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The growth rate of private investment Chinese cut out what the problem is

ring all report (ID:ifengxbg),
China is now in a critical period of economic transformation,
the need for a large number of private funds more effectively into the real economy.
And this year,
private investment growth fell sharply,
1-4 months,
private fixed asset investment rose 5.
2% nominal growth,
the growth rate of 10.
1% compared with last year,
close to the cut.
The reason why the current phenomenon has become the focus of attention,
the Central Committee also attaches great importance to this situation,
within two weeks,
the ministries for private investment issues intensive voice.
Statistics Bureau today announced 2016 private fixed asset investment data.
1-4 months,
private investment in fixed assets 82393 yuan,
representing a nominal increase of 5.
and last years growth rate of 10.
1% compared to cut.
Private investment share also declined accordingly.
In 2016 1-4,
private fixed asset investment accounted for 62.
1% of the countrys fixed asset investment (excluding farmers),
2 percent

Inside, Liu Qing played a joke on Cook and 22 days later he got the money

ring Sina on US  billion according to foreign media reports,
apple trading and investment cooperation drops,
from negotiations to complete only 22 days time meeting,
President Liu Qing Cook didi joked that the fruit company named will do great.
22 days later,
Apple announced a  billion investment.
Text |TechWeb May 14th news,
according to foreign media reports,
apple and drops of  billion investment cooperation transaction,
from negotiation to completion only 22 days.
Apples alliance with drops begins with a joke.
Liu Qing,
the drops president,
said the talks never started a month ago (April 20th),
when she visited Cook at Apple headquarters.
In the April 20th meeting,
Liu Qing joked with Cook when he joked that fruit naming companies could do big things.
She explained that the legal name of drops is small orange,
quick wisdom,
that is,
little orange mean.
22 days later,
Apple announced a  billion investment.
Liu Qing,
a former banker at Goldman Sachs,
often meets with us techn

The world's most prone to night, local Yuebuyue

ring China travel micro journal attention travel Raiders click the title below to share the story of blue attention to travel around the world Tahiti: here girl not wearing clothes that Tahiti,
French post Impressionist masters,
Marlon Barndo Gauguin ran found Niicole Kidman,
forget the immortal partner.
Mysterious Tahiti,
what magic? The World Islands,
Im afraid there is no place like Tahiti Bora Bora stunning: Dreamy color blue lagoon,
colorful tropical fish,
Shore Beach carefully,
as white as snow.
Tahiti is Europe known as the noble savage,
there is a splendid civilization,
but almost no money and fame,
after they meet the basic survival needs of all day singing and dancing and chasing heterosexual,
wandering around,
they stay naked,
their way of life and full of confident.
Latvia: here is a girl in the Chinese men face a shortage of men can not find a wife when the awkward predicament,
Latvia is a good female mentality,
the streets are full of blonde,
Latvia can de

Went to these art restaurants, let you change one second green

ring u have for lunch? Amp.
Where are you going for the weekend? Absolutely two ancient puzzles that have eluded all mankind.
What is the correct opening of a sunny afternoon? He is a weekend again what taste? Little on hand HUAWEI recently held the restaurant selection,
it is a good place for everyone can give recommended weekends and afternoon,
this restaurant is not only delicious to tears Biao,
and the explosion to spend their leisure time,
such as perfect! The finished goods 32 dishes,
take five or six America,
whether you are Po to the circle of friends or keep secretly admire,
who can stop you from 1s into Wen Qing ~ Huangpu road Shanghai City No.
80 East Watanabe The Seagull on the Bund Hotel near Tiantong Road: national celebrity haunt husband Wang Sicong visited love Japanese cuisine,
and the sentiment of love the children do not miss this shop.
On the feed store Linjiang,
about a week in advance booking can be set to the Riverview location on the two floor,
but also be able to see the

The 23 year old American girl is going to be the sword eating Dita Van Tis

ring  swords is an ancient and dangerous stunt,
dating back to four thousand years ago in India.
The performer inserts a sword over 40 centimeters into the mouth,
and the sword point reaches the stomach through the esophagus.
It looks very exciting.
Xiao Bian thought,
can make such a difficult stunts,
always have unscathed brawny muscles.
Big guy,
my name is Wang Dachui.
I never thought Id be here.
I did not expect that,
the following smile sweet sister,
but also one of the worlds top swallow sword master.
My sisters name is Heather Holliday,
from New York,
Although only 23 years old this year,
but learning to swallow sword has been 7 years,
very skilled,
is one of the worlds youngest sword swallowing performers.
because of a group of sexy blockbuster,
Heather completely became popular on the internet.
In this large group,
the sister not only showed the wonderful performance to her: what a low swallow sword!.
The laser wand swallowed the sword.
The flames

Beijing four clubs exactly how mysterious, listen to them talk about

ring eople,
where the upper class lives,
lives in two parallel worlds with the city of Beijing where they live.
In peoples imagination,
the day of another world might be like this: a billionaire with billions of dollars crossed the fog shrouded Changan Avenue and arrived at No.
10 East Changan Avenue,
the Changan club.
Its only kilometres from Tiananmen square.
He entered the palace style clubhouse,
the golden screen and around the throne,
and friends sat in a rosewood table with a cup of tea,
meet the indoor tennis court battle game.
Towards noon,
he got up to 8 North Avenue,
China Resources Building,
Beijing Americas club.
With business partners to eat a meal of American business lunch,
he opened the constant moisturizing private cigar out of a drawer,
such as the description of the Tang Feng thickness ranging from the length of the COHIBA.
The afternoon he rushed to the West knitting wool alley No.
there is the twenty-fourth son of emperor Kangxi after Cheng Ke Pu

Faye Yu, how beautiful can a woman be?

ring e husband in the national wife Faye Yu is beautiful,
small deliberately to grilled steak Allen information,
then shocked.
see thick come,
Faye Yu is 45 years old this year,
this time a knife in their goddess who are used to scrape horny.
Version of Li flying,
Faye Yus a fairy amazing,
even overshadowed the drama with Fan Bingbing,
Xiao Qiang,
Alyssa Chia and many other beauty! 2016 husband,
nearly 20 years,
Faye Yu is still the a fairy! 17 years ago,
Faye Yu and his 4 year old Vincent Chiao on the show,
all the smart girl feelings with every twinkle and smile.
17 years later,
Faye Yu and his younger brother,
still feel CP about the play! The same life! Faye Yu,
born in Zhejiang,
Hangzhou province in January 15,
was a graduate of Tsinghua University.
He received a good family education from an early age.
At the age of 8,
he was selected by the film bamboo and played a little friend named bamboo leaves.
all the teachers all love her,
also joked: