, although none of these attributes is mutually exclusive. It will help to begin by noticing if the same sorts of things seem always to attract you. Maybe youre drawn to little round vases or certain shades of blue or electric trains? When youre wondering what to collect, keep notes of what attracts you, and look for patterns.

Once youve settled on a type of object, however, you should also realize that a collectible as simple as the eggcup, for example, is divisible into numerous collecting categories. There are silver-plate eggcups, treen turned wood eggcups, and ceramic eggcups; if you prefer one type of material to the others, then thats one possible way to collect them. There are also chicken-shape eggcups, and those painted with human faces, both of which allow the eggcup collector or pocillovist to generalize or specialize within the field. There are also, to further tempt collectors, souvenir eggcups, cups made in Art Deco styles, cups that are Made in Japan, cups that are all yellow and white, and those that have one large end and one small-that is, doubles. Such a wealth of choice is hardly restricted to this one field. Twentieth-century glass or advertising memorabilia or toys can-happily-be broken down into the same sorts of specialties.

Dont forget the display element, either, when choosing what you want to collect. Functional or not, many collectibles are suited to being cabinet pieces-in other words, to being amassed solely for display rather than use. Wristwatches and vintage evening gowns may present a challenge, but shoes, toy soldiers, and Barbie dolls all lend themselves well to display. Eggcups do, too. So despite the fact that the item youve chosen to collect actually has a function, it can still be enjoyed as pure display. Catchers mitts look super on a wall; and Andy Warhol, you can bet, never used those cookie jars.

A good collection, first and foremost, is composed of things you truly love. If it pleases you, if it reflects your own taste and individuality, it will be a satisfying and wonderful collection, whatever it is.

There is, nevertheless, a formal definition of a good collection, one established by the taste and preferences of the general community of your fellow collectors. When a category of object is of national or international interest, enthusiasts frequently set standards to help them evaluate their subject.

Consequently, when you decide to collect something really popular, like Fiesta ware or dolls, you should make yourself aware of how these things are classified by your fellow enthusiasts - of what makes one piece of Fiesta more desirable than another piece, for instance, or which are the really rare Shirley Temple dolls.

Air Canada to charge for nd checked bag

Air Canada to charge for nd checked bag Air Canada to charge for 2nd checked bag

Air Canada has followed the lead of rival WestJet and will begin charging flyers who check a second bag on trips within Canada and to the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Air Canada will begin charging most flyers a $20 fee for a second checked bag on flights starting Jan. 19. Frank Gunn/Canadian PressCanadas largest carrier said a $20 fee will be charged for passengers buying economy class tickets as of Thursday for flights beginning Jan. 19, the same day that WestJet will begin levying the fee. The first checked bag remains free for both airlines.

Calgary-based WestJet Airlines Ltd. said last week that it would begin charging for the second checked bags, although it also reduced the fees it charges for the third and fourth checked bags.

Air Canada said it will match WestJets $20 fee for Canadian and some foreign routes but it will continue to charge $30 for second bags checked on flights to the United States, and $50 on flights to Europe and beyond.

The baggage fees dont apply to Air Canada Prestige, Elite, Super Elite members or Star Alliance Silver and Gold members.

Air Canada passengers flying executive and first class will continue to be able to check three bags at no additional costs, regardless of destination.

Newly elected Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will face several challenges on Monday, one of which will be to face off against the prime minister in question period as MPs return to Ottawa after a two-week stretch in their ridings.

Addison man sentenced to four years for nd drug trafficking conviction Hancock Bangor Daily News BDN Maine

Addison man sentenced to four years for nd drug trafficking conviction Hancock Bangor Daily News BDN Maine Addison man sentenced to four years for 2nd drug trafficking conviction Hancock Bangor Daily News BDN Maine

ELLSWORTH, Maine An Addison man accused of transporting $30,000 worth of heroin from Connecticut to Maine has been sentenced to serve four years behind bars, according to documents on file in Hancock County Superior Court.

Michael A. Thibeau, 45, entered a plea of guilty on June 23 in Hancock County Superior Court to a class A charge of aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs. He was sentenced to serve four years in prison with none of it suspended and to pay $500 in fines and fees and $150 in restitution for police lab processing costs, according to court documents.

Thibeau was arrested in March 2009, days after police, acting on a tip, stopped a 1999 Subaru wagon that Thibeau was driving on Route 1A in Dedham. Thibeau was suspected of being involved in a heroin-selling operation in the Milbridge area, police indicated in an affidavit.

During the March 18, 2009, traffic stop, a drug-sniffing dog helped police find 17 bricks of the drug in the air filter of the vehicles engine compartment. Each brick contained 50 bags of heroin for a total of 850 bags.

In June 2009, three months after his arrest, Thibeau was indicted on two class A charges of aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs and a charge of criminal forfeiture for the Subaru that police seized as part of their investigation. He initially pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Thibeau was driving the drugs allegedly from Connecticut to the Milbridge home of Stuart and Michelle Ray, police indicated later in a press release. The vehicle Thibeau was driving was registered to Michelle Ray, police have said. Police executed a search warrant March 20, 2009, at the Rays home, reportedly finding 10 more bags of heroin, and subsequently arrested the couple on charges of aggravated trafficking in heroin, police said.

Assistant Attorney General Patrick Larson, the prosecutor in the case, said Monday that the Rays also have pleaded guilty. He said Michelle Ray pleaded guilty last summer in Washington County to a trafficking charge and received a sentence of four years with all but one year suspended. He said Stuart Ray has entered a guilty plea to drug trafficking and is expected to be sentenced in Machias on Monday, July 25.

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Adorable Lunch Bags

Adorable Lunch Bags Adorable Lunch Bags

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Buying Coach Bags at Outlet

Advantage and Disadvantage of Buying Coach Bags at Outlet Advantage and Disadvantage of Buying Coach Bags at Outlet

There are a lot of people who claim there is a place where you can find the lastest collection of coach handbags at extremely good price. Of courses, these are not cheap fake coach purses.

The answer of is coach purses outlets. It is not like a coach boutique store which sell fashion and trendy coach handbags at high price. The coach purses outlet can offer people a balance of price and quality. Imagine what your mood will be if you find an authentic coach purse with the lastest design is selling at 40 percent of its original price. It is surely that you will grab this opportunity. Price is the benefit that you can get at coach purses outlet. Another benefit is the great service. Even though you only spend 35 percent of its retail price, you will get exactly the same service as coach retail shops offer. How wonderful!

Of course, you may need to spend some time on choosing the which one you will take. This is very necessary and important. Although the bags at coach purses outlet are much cheaper. But if we buy a bag that we only wear it several days, it is really a waste of money, no matter how small amount you spend on it. As we all know, there are some little defects on these coach bags sold at outlet stores. So we have to check those knock off coach purses very carefully. Or you will get much trouble in refunding after you take the problem bag to home.

Accused was obsessed with Emily Daily Echo

Accused was obsessed with Emily Daily Echo Accused was obsessed with Emily Daily Echo

A friend of a man accused of murdering his aspiring model girlfriend in a jealous rage told a court today he was obsessed with her and boasted that she was lucky to have him.

Jasmin Snook told a jury at Winchester Crown Court that she had also heard Elliot Turner threaten to kill 17-year-old Emily Longley in the days before the prosecution allege he strangled her in his bedroom in Bournemouth, Dorset, on May 7 last year.

He Turner was saying that she was lucky to be with him and he didnt understand why she was doing things like this - she made him look like an idiot.

He was obsessive. He was constantly talking about her. He was not listening to me say they were just friends. In the end I had to make an excuse to go home.

He was saying shes never going to have a family. She pushed me to it. She knew what she was getting herself in to. He would always be her boyfriend.

But then she said Turner started laughing and said he was joking.

He said she was at home asleep and in a parallel universe he would have killed her, Miss Snook said. I started crying.

He said that the next night she would not be staying with me but with him and I needed to tell her how lucky she was to be with him.

He was just talking about Emily constantly. He said he needed that one last night with her. He said he could get anyone he wanted and she needed to realise that.

On the last night the group went out together Turner bought Emily flowers and chocolate and then followed her around the Bournemouth and Poole areas and they argued before he found her at a

friends house and took her back to his place.

Miss Snook said: I told her not to do it. I said, I wouldnt if I were you.

She said she didnt know and she wanted to talk to him.

Miss Snook then texted to ask if she was Ok and Emily replied: Im OK. We will talk in the morning. I will go home. Im not staying with Turner.

Miss Snook told the jury that she tried to contact Emily again, but received no reply.

The court has already heard Turner said he and Emily argued in the bedroom, and that she attacked him and he defended himself.

He explained he woke up beside her later that morning, started to get ready for work but she was dead.

The prosecution allege that heavily-built Turner strangled the business studies student and part time shop worker and that he was a violent and jealous boyfriend, fearful she was being unfaithful.

He went absolutely nuts it is claimed, in a culmination of a month of anger and upset over his suspicions she was twisting his heart.

When arrested he had his passport in his pocket and his bags packed, the court heard.

He told officers at the scene: I never meant to harm her, I just defended myself. He then made no comment in police interviews.

Turners parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, are also in the dock accused of covering up for their son by destroying evidence and taking items away from the scene of the death. They

Advertisers up the ante as products become TV plots

Advertisers up the ante as products become TV plots Advertisers up the ante as products become TV plots

Advertisers these days want to do far more than just place BMWs, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and other luxury items within reach of favorite TV and movie characters. They want to create entire worlds of consumption. For instance:

?CW Television Networks Gossip Girl features characters whose lifestyles are driven by the Prada bags they want and the La Perla lingerie the highly sexualized characters need.

?Actresses in Roommates, a MySpace TV Web series, use their characters online profiles to chat with fans and dish out information about their clothing and other products as well as advice on where to buy them.

These are the heady days of brand integration and immersive commercial environments.

We are in an increasingly commercialized culture, says David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision, who points out that as consumers develop more tools to screen out traditional ads, such as 30-second TV spots, advertisers must get more subtle and innovative. The result? Less story and more push to consume, he says.

This also leads to more potential for manipulation, says David Howard, a marketing professor at Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

The trend is expected to grow. Global ad dollars spent on product placement of all kinds will expand from $3 billion in 2006 to $5.6 billion by 2010, according to PQ Media. A July poll in the trade magazine Ad Age found that 60 percent of TV and movie audiences say they are influenced by product placements.

While audiences are migrating to many new-media gadgets and outlets, such as iPods, video games, and even the displays on gas pumps, advertisers still depend on the content and large audiences that TV delivers.

Television is sooo not dead, says Dennis Ryan, chief creative officer at Element 79, a Chicago-based ad agency. All that is going on, he says, is a diversification of screens.

In the summer, for example, Mr. Ryans firm created Ball Girl, a video showing a girl in the audience leaping to her feet to make a spectacular catch at a minor-league baseball game. As she returned to her seat, the camera casually spied a Gatorade bottle next to her.

Advantages Of Clear Backpacks

Advantages Of Clear Backpacks Advantages Of Clear Backpacks

Transparent backpacks ensure that your kids only bring what they should bring to school. Giving your children transparent backpacks will surely allow you to make a quick inspection. Of course, you want to know if your kid has everything he or she needs in the bag. With a conventional backpack, you would still need to unzip and open it to see the contents. On the other hand, with a transparent one, you just have to look at it. It saves more time.

Looking for your keys or pencil is easier.

If you bring a clear backpack to school, you wont have to worry about lost items. You can just look at your bag without opening it to see if all your things are there. So, you would know right away if you have a missing book or pen. Looking for a lost iPod can take minutes in the usual type of backpack. Kids and teens tend to lose things every now and then. A transparent bag would be much of an advantage.

Security personnel at school can easily examine the contents of a transparent backpack.

Standard security measures at schools include the checking of bags to see if students are bringing inappropriate materials to school. Part of checkups at entrance posts include checking for hazardous chemicals, sharp materials, weapons, guns, prohibited drugs, and liquor. Students wearing clear bags will be reluctant to bring any school prohibited item, because they will be easily identified and apprehended.

Clear backpacks for school will not completely eliminate delinquency in schools though. For instance, clever students can keep inappropriate items in between books or notebooks. However, these bags should be able to reduce the bringing of harmful stuff to school, as well as student crime. Of course, the guards should make comprehensive inspection, aside from simply glancing at the bags upon entry of students. Also, sophisticated detectors and inspection equipment should identify the presence of knives or guns hidden inside any kind of carry-on.

Teachers and school personnel can quickly see if students are taking out or stealing classroom materials.

Stealing school property is not unusual. Students can simply take books or school materials, hide them in their bags and get out of school, evading inspection. Teachers and even other students can quickly see if you put school items in your carry-on if its see-through. Of course, you would not dare steal anything if you know that people can quickly see the contents of your backpack.

Students can quickly retrieve items from their bags.

Its hard to rummage through the contents of your bag to find small things, like your notepad or wallet. What if you need to take down notes and you dont know where your notepad is? A see-through carry-on should keep you from being troubled by these minor, but annoying problems.

Clear bags do have their disadvantages. Many people do not like the idea that people can look at the contents of their carry-all. It can be embarrassing. Another disadvantage is that see-through backpacks make it easier for thieves to steal things, because they can clearly see the object they want to take.

Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars Advent Calendars

To some, advent calendars may seem like either an excuse to eat chocolate or just another thing that companies can sell to us in the run-up to Christmas. However, the humble advent calendar has a long history and was in fact invented by the same people who brought us Christmas cookies and the practice of decorating our Christmas trees1.

HistoryThe first advent calendars appeared in 19th-Century Germany, when various methods of counting the days between the start of Advent and Christmas Day were used. Starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, or simply on 1 December, the Protestant Christians would keep track of the days by making marks on their doors with a piece of chalk, which would then be rubbed off one by one as Christmas approached. Other practices then developed, including burning a candle or putting up a small religious picture to mark each day.

There is some disagreement as to when the first printed advent calendars appeared, although it is clear that they were first produced at some time in the 1900s. There are claims that a Christian bookshop in Hamburg produced a Christmas Clock in 1902, and a newspaper in Stuttgart is known to have included an advent calendar in its pages in 1904. However, the first mass producer of advent calendars is thought to have been Gerhard Lang, who worked at the Reichhold Lang printing office in Munich. He released his first advent calendar in 1908 and had a steady business going which produced over thirty patterns of calendar until some time in the 1930s. The calendars would usually have 24 doors, but tended to be better-decorated than modern versions.

Soon enough, calendars were being designed with little doors or pouches which contained small religious pictures or bible extracts. Better still, some of the calendars also contained sweeties in order to keep the attention of young children. The practice escalated up until the Second World War, when paper and cardboard were rationed and advent-calendar production ground to a halt. Once the war ended, though, the production began again, pioneered by Richard Sellmer in 1946.

The introduction of the advent calendar to the USA was aided by Ike Eisenhower, whose grandchildren took a shine to the idea. The calendar was soon adopted in other countries too, and in the UK chocolates began to appear behind the little doors as soon as rationing would allow. By the end of the 1950s, chocolate advent calendars had appeared, and by the following decade they had become widespread. They still exist today, with hundreds of different varieties appearing across the globe.

Types Of Advent CalendarThe modern advent calendar consists of a cardboard surround, usually decorated in some popular culture or chocolate-related theme which has been adjusted to look Christmassy, bearing at least 24 little doors. Behind each door will be a moulded Christmas-related shape, and there may also be small picture on the inside of the door or on the cardboard behind the chocolate. The chocolate will probably sit in a plastic tray, and may be protected by a layer of foil which is best slit open using a fingernail. Advent calendar traditions include the 24th chocolate or door bearing the words Santas Coming or a depiction of a Nativity scene, and the person opening the calendar guessing which Christmas-related item will be depicted behind each door.

Other types of calendar include the non-chocolate ones, which may contain only pictures, or may provide religious contents instead of those found in the more common secular calendars. Others may contain a small toy or an instant scratch card each day, depending on the calendars target audience. Permanent calendars are also available, some consisting of decorative wooden structures which contain little drawers, one for each day. Others come in the shape of trees or are made to surround a Christmas tree, allowing for the star to be placed on top after the 24th door is opened. German calendars still have 24 doors, although some which appear in English-speaking countries have a special 25th door or pocket for Christmas Day. Some modern calendars have up to 31 doors and also include the Jewish festival of Hanukkah and/or New Years Eve, with the latter sort sometimes not containing a chocolate for New Years Day due to the fact that everyone will be on a diet.

Some advent calendars come in the form of books with 24 individual stories or chapters. In Scandinavia, it is also common to have a series of Julekalender programmes on the television, one for each day up until Christmas. With the advent of the internet came the online advent calendar, with many different versions appearing with various web pages or cartoons hidden behind the doors. Examples include the BBC Radio 3 Bach Advent Calendar and the BBC Religion and Ethics Calendar.

Homemade CalendarsThere are several different ways to make your own advent calendar from scratch. For instance, a calendar could consist of 24 little boxes hanging from a Christmas tree as decorations, or 24 little paper bags pegged to a small washing line, each with a small decoration on it. Alternatively, you could make a small tree out of green cardboard and pin 24 little socks to it, with each stocking containing a small gift. Blue Peter have also come up with various forms of homemade calendar, including one made from an eggbox.

Adieu Afghanistan

Adieu Afghanistan Adieu Afghanistan

Ah, Afghanistan. Everything old is new again. When the Soviets pulled out in 1989 with their tails barely intact, the international community left like a school of minnows -- suddenly and all together to a new feeding ground.

Afghanistan had been the last violent crucible of the Cold War. The world had been funding and feeding the so-called freedom fighters who were presumably saving the country from the dreaded communism. But then the decade-long battle was over and the mass exit began. The vacuum left behind was quickly filled by seven different factions of war lords who switched their mantles from freedom fighting to arming themselves to the teeth as Mujahideen and seeking a power grab. the scalping of Hazara women, the infrastructure of the country decimated and the rise of an unlikely mob of 20-something Taliban who won the spoils of the Cold War by claiming to a mostly illiterate population that they were acting in the name of God.

Now the game repeats itself. The international community, fed-up with the failures, the corruption, the blame the west blame anyone but themselves hardline in the country today are doing another school-of-minnows withdrawal. And as in other civil wars -- to wit Bosnia, Somalia -- the international community declares victory and leaves with a promise of continued humanitarian aid and a scant collection of soldiers to advise those who are left behind. Hillary Clinton calls these war-stoppers ceasefires of exhaustion and says of the 39 civil wars going on in the world today, only eight are new wars, the rest are the predictable implosions that occur when the trouble that started the insurrection in the first place was never resolved.

In Afghanistan, that trouble was initially named as the Taliban and al Qaeda. But the prolonging of war was neither. The Taliban were knocked off about six weeks after the Oct. 7, 2001 invasion by American forces. Al Qaeda slunk off to safer shores even sooner. What kept the war kettle boiling was the same root cause of conflict in dozens of places -- poverty, lack of education, tribalism and a distrust of the government. That is Afghanistan today. After billions of dollars spent, how is it that the country hasnt the capacity to run its own hospitals and schools. A decade after the international community arrived with a promise to rebuild, the electricity system is still fragile, the roads are a mess. There are excuses of course -- the Taliban firebomb the schools, the discontents blow up the roads; suicide bombers create monstrous instability with their cowardice.

So what happens now that a weary world is pulling up its military stakes? The Taliban could wait until everyones gone and reclaim the turf for Allah and/or for money and power and revenge. But theyre more about bluster and cowardice than power so will likely remain on the sidelines as a nuisance factor. Some worry that the gains women have made will be traded for a so-called peace with the fundamentalists. Dont believe it -- the women are poised to yank this primitive place into the 21st century. They are the reformers and they wont go home again.

Afghanistan has never been a simple piece of work. Tribalism, revisionist history and a totally bizarre interpretation of the Koran keep the country off-balance. To complicate matters, Afghans have made innuendo and gossip an art form -- theyll diss anyone who reaches the top of the pedestal and plant seeds of distrust for those who throw their Pakol hats into the ring. Its not a formula for success.

But dont count them out. Afghans have a way of surviving insurmountable odds. They need new leadership -- men and women who can bring the tribes together, come to terms with the past and convince the war lords that their interests are better served with a functioning government. Rumours persist that a leadership team is waiting in the wings; that they may have the support to take this hard scrabble-land forward as the international effort limps toward a close. The great game becomes a waiting game.

As much as I would like to support Ms. Armstrongs optimism, in my view the real politik is that the Taliban with the support of the Pakistan Intelligence Service will resurface and take control of the country. They will re-introduce the medieval rules of Sharia law in its most extreme form and will become the willing puppets of Paksistans military elite.

There is simply too much blind faith in Islam by everyone concerned and women will once again be forced underground. There are no credible local Afghans who will step forward and display the kind of leadership courage it will take to drag Afghanistan into the 21st century. Islam dooms them to the 8th.

There is a tragically simple solution to the crisis in Afghanistan which the West continues to ignore. It is true that electricity is fragile and the roads are a mess, with civilian aid since the start of the NATO presence amounting around $25 billion, which is maybe $60 per Afghan per year, and much of that being misspent by Western contractors taking excessive profit margins. Then there is the smaller scale corruption on the Afghan side which gets all the media attention.

This compares to going on $500 billion for military operations.

The international community has neglected the one Afghan reconstruction program which actually works very well and is by almost all accounts honest and well-run, the National Solidarity Program NSP.

Were the NSP to receive a boost of, say, a mere 2 weeks worth of military spending, about $5 billion, the country would be on its way to sustainability, by creating works projects in much needed infrastructure which employs ordinary Afghans. This would go a long way toward addressing the grinding poverty which fuels the insurgency.

The vehicle has been built. The question is will the West, as it withdraws, recognize its interests lie in stability based on young Afghans being productively occupied with rebuilding their own country, rather than prey to armed factions hiring for another round of civil war.